Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Holy crows, it's Tuesday already? What the hell happened to Monday? Argh. Next thing you know it will be Wednesday and I still won't have accomplished a damn thing for the week.

Anyhow, since it is Tuesday, time for random. And man, do I need it this week. Time to sweep all the krappe out and start fresh.

-> Lately LG's favorite thing to do is wear my shoes. He finds a pair he likes (his favorite are a pair of cordovan, square toe stacked dress heals), goes into our bathroom closet to put them on and toddles out saying "Mommy's shoes". I think it's quite cute. PB is slightly disturbed by it. I think it's mostly the emergence from the closet that he finds bothersome. Now if I could just get LG to put on a coordinating boa, I'd really get the mind games going.

-> I would never have thought to put explosives into my underpants if I were going to try to blow up a plane. I mean, if it worked, I guess it wouldn't have mattered where you hid the explosives. I'm just saying even while undergoing a suicide mission, self preservation would have kicked in. And now you see why no one has tried to recruit me to help with their terrorist plot.

Little o on his first day of school with his big brother. For the sake of my sanity, they now attend the same daycare.
LG on little o's first day of school. Yes, their outfits coordinate. No, I never did that again. I'm not that Mom, no worries.

-> I'm a closet Gilmore Girls fan. Ok, probably not even a closet fan. I like the cheesy plots, the culture references, the way you can run on auto pilot and still get the point of the story. They re-run the episodes on the family channel at 5:00 and I tivo it. Little o and I watch in the evening while PB gives LG a bath. Because PB HATES the Gilmore Girls. He says they talk too fast and he has a hard time following. The funny thing? Most guys I've spoken to about it will cite this as the reason they hate the show without being prompted. I would like to point out that these are the same men who can watch any sport and understand the sportscasters without a problem.

-> When you were a kid, did you ever want to pull that lever on the Emergency Exit school bus window? The one that set off the alarm up by the driver? It was so tempting and red. I was following a new school bus this week, and started thinking about it. You pull the lever, and then push the window out, right? With how much force? I mean, could a grade school kid really get that window (or for that matter, the emergency door in the back) open? You would think it wouldn't be easy, since you don't want those damn things falling out into traffic when some idiot kid tries it, right? But it was so tempting.

-> A guy in Florida had to be rushed to the emergency room last week because he started collecting the little frozen iguanas off the street and putting them in the back of his station wagon. When the car warmed up, so did the iguanas, and when they did they woke up. And swarmed the moron driving. Who the hell thinks it's a good idea to pick a frozen iguana up off the sidewalk? What was he planning on doing with a station wagon full of frozen iguanas? Selling iguanasicles? A little common sense, please people.

-> A friend of mine had a "revelation" the other day. It was snowing pretty hard, and they had cancelled school. She was going to take the kids to Chucky Cheese for lunch, and then thought better of it. If it was too snowy out for the school to risk putting her kids on a bus, she reasoned, it was too snowy for her to drive them herself. Good thinking, Einstein. I always wondered about the people who take their kids out in a blizzard unless it's an emergency (and yet the mall is never empty on a snow day). To further the thought, she decided she was going to put together a snow day box (so she didn't get caught unprepared and have to run to the store). She put in a few new books, some snack food, food coloring and squirt bottles (for snow painting), a flashlight with batteries and a few craft kits. Now she's ready for anything. I think this is a pretty cool idea.

-> Have you noticed that you can eat regular pizza cold with no problems, but if you get fancy pizza it really needs to be heated? Artichokes that were cooked, but are now cold, just aren't edible. Same with onion. Sad, but true.

-> Many people have commented on o's pretty eyes. I just thought I should mention that he has blue eyes. Not brown, like his big brother. You can't really tell in the pictures.
Ok, time to make the donuts. Have a good Tuesday, everyone. And if you have some time, click the button on top, visit Keely and have some more random.


VandyJ said...

Common sense seems to be sadly lacking in society today. People must have skipped out when they were handing it out. Of course then there are the just plain stupid people who are everywhere.

Cristin said...

Oh my, the visual of the guy getting attacked by the thawed out iguanas just cracked my right up. I'm sick like that.

I am Harriet said...

I know people just like your friend. Some people fail to get it.

Have a great day!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Yup, frozen iguanas all over the road. My dad has been having to watch for falling lizards every day on his way to work for a week now. :-)
Cuteness in pictures! Made my afternoon...

Captain Dumbass said...

I love the Gilmore Girls for all the same reasons. Plus, Loreli Gilmore is HAWT! Actually, I love the first few seasons, then they changed writers and it started to suck.

Mrsbear said...

Iguanas are ornery too, from what I hear they're pretty aggressive, why that guy thought it would be a good idea to stock up on them is beyond me. Maybe he was going to make himself a nice pair of iguana sandals...

I would never leave the house if it were snowing, I have enough trouble walking outside when its in the 50s. :P

only a movie said...

Sweet photos! That iguana story is too much. Ack.

otin said...

I can eat any pizza cold!
Well, unless it has frozen iguana on it. haha.

So you send them to "The for the sake of my sanity" daycare lol.

I would never put anything that detonates in my underwear, I want to be explosive all on my own! haha

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I'm a Gilmore Girls fan too, but just sold a bunch of my DVDs. Now I miss them and regret I sold them!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

The iguanas swarmed him? That is creepy!
I love Gilmore Girls. I think men just drown out the sound of women talking in general, and those GG talk A LOT.
My mother always said you had to wear good underwear, in case you wound up in the hospital. What was that guy thinking!!

Jan said...

Little o has beautiful eyes! I like the look on LG's face too: Okay Mom, take the picture, I'm ready.

I didn't even know there were any station wagons left on the road - now I know they're all in Florida, full of frozen iguanas.

Anonymous said...

I was always the kid that wanted (but never dared) to pull that lever!