Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Today is almost like Monday in my office.  Ugh.  A lot of people took yesterday off to holiday shop, or called in as whiners saying their kids didn't have school and the roads were to bad to drive.  I was here.  So, that means it's Tuesday.  You can't dump your Monday krappe on my desk just because you took the day off.  Go away.  Now that I have that out, let's proceed to the random.

->  Have you ever noticed how much better coffee tastes at a diner?  For instance, you go to Denny's.  They could be serving coffee they just filtered through a 3 year old dirty gym sock.  Still tastes good.  Normally, I only drink frou-frou coffee drinks (mochas, lattes -the stuff that cost more because they "steam" the milk)or I opt for tea.  At a diner?  You'd better have free refills or better yet, just bring PB and I the pot.

->  I apologize for no video of little o singing.  He's been sleeping later than I have this past two weeks.  No arguments here.  I'll give up the serenade for extra zzzs.  His half year report from school make mention that they randomly find him off in a corner, singing to himself and bopping his head.  When they put on the radio, he will stop what he's doing to dance around.  He's crazy, I tell you.

->  My tree is up, there are lights on it.  The minute PB finishes his final on Thursday, we throw the decorations on.  LG is loving the tree this year.  Little o is loving the music.  We rock out to all sorts of stuff at night (I can't wait for LG to sit on Santa's lap and ask for a 5 lb box of money...)

->  Here's my advice on people who want to whine about road conditions while sitting at work.  Go home.  Don't wait for the boss to "release" you.  Tell him you don't feel comfortable driving in the weather and just leave.  We have unlimited sick and personal time.  Don't act like a martyr because you have a decision to make regarding your personal safety.  Yesterday the city released workers at 2.  My boss didn't let us go (imagine that, he's in Florida).  I swear, almost nothing got done because people kept looking out the windows and checking the forecast.  I finally told one of my co-workers she just had to go (the pregnant one who's life won't change a bit?  her.) because she was becoming a distraction and making other people nervous.  Ugh.

->  Last week I got to test run some play kitchens for a local manufacturer.  It was kind of fun.  We got free stuffs for our time (why yes, a kitchen, plus a shopping cart and play food).  Because my kids need more stuff.  Yeah.

Update->  I now have a framed Matisse print outside my work box.  Some lady in a hat.  The colors are nice, but it's no hand stitched map.  Some days I wish I had laser eyes so I could incinerate my stupid co-workers.

->  I only have 5 more days of work until January 4th.  Go ahead and hate me, you don't put up with this krappe every day.

Off to get me some noms.  You think there will be a long line for milk shakes during a winter storm watch?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Time for MicroFiction with Susan. Squish all your thinking into 140 characters or less, is the general gist.

Today's picture:

  And my thoughts on it:

“Ivorine will get your wash clean!”  Well, that and a little girl to do the scrubbing.

He, he, he.
This gloomy Monday's I'd rather be:

"I'd rather be at work, where my boss pays for whatever the thermostat says, than at home, where my husband would rather we wear sweaters and keeps it at a miserly 67 degrees."

This from one of my co-workers.  At home I am the miser.  Besides, sweaters are great for padding little boys who are too adventurous for their own good.

Have a good Monday, everyone.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Quiet.  Look deep into your screen.  You are getting random...

->  Work is a very sad place these days.  For instance:

     ->  Many of the ladies here lust after the plant guy.  He's cute, but that's about all I can muster about him.  He wears cut off jeans (in a formal workplace it doesn't take much to peak interest).  He walks around watering the plants, and "manicuring" them.  Occasionally he bends over.  I make sure not to schedule meetings for the hour he's here because I'm pretty sure only the guys would show.

    ->  Our foundation president was walking around yesterday looking at the art hanging on the walls.  When I inquired as to why she said, "It has been brought to Mr.XXX's attention that while a lot of our artwork is Jewish, not many of our employees are.  He's thinking of putting up some motivational artwork and moving these to other spaces."  I responded, "Uhm, we all know that our employers are Jewish, right?  And that much of the money made by the business we run goes to funding Jewish endeavors.  I'm pretty sure they never try to hide that fact.  But someone thinks Jewish art is inappropriate here?"  "Yup."  "So, instead of this beautiful hand woven artifact outside my cube I'll have a poster that reads, 'Teamwork- if you stop annoying the krappe out of me, maybe I'll get something done today'?"  "I'll mention to Mr. XXX that you feel inspired by the Jewish artwork, MB."  My work here is done.

->  Cleveland was just awarded a Lingerie League.  http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=162857&catid=45  That's where ladies play football in their underwear.  Because this will fill the hole LeBron left.  

->I woke up at 5:15 this morning to "La, la, la, la.  Di, di, da."  Little o was singing in his crib.  Loudly.  American Idol style.  He kept that up for about 45 minutes while I got ready until I went to get him.  When I finally opened his door, there he was, holding a concert for his stuffies, swaying back and forth.  Happy as a clam.  Meanwhile, down the hall, his brother was poising the shark teeth over PB's arm, not ready to get out of his warm, cozy bed.  Night and day.

Ok, I'm back to it.  No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need none, as they say.  Go see Keely.

*****Add on-  A lot of questions about what "Jewish" art is.  Many pieces on our walls are actually Jewish- not Israeli specifically- artifacts (scrolls, hand woven maps, things like that).  Some of it is art by Jewish artists.  A lot is Jewish themed art (a beautiful set of photographs of life in Orthodox Israel).  Does this help at all?

Monday, December 6, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

It's time for MicroFiction Monday with Susan.  Where 140 characters just has to say it all.

Today's picture:

"You'd think the realtor would have mentioned the grave yard where the plans called for an in ground swimming pool, now wouldn't you?"

He, he, he.  I know, I'm wrong in the head.

And for today's, "I'd rather be... Monday":

I'd rather be at work than decorating for Christmas.  Because while I love a decorated house, I hate the process of unboxing and untangling and dusting off that it necessitates.  I'd far rather be at work, where my work box refuses to acknowledge a change in seasons.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday up.  I'm ready for the random.

->  We have a new co-worker.  He wears rings.  He likes to rub his pen in his hands and make his rings click.  My AA hates this.  She thought I would too, but it doesn't bother me.  It reminds me of an old art teacher I had in elementary school, Mr. Hitchcock.  He used to wear clogs and and turquoise rings and bracelets.  He'd run the chalk through his hands and it would click just like that.  Since new guy brought back a good memory, he's getting a pass on this potentially annoying habit.

->  Ever have a moment when you realize that the rest of the world isn't inside your head and might think you're just not right?  We sometimes call little o "Hockey Puck".  Ok, frequently.  It's from a book, "Daddy calls me Doodle Bug".  Every page LG will tell PB that the little critter is him.  Except the penguin page.  That one is always little o.  It's the page that reads, "Daddy calls me Hockey Puck, we slip and slide on ice".  When you call your little one "Hockey Puck" in the store, though?  People give you funny looks.  Whatever.  I didn't call him "Teething, whining pain in the rear" which is what he was most of the weekend.

->  I love getting boxes in the mail.  Especially boxes that I don't know the contents of (because really?  If I ordered a Christmas present for the boys?  I don't even open the box.  It just goes to the Christmas pile).  We recently got a box from across the country.  Mmmmmm.  Goodies galore!  I can't express how happy it made me to troll through the goodies and set them all out nicely for PB to gawk over.  Then we decided how we'd gobble them all up (and share some).  Many thanks to the sender of said treats.  You know who you are!

->  I'm going to have a give away in January.  You know, after you've gotten over the holiday excitement and all you get in the mail is bills?  Then.  Bam.  In your mailbox.  A treat.  I haven't decided how to handle it, though.  We'll have to see about that.  Hmmmm.

->  I know.  How stinking cute is this?  No, it's not my Christmas card picture.  If you want to see that,  you'll have to send me your address.

Ok, back to the mines.  Go see Keely.

Monday, November 29, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

Hope everybody in the US survived the holiday weekend unscathed (and still the same general weight).  It's time for MicroFiction Monday with Susan, again.

"Aaawesome," Britt thought, "Even the cover of this book looks boring."  It was going to be a long year for his English teacher.


Em blinked away tears.  The cover of his first published book, and the heroine looked just like her.  Did he do it on purpose?

I'd Rather Be...  Monday:
I'd rather be at work than.  Than.  Nope, I've got nothing.  I'd just rather be at home today.  Whining kids and dust bunnies and all.  It's always hard to come back from a holiday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's the last Tuesday before the start of the "Holiday Season".  Can you tell I'm excited?  Not that I didn't start listening to Christmas music last week.  But you couldn't hear that all the way over at your house, right?  

->  Because I promised Tulpen, here's my rant on nurses.  Last Thursday night I had to return to the Dr for the sinus infection that refuses to go away.  I was already peeved because I had been to see the Dr twice for this already.  If my doctor had been available, she probably would have just called something in.  Doctor on call insisted that I go into the office.  I arrive nice and early, and to my surprise was called right in.  The nurse starts filling out the chart and decides on some idle chit chat.  That's when it began sliding down hill.  Her first comment was, "You're dressed nicely, are you going out tonight?"  I responded, "No, I didn't have time to change after work.  I had to give the kids dinner before I came over."    Her:  "Oh, is your husband at work?"  Me:  "No, he just got home, too.  He'll give them their baths."  Her:  "Oh, my husband and I work opposite shifts so that I don't have to put the kids in daycare."  Did you see the jump into bad right there?  Me:  "Oh, that's nice.  My husband and I both work days, so my kids go to (insert name of ridiculously expensive, well run, clean daycare here)."  Her:  "  "Well, I think my kids do better with my husband and I.  I mean, we didn't have kids to let someone else raise them."  Me (not rising to the bait, even though I wanted to beat her silly):  "We all have to do what we think is best.  They don't have night work for accountants and engineers, and my boys really benefit from the interaction with other people.  I'm sure your kids won't have a problem adjusting to real school at all."  Ok, I had to get in that one last jab.  Because, really?  This seemed like an appropriate conversation to her??? What's next, politics?  Religion?  Do me a favor, lady.  Stick to discussing how nice and low my blood pressure is.
->  This is just one of the over 400 photos from little o's Year 1 photo shoot.  Our photographer is amazing (and if you live in Ohio and just need incredible photos, I'll send you his info.)

->  The WSJ had an interest article the other day about the lost art of whistling.  The author spoke about how few people whistle anymore, and how many people do not teach their kid to whistle.  That makes me sad.  My Dad and I can (could) both whistle through our teeth (not that obnoxious cab call, really whistle a song).  I can't wait until the boys are old enough to see if one of them inherited that trait. 

->  Did anyone else enjoy the B1G1 extravaganza at Starbuck's last weekend?  On Friday afternoon, a co-worker and I took orders and we started the "holiday" weeks by sharing caffeinated bliss.  Those who don't drink coffee were not as celebratory.  TDB.

->  One of my co-workers asked my AA if my kids were adopted, based on the new school photos in my cube.  She thought they looked like adoptees from Russia.  The AA got a good laugh at that one.  Because my kids might not look like each other, but they do look just a bit like my husband and I.  The person who invents the "idiot filter" for people's mouths will make millions.

->  The boys swim instructor will turn 80 in December.  I don't even have words to describe how amazing it is that someone who is 79 can spend all day, every month of the year, in a pool teaching toddlers how to swim.  And I'm pretty sure she's neither let anyone drown or tried to drown them.  Incredible.

Ok, I'm randomed out.  Since this will most likely be my last post before the holiday, 

Happy Thanksgiving!

now, go see Keely.

Monday, November 22, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

It's time for MicroFiction Monday.  Woo hoo!  Head on over to see Susan at Stony River and see what the rest of the gang has to say about this:

Principal Douglas got what he asked for this time.  Coach Jaeger was bringing some of his personal interests into his work life. 

Little o at an indoor hay maze.  Looking confused.

And for my "I'd rather be Monday":
I'd rather be at work than raking leaves.  With two small boys.  Who do not realize that every pile is not a trampoline.  It was cute the first 3 or 4 times.  Then it stopped being cute.

LG in a leaf pile.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spin Cycle- Thanksgiving

This week's Spin Cycle is about "Giving Thanks".  Since it will be the last for a while, I will get it in earlier than usual (who wants to be remember as "the one who's always late"?).  

I re-read what I wrote last year for Sprite's Keeper's "Week of Thanks".  It is all still very true.  Go back there if you get a chance http://outoftheboondocks.blogspot.com/2009/11/week-of-thanks.html.

This year I'm not going all introspective.  Just a list for you:

->  I'm thankful that I have many wonderful memories of my parents that I can share with my children.  It occurred to me one day last week that a lot of people don't have that.

->  I'm thankful for my education.  I'm not a naturally smart person.  I did have wonderful teachers, though.  Now, I can pull off "smart" like the best of them.

->  I'm thankful for my health.  And for all the people in the past year that have encouraged me to make healthy changes for my children and myself.

->  I'm thankful for family.  Where would I be without them?  All the auntie and uncles, Grammie and Grampie.  And for good friends, who are just like family.

->  I'm thankful for you guys.  I've never met most of you, but you bestow upon me trust, love and snark just like we've known each other for years.

->  I'm thankful for having two great little boys to love on, play with and learn from.  It has been a great year at the Badger Den.

Many thanks to Sprite's Keeper for keeping the Spin Cycle going on for so long.  While this is the last one for, hopefully we'll all be back spinning again some day.  Thanks, Jen.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

You've been here before.  You know what RTT is by now.  I won't waste your time.

-> I need these.  Now.

->  Now I shall distract you with this:

Because I just don't have much to say today.  And he's cute.  And you might need some of that to get through your day.  This isn't even one of the good ones. 

->  I'm really unmotivated at work lately.  The CEO said at a meeting a few weeks ago that our investment team are really the only employees that have a challenge in their jobs.  They have to have good judgment and make good recommendations.  Accounting and Legal are just rule following pencil pushers.  How's that for a pep talk to get you through the end of the year blahs?  I used to think the Investment people were in a separate section so they could think deep thoughts.  Now I'm pretty sure it's because of all the death threats.  (an aside, I sit with them.  I think semi-deep thoughts.  But mostly because as the internal auditor I'm pretty well despised, too.)

->One of my SILs called me on Saturday while I was at the Walmart.  I'm sure we talked, but I don't remember much about it.  I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm brain dead now.  Auntie C?  The Walmart had me in its spell!  I'll call to speak intelligently soon, I promise.
->  My other SIL told me she's getting LG play doh for Christmas.  "But he loves it when he plays with it here!"  she said at her kitchen table.  And I love it when he plays with it there, too.  I stopped thinking bad thoughts about her by noon yesterday. 

->  For a brief moment after the elections I was worried they'd make me give up my "pot smoking, baby killing, VW driving, tree hugging, dirty, hippy liberal" card.  I didn't vote for all Democrats.  But, no.  I think I'm still in good standing.  I still think Dick Cheney is going to return like the Dark Lord (he who must not be named) and try to take over the gov't.  

->  That was an unintended tangent.  The point of that bullet was to say we joined a CSA last week.  It's right around the corner from our house, so I'm hoping that next summer, we'll get the boys home from school then walk down there with our wagon to pick up our veggie and fruit treats.  Look at me going all green. 

->  The war of the undies continues.  Today's pair had only Donald on them.  No Mickey in sight.  No go.  Donald by himself is not acceptable.  There were no clean Mickey undies available.  We went through all 7 clean pairs and settled for Cookie Monster.  I can't do this every day.  (Don't suggest we pick them out the night before, either.  He picked Donald last night.)


 ->  I stole this from Unmitigated.  I'm sharing it here because I can't scream it from my roof top.  Racial discrimination was our parents war.  Gender discrimination is ours.  If words are weapons, it's about time we start fighting back.

 I'm done.  Go see Keely.  Bring your post its.

Monday, November 15, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

It's Monday!  (Please sing that in the voice of someone recently released from a Sunday spent arguing with a 2 year old.  More on that later.)

We'll pony up the MicroFiction first.  I'm joining Susan and the MicroFictioneers to bring you joy in 140 letters or less.

"For the life of him, John could not figure out why Esther had given him the painting.  Was it a hint?  A gag?  He just didn't get it."


"Georgia was was appalled.  She could not believe they put her beautiful flower next to a man in a sombrero.  Yuck."

And on to "I'd rather be" Monday.

->  I'd rather be at work than arguing with my 2 year old.  About anything (or in our case, everything).  We've watched enough TV for the morning, we do have to go shopping, you have to let your little brother have his own toys, you need a bath.  You name it, we had a fight about it.  The worst fight?  The Mickey Mouse on your undies goes on the back.  No, you won't hurt Mickey when you sit on him. (A note to the makers of children's underwear.  Seriously guys???Why would you put the characters on the seat, for a 2 year old?  This is not some 16 year old who wants to advertise that she's "Juicy" on her rear...)  I miss the days when I could say, "LG let's color!" and he'd sit and draw for 20 minutes.  Now it's, "I don't want those markers.  I want paints.  No, not those paints.  O can't color!  Nooooooo!"  sigh.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Spin Cycle- Perfection

This week's Spin Cycle topic is perfection.  And, as you can see, I procrastinated it.  But we'll get down to it now.

I'm not a perfectionist.  Ok, that's an understatement.  I'm a "do the best you can" kind of girl.  And that applies to all areas of my life.  My house?  The cleanest I can make it without neglecting something else.  My job?  The best I can do with the brains I have.  My cooking, crafts, writing?  Yeah, you get my best, but I know it's not anywhere near perfect.

My boys?  Well, ok. They're perfect.  Perfect BOYS, which means dirty, loud and sometimes they bite. I take almost no credit for that.

I always thought that trying to make things perfect would just drive you nuts.  There are so many variables to every situation that you can't control.  Why assume you can and then be disappointed when a little snafu changes your course?  Much easier to go with the flow and view the "imperfections" as what makes life real.

If it makes you feel better, I don't expect perfection from others, either.  Frequently, when my MIL knits something for us, she will show me the mistakes in the finished product.  To which I always respond, "Mom, nobody would have noticed if you didn't point it out.  It's beautiful."  When PB finishes up a home improvement, all he can see are the "mistakes".  All I see is that now the fridge runs, there is hardwood where there used to be carpet or the leaves are in nice piles up at the front of the lawn.  People always see their own work for its flaws, not its beauty.  Human nature, I suppose.

On that note, here's hoping that everyone has a weekend that makes you smile, even if it's not perfect.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I don't own the fancy  version of Quicktime, or I'd edit this to play at the correct angle.  You will just have to tilt you head, I guess.  Next time I'll try to hold the camera in the other direction.

Ok, I'm having some serious publishing issues.  Is it to much to hope that it just works its way out when I hit "publish"?  Oh, well.

This episode of Wordless Wednesday brought to you by:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

What time is it, you ask?  Why it's time for Random Tuesday thoughts, with Keely.  She's the hostest with the mostest. 

->PB got a little close to nature on Halloween.  In order to contain the holiday excitement, we visited our local nature center in the morning.  This "friend" followed us around.  He should have been in the wetland enclosure, but he "escaped".  Can you really call it an escape when a duck flies out of a pond, though?  He followed LG around for a few minutes (I finally picked LG up after he whined, "I don't think I like this ducky anymore!"  Then he moved on to PBs sneakers.  I thought the whole thing was hysterical.  My family was a tad freaked out, though.

->  From the "This is the screwed up place I grew up" file.  My Italian teacher in HS was from the Bronx.  The French teacher was from Georgia (do not ask what makes a Georgia peach move up the middle of nowhere cold NY, we never figured it out).  When conjugating verbs they took a different approach to the 2nd person plural.  The Italian teacher referred to it as "yous guys".  The French teacher referred to it as "y'all".  Is it only in upstate NY will you find people who can't speak proper English teaching foreign language?   Between the whole team they couldn't come up with "all of you"?

->  Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream,
      If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream.  Ahhh!
      - LG brought this gem home last week.  Children's songs have come a long way since I was a kid.  Do you think it has to do with the violence in video games?  At least there aren't any dirty words yet.

->  I gave my kids the Fisher Price Little People "Mayflower" set last night.  Because Thanksgiving is coming up.  LG had no idea what to do with it.  He decided that since it was a boat, he would add the people from the beach set.  Now the pilgrims are wearing bikinis.  It's like Christopher Jones landed at the Jersey Shore. Think they'd make Snooki wear a scarlet letter?  He, he, he. 
Little o has two modes these days.  Cute smiley baby, and drama queen.  They flip like a switch.  Killing me slowly, this one is.  And no, that's not a Christmas shirt you see in that picture.  Not at all.  (ok, maybe it is, but I couldn't justify only wearing a shirt that cute for 3 or 4 weeks.  I broke it out early.  Today his shirt had a pumpkin, are you happy?)

I'm done now.  Time to do what ever it is you do all day.

Krappe, I almost forgot Keely's zombie poem.  A haiku:
My you look tasty.
Can I eat your brain, please?
I'll pay you for it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

Time for MicroFiction with Susan again.  This is going to have to be quick, as I'm in the middle of big doings at work.

As Susan followed her daughter down the road, she wished that the little girls path in life would always be littered with pretty things.

(and yes, for people who don't follow Susan, that really is her daughter! Adorable, yes?)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Spin Cycle- Halloween

This week's Spin Cycle is Halloween Show and Tell.  Here goes:

Little o had something important to say in the middle of my photo shoot.  My MIL made little o's angel robe and PB made the halo.  All I did was make LG his handsome devil flame vest.  Halloween was a community effort this year.
(Check out the glow stick halo and pitch fork!  We're nothing if not creative around the badger den.)

We trick or treated in my brother and sister in laws neighborhood.  I figured we go around 10 houses and need to head back.  Nope.  LG took on the whole development!  He and my niece knocked on each door and got their trick or treat on.  Little o walked between Uncle C and PB for about the first hour (then he wanted to be carried, but he did keep that big smile on for his adoring public).  I was amazed (shocked, horrified?) at the number of people who wanted to give him candy!  Look at the picture.  He has no pumpkin.  He was there purely for show (because what's a devil without an angel?)  LG spent half his night explaining that "He's too little.  He doesn't have teeth!"  It was actually pretty cute.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Go visit Sprite's Keeper and see the rest of the fun.

BTW, Happy Diwali to my Hindu friends.  May Good triumph over Evil for the whole next year.  I will admit that I just ate a few samosas for breakfast.  They were delish (urp.)

Monday, November 1, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

It's Microfiction Monday, with Susan.  Settle down and catch up on your shorts.

Pestilence sighed.  The life of a black cat.  Typecast forever.

Hope every one had a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday.  Whew.  One day down.  Four more to go.  Go see Keely (or FoN, or who every is answering the door over at the UnMom this week) when you're done here.

->  I told you about it, but now you can see it for yourself:

LG has been showing a lot of patience with this.  I can definitely see how older siblings get the rough end of the deal.

->  Micheal Bloomberg is at it again.  The Food Nanny.  He couldn't tax soda, and he can't outlaw it, so he's not going to let people buy it with food stamps.  It's not that I think the NYers on food stamps need their pop fix.  I just don't think it's Michael Bloomberg's place to tell them how to eat.  Mostly because he has a private chef and probably hasn't stepped foot into a NYC bodega EVER.  Ok, no.  It's mostly because I hate the idea that we "need" laws to help people live.  If Mayor Bloomberg is so concerned, he should confront the corn growers and food makers and tell them that it's not right that almost every food we eat contains corn syrup.  And then we subsidize those groups.  Kills me.  Make regular food healthier.  That's where you start. 
          ->  Tangent- Have you seen that ad where the woman says that she's recently been confused about "corn sugar" and she learned that it's just like regular sugar?  Why yes, it probably is.  But if we saw that regular sugar was the 1st of 2nd ingredient in most of our food, we'd think twice.  Corn syrup would be fine in moderation.  Try being moderate about it, though.  It's almost impossible.

->  Have you seen this little gem?

Count Ketchup.  I want one.

->  The name of the snuggy for two?  The Huddler.  Isn't that cute?  It's supposed to be like you and your significant other are in the "huddle".   I don't want one of those.

->  I may have to begin watching what I say a little closer.  PB has been working late, late nights.  He worked until midnight both weekend nights.  On Sunday, LG said to me "Papa's job sucks."  Not the best thing to teach my kids.  I'll work on that (when I baby proof my house and enroll them in foreign language classes).

Ok, that's all I have this week.  Not bad for a sort of slowish badger.  If you haven't  already, please go visit my post from last Monday.

Monday, October 25, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

Before I go ahead and MicroFiction you all, I'd like to ask that you take a moment when  you're done and go visit last Monday's post.  While neither micro, nor fiction, it is important (ok, maybe just to me).

Now, on to the show.  Hosted by the lovely Susan at Stony River:

It was the summer of '65 and Curt and Will told everyone they'd whip those Commies in Vietnam and be home for the '66 picnic season.

Elsie looked at the picture in dismay.  She could not recognize a single person in it, even her Jim.  Nothing would bring her memory back, they feared.

And for my "I'd rather be..."

I'd rather be at work than well, quite frankly, a lot of places.  Work is quiet right now.  And no one is fighting.  No one is touching each other, or stealing other people's toys.  Nobody needs me to help them use the potty, or make them lunch.  Nobody wants my attention.  And I'm good with that.  For now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Spin "Cycle" -Then and Now

Busier than a one armed paper hanger over here at the Badger Den.  But I couldn't resist this "then and now" theme.  

My Grandpa is the one in the sidecar.

LG on his "motorcycle".  If LG is half as crazy as his Grandpa (either one, actually) we're in for a fun ride.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday, it's random.  You know the rap.  Go see Keely for more.

->  My "Spin Cycle- Collage" idea spun way out of control.  It started with me scanning photos of my Mom for the collage.  Then I remembered I promised my cousin I'd scan him some old family photos, so I added those to the pile.  Then while I was sorting, I found some really neat ones of my grandfather that are starting to age poorly, so I thought I'd better get those scanned, too.  Then I had a pile of over 70 photos to scan at Target.  Oh, wait, I had to get to Target.  Without the boys (because nothing spells disaster clearer than two toddlers at the self help photo center and a complicated project).  Yeah, last Friday before that happened.

->  We had a house guest this past weekend.  Auntie Steph, who usually comes in for major events (weddings, births, etc) came for a random visit.  Because there were no new babies, or weddings, we actually got to hang out and go do stuff together.  I learned how to play Mexican Train (where has this game been all my life?)  She helped with the photo project (because it required all 4 of our hands). 

         ->  Her one goal for her Cleveland visits has been to visit a Michael Symon restaurant.  Until recently, he only had 2.  Neither one is "cheap" or kid friendly.  However, he recently opened "The B Spot".  Amazing burgers.  I highly recommend it.  And the root beer float?  I ate and drank so much I could barely move.


This thing just creeps me out.  LG came home singing part of the song, so I had to google it to find out what the whole thing was.  He came home with "snaps that monkey right out of the tree" which was a little disturbing, but not half as disturbing as watching this man sing the whole song

->  Little o has decided on a new method of walking around.  He's tired of his walker, and still refuses to walk alone.  So now?  He grabs the back of LG's shirt, pulls himself up and toddles along behind LG.  You can imagine how much LG loves this.  "Maaaaaamaaaaaaa, he's gooooooot meeeeee!"  I have to try really hard not to laugh when I detach O, though.  It's pretty funny stuff.  If I can contain myself next time, I'll get video.

->  Every once in a while I have to remember that my kids are not trying to thwart my personal plan for success.  It's hard, though.  There are days I swear that LG won't use the potty just to piss me off.  He can use the potty, he wants to wear Elmo underpants.  He just doesn't bother. Then I remember that I'm not the one in wet pants.  And it's not me that'll be going to Kindergarten in Pull Ups.  He'll get his act together eventually.  I might end up carrying little o down the aisle at his wedding, though.

Ok, enough about me.  How are you? 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spin Cycle- Collage

I didn't miss last weeks Spin Cycle, I promise.  It started out with a great idea, that grew into a small project, that had another project tacked onto it, and became a boatload of work.  But all the work is done, so I can spin it on up for you.

Do you remember the movie St Elmo's Fire?  It was a Brat Pack film, straight out of 1985.  Judd Nelson, (the incredibly hot) Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez?  Remember the scene where one of the girls takes Billy home for dinner one night?  And her mother, Myrna, spends half of the meal whispering behind her hand?  Because there are things in this world just too horrible to speak aloud?  One of the words she whispers is "Cancer". 

Back in 1985, the Susan G. Komen Foundation was only 3 years old.  It was still a local, grassroots effort, barely out of the gates.  No one wore pink, there weren't big events all over the place to show support for people diagnosed with breast cancer.  Your local coffee shop didn't donate a portion of the proceeds from your pink cup purchase to anyone with breast cancer.  

What did happen was that people whispered behind their hands about you.  At the market, at church, when you dropped your books at the library, or explained that you wouldn't be able to be a Girl Scout leader anymore.  People weren't sure if it was contagious, or if there was anything they could or should do.  Back in 1985, a diagnoses of cancer meant a lot of pain, and very little hope.  There were support groups, but they were few and far between.  Some women drove more than an hour to get to them.  They told people it was a book club.  Stores that sold wigs for people who lost their hair to chemo, or prosthesis for mastectomies, did so in back rooms, where a bald lady wouldn't scare off the regular customers.  If you wanted a bathing suit, you could order one through your doctor's office.

The doctor's office was another special trip.  There you were treated with the same kind of dignity afforded to any kind of lab rat.  The doctors were very clear that almost everything they were trying was hit or miss (painful but honest).  It might help, or it might kill you.  Wait and see.

But the point of this post isn't to focus on how things were, it's to focus on how they are now.  Thanks to the efforts of people like Nancy Brinker, Susan's sister.  The people who stood up and said, "Stop the whisper campaign!"  They speak up about cancer.  What it is, who it effects, how it's treated.  They make good and sure you know that 250,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and almost 40,000 will die from breast cancer this year.  They make sure you know how to do a self exam, and that an early diagnosis can make all the difference.  And they make sure you know how you can make a difference.  Whether it's to run a marathon, donate time or money, or just to wear pink.  To speak to someone you know has cancer to their face, not behind your hand. 

This post is to thank all of the men and women who go to work each day (even Mondays) and say, "Today just might be the day we find a cure to cancer."  It's tireless work.  It's disappointing work.  It's fruitful work, though.  I want to believe that each day we do get closer to the cure. 

This post is for all the people out there right now fighting all kinds of cancer.  The tired, the scared, the hopeful, and those in need of a little hope.  Know that you're not alone.  We're here to fight with you.  We put our pink ribbons on our shirts, on our cars and we buy the specially marked products.  We visit your cube to ask how it's going, and we take your kids to soccer when you're just not up for it (and we take pictures).  We give your kids a place to hang out when being at home is just a little to much for a kid to handle (and we don't try to force them to talk about their feelings).  We know you want to be out there, doing all the things everyone else does.  And you will again.  With our help.

If you've been wondering who the lovely brunette in all the pictures is, it's my Mom.  At the Bronx Zoo, camping with the girl scouts and at Disney with the family (in one inch heels!!)  In her backyard in the Bronx, at my cousin John's wedding and hanging out with me and my Grandpa.  This post isn't in memory of her, or all the great things she did.  It's not about how she suffered, or lost her battle.  There is no point in that.  If you spend your days looking back, you don't move forward.  We need to use the past to make the future the place we want it to be.  The place my Mom wanted it to be for me, and for you, and for our kids.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my Mom, but there's not a darn thing any one of us can do about that.

This post is about how today, almost 20 years after my Mom has passed away, there isn't just a day, or a week devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness.  There is a whole month.  It's to show you how far we've come, and how far we still need to go.  But we're getting there.  Together.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Just in case you questioned my raccoon story from last week:

See?  How cute?  (and I hear they have very soft paws...)

Even cuter:

I probably could have done a Wordless Wednesday, but meh, it's all good.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Welcome to Tuesday.  A day that is highly undervalued.  Because on Tuesday we get to be random.

->  We have very large oak trees with limbs that hover over our roof and back porch.  For about a week each year, every time the wind blows, or a squirrel runs up the tree, acorns fall everywhere it sounds like we're being attacked from above.  PB and I joke that the squirrels are out to get us.  Last week I was taking LG out to the car when the wind kicked up.  Acorns all over.  LG screams, "No Mama, don't let the squirrels get me!!!"

->  Last week was animal filled apparently.  PB was rocking little o to sleep when the orange cat crept in and started playing with a squeaky toy.  Then it occurred to PB that we got rid of all the squeaky toys when LG was born.  Ewwwww.  It's a whole different sound when you realize it's a small critter screaming for it's life.  Because we are wusses animal lovers, PB trapped it with a cup and cardboard and set it free back behind the garage.  He said it was covered with kitty spit and looked a little shell shocked.  Who looks that close?

->  Did you know they make a Snuggy for two?  So that you can be trapped really close to your husband or child, but be completely warm.  Uhm, yeah.  Not for us.  That's one of those gifts you give to newly engaged people and snicker about behind your hand.

->  Speaking of snickering, one of my co-workers is a newly expecting Mom.  An over committed, expectant Mom.  The other day I suggested she might want to unload some of her commitments before the baby, so that others would have time to pick up her work.  She said, and I quote, "I'm not going to let this change my whole life!  I'll still do the same things I do now."  To our credit , not one of the parents in the room laughed out loud.  It was a very silent room, though.

->  Have you ever been caught in the middle of the big gift love in?  We all chip in to give our secretary a gift on secretary's day.  ->I wouldn't normally give to this fund (as our secretary is paid decently and not overworked by any means) but our secretary is vengeful, and people have big mouths, even if they say it's not obligatory.  <-  Now they want to chip in for a gift on "bosses" day.  WTH???  When is it "average working idiot's" day?  You know if I don't give that someone will tell him exactly who did give, and then he'll feel hurt that I don't like him enough to contribute (because he would never think that I have two kids and don't get paid enough to make all these holidays merry).  Argh. 

->When LG is hurt we give him "boo boo ice".  It's usually an old teething toy, but it makes his "boo boo" feel better.  The other day he suggested that he needed "boo boo ice cream".  That's my boy, thinking out of the box.
Ok, move along.  Nothing more to see here.  Go visit Keely, she'll make it all better.

Monday, October 11, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

It's Monday, right on schedule.  Time for some MicroFiction Fun.  Here's my 140 for Susan and the group:

When the train pulled into the station, Walter wondered if he had made the right decision.  Was it really necessary to move across the country to get away from his mother?  (exactly 140, BTW!)

And my I'd rather be for this Monday:

I'd rather be at work than home cleaning my house for guests.  Whom I'm hoping won't notice the dust bunnies when they come to visit.  Because it was more fun to play with little o yesterday than to clean up.  Sorry.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feist on Sesame Street

You'll have to be patient with me today.  I've finally decided that I have to learn how to post a YouTube link.  Sheer laziness has prevented me from learning this until today...

I love this song, and the Sesame Street take is too cute.  Warning, though, it will get stuck in your head.  If you don't want it there, don't click:

Come on, you know you smiled at the penguins.  Admit it.  Feist reminds me of my friend Marcy.  She could totally pull off the blue spangly outfit that Feist wears in the original video for 1,2,3,4.  Marcy probably dances better, not sure how she sings, though.

Ok, time to see if this worked.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Get Your Backside in Gear...

It's Tuesday.  Or so they tell me.  I didn't come to work yesterday, so it's only Monday to me.  I'll pony up the random, though.  But only because Keely is so cool.

->  We just got back from a family reunion in Indiana.  For the first time since LG's been born, we had a nice, relatively easy family vacation.  Whew.  No major melt downs, no extraordinary effort.  Dump some stuff in the wagon and drive west.  See relatives.  Smooch nieces and nephews.  Come home.

      ->  A raccoon stole a steak sandwich right out of some one's hands.  Poor Jack.  He was really jonesing for that steak sandwich.  Never suspected that the little critter would have the brass to take it right out his hands.  He was wrong.  Roscoe the Raccoon ate well Friday night.  What did the park people say?  "Well, he lives here.  You're just a guest."  Bet the raccoon laughed all night over that one.

     ->  I will post pictures as soon as someone sends me some.  I took only one picture.  And I'm not allowed to post it.  LG didn't want PB to dress him on Saturday night.  So he took off his jammies and pull up as soon as PB turned his back.  And put on his fire man boots.  Yes, I took a picture.  It will be next year's "Cute buns of the Fire House" calendar.  

     ->  According to little o, only the following people are acceptable (in this order):  PB, Grampie, Grammie, Auntie Mary or Mama (if necessary).  We're done.  Anyone else will cause blood curdling screams.  He'll be happy and giggly for the first three people, moderately ok for Auntie M or Mama.  Else wise?  Grump, grump.

->  I am no longer drinking the water at work.  Two of my co-workers are pregnant.  Two more have wives that are expecting.  I don't know where it's coming from, but I hope it's not contagious.  Seriously, having trouble conceiving? Come work for us.  Because we need more people to go out on leave...

->Why do people get all up in arms about candy corn?  Seriously?  I buy one bag in September.  It lasts me until Halloween.  You want a few?  Stop by.  But please don't try to make me feel guilty about my candy corn.  It won't work.  Yes, I'm clear about what's in it.  There is a reason I keep it at work (my kids have no idea that such a substance exists.  LG still thinks the candy world ends with suckers, M&Ms and Skittles).  At least 5 or 6 people have come to ask me a question and made a negative comment on my snack.  At least twice that many have asked if they can have a kernel or two...

->  We have begun to search for items to re-do the boys bathroom.  It currently looks like a beige pit in the middle of the hall.  PB suspects structural unsoundness in the floor.  For step 1 we're putting in tile and painting.  Then maybe a new sink/vanity (if the rest stays under budget).  Later we'll deal with a new tub and toilet.  Possibly much later.  For now we just need to figure out what we want it to look like in the end.  I hate this stuff.  If it weren't a room that gets used multiple times per day, I wouldn't care.  Drat.

Have a Happy Tuesday, all.  And welcome to October!