Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm working on 3 hours of sleep, so I'm having a hard time finding the motivation for the Tuesday dance. You'll have to settle for more of a sway in my chair (which may or may not be me trying not to nod off on the keyboard). When you're all done here, go see Keely at the clicky thing above, and turn the lights off on your way out.

In case you didn't already think I worked with some of the oddest people around, I present you with these two lovelies:

-> Being anti-social nerdy finance people, we have designated Thursday as the day we all go to lunch together. To bond, and such. Because Thursday lunches were becoming such a cluster f&*k to decide where to go and then meet up, my boss developed the RLG (Random Lunch Generator). He asked us all for potential lunch destinations in our area. Then he compiled them. Sent the list to everyone, with the opportunity to black ball one restaurant and rate the rest for preference. Then he took all the information in to customize the RLG. Now, instead of discussing where we want to go, he simply runs the RLG and it tells us where we will be dining, based on our preferences and when we ate there last. We are a sad bunch, but it makes us happy.

->To further the "we have issues" thought, it has recently been requested that I set out a spoon next to my M&M jar. So that people don't stick their hands into the jar. They can spoon out one or two for themselves, and leave the rest untouched. Because it was felt that even if people pour the M&M into their palm (instead of sticking a grimy paw into the jar) some folks inevitably poured too many, and return some. I now have plastic spoon next to my candy jar. I assume this will help the dieters, too, since a spoon only holds so many M&Ms. Far less than the average palm.

->I will now distract you with a picture or two.

Yup, o slept through our "Holiday Picture" experience on Saturday. And we all thought it was better that way.
LG did not sleep through the pictures. And for the first 5 minutes he was a really good boy. He even said "cheese" just like the nice lady asked. However, those were the 5 minutes the lady wasted taking family portraits (which I specifically stated were the LEAST important of all the pictures). Then it was all chasing him though the studio, reminding him that it wasn't our tree, and they weren't our ornaments (so he couldn't take them off to lick them...) And somewhere in there someone got their hands on him and "neatened" him up. Tucked in his really cute dress shirt, combed his hair. As though I had forgotten to do those things. Which I hadn't. So they combed out all his curls, and made him look like a future republican. Poor kid.
If you're on my Holiday Card list, please pretend you didn't see these. As they will be mailed to you this weekend. If you're not, hells, enjoy away!
-> The pediatricians office now gives out gift cards to patients they inconvenience in ways unimaginable, apparently. How do I know? I am now holding $20 in gc (as well as every sample size item that the dr could dig out) that might just go to chocolate and schnapps. Because yesterday I left my house with o at 10:30 am and returned at 3:45. The dr is a 15 minute drive, in traffic. Sigh, it was a long day. The highlights were that we waited an hour for a lab tech to get back from lunch to take o's blood, only to find out that she didn't have the right equipment. The dr was very apologetic. We drove across town, and then back to the dr. And I can honestly say, it didn't occur to me to be mad, or even mildly pissed off. I just wanted them to do something to make him feel better. And they tried, but it hasn't worked yet. Another saga for another day. It's interesting to know that in one of the health capitols of the US, the Clinic has realized that if I don't like my standard of care, I can simply go somewhere else. It's sad that it hadn't occured to me to do that until they handed me that card yesterday.
-> On Saturday, PB and I attended an adults only Christmas dinner (yes, I did get a sitter!) For the white elephant we brought a "Snuggy" and a Chia Christmas Tree. Dude, I know, now you want us at your Christmas party. Sorry, we're booked up for the season. Try us next year, though, when the "Magic" brownie pan might make an appearance.
LG's godmother moved sometime this fall (don't ask how the hell I misplaced that in the last few months, but I did). She now lives on Mockingbird Lane. Next to Herman Munster. Tee hee hee.
Ok, I have to leave you now. Time to go crash our new computer system. Seriously, that's what IT wants me to do. Since I'm the one that used to do it often under the old system. I think they're hoping it will take me more than 5 minutes this time!
Have a great week, and see you next Tuesday for more Random Thoughts.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Oh, those are precious photos.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Your pictures are sooooo cute! Just precious.

And your office IS full of nerds- the random generator is hilarious.

Happy random Tuesday!

Jan said...

Look at those chubby cheeks and those big, beautiful eyes! How do you stand all that cuteness day in and day out?

I wish we had that many choices for dining down here in Canton. I declared that I was NOT COOKING one day last week, and we had a conversation that went something like this:

"91? I'm kinda tired of 91, though..."

"Me, too - Wasabi's then?"

The Young One pipes up at this point, "We went there last time!"

"Benders, then?"

"Oh, I don't want to drive all the way downtown..."

"...yeah, they were kinda disappointing last time we were there, too..."

We ended up at Applebee's. I wished we'd stayed home and eaten grilled cheese sandwiches.

CaJoh said...

Love the RLG idea. Perhaps you should employ the same when you are not up to writing a RTT and call it an RTTG (Random Tuesday Thoughts Generator).

Perhaps you could invest in a simple gumball machine to distribute your M's as well. You could call it an RMG
(Random M&M Generator).

Thank you for your randomness,

Otter Thomas said...

Very cute pis. I can't even bring myself to write about our picture taking fiasco yet. I feel your pain. The M&M spoon thing kills me, but I probably need to be more concerned about germs than I am. If no one wanted to touch the candy that would mean more for me so I wouldn't care.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

The M&M's story cracks me up. How about if someone's sick, they stay the hell away from the jar??
Sorry, I obviously have some issues with everyone's paranoia over germs this year.

Those little guys are so adorable. And the outfits (my ex always insisted his son didn't wear "outfits," but I picked them out and they were definitely "outfits!"), are great colors!
That was one horrible wait for the doctor! Hope o is okay. And that you get some sleep!

Kaylen said...

omg, the M&M spoon thing...hiliarious. Why don't you buy individual packs instead? That would be best. Or have a cover on it with a hole that they can then just shake out the appropriate amount? Yes-that is a good idea! Spoons get dirty too---you still hold the same germ-infested handle, right??

I love the random lunch generator. Could you be any more geeky? Prob not. I love it!!

Aliceson said...

Getting the perfect photo for the Christmas card is so stressful!

Your kids are adorable even if his hair looks better curly.

Mary Anne said...

Pictures are great!
Love the RTL idea, always such a pain, and someone is always unhappy.

I apparently have broken one of our applications today. Oops.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I actually heart your boss for that. He is tre awesome.
Magic brownie pan? Every time I pass one of those in the store, I have to repeat "you're on a budget AND a diet" to stop myself from putting it in the cart.
The pictures are beautiful!

otin said...

It is easier to eat alone! haha!

Very nice pictures.

Mrsbear said...

The kiddies are adorable.

And the RLG is genius, pure geeky genius.

You deserved at least five gift cards for your lengthy pediatric experience. Wow.

Shandal said...

RLG... HILARIOUS! The whole spoon thing next to the M&M jar could still be dangerous... what if someone spooned some out and stuck the spoon in their mouth to eat it that way instead dumping the M&Ms in their hand? Surely no one would do that though... LOL

Happy RTT!

Design it Chic said...

Oh boy, having your boss planning your lunch for you sounds like so much fun:P
Happy Randomness

Frogs in my formula said...

First, those photos are precious. Absolutely precious.

Second, I am still laughing about the RLG and the M&M spoon. Thanks for the laugh.

Together We Save said...

Those pictures are wonderful. Random selection of lunch choices...wow.

Anonymous said...

FOr being sleepy that is some great randomness. Love the photos.

Kristina said...

Cute photos! And I cannot believe your wait at pediatrician's office.

Could you please email me your shipping address? You won the $25 to IncrediBundles.com on MOMfo


I'm hoping that these can be shipped soon. THANKS.