Monday, November 23, 2009

A Week of Thanks

Sprite's Keeper is hosting "A week of thanks". I think I'll play along.

We'll start off slow. It's Monday, after all.

I learned a lesson in church a few months ago. And it was no small lesson to be learning this late in life. The priest was talking about "how" we pray. Not the logistics of it, necessarily. He wasn't telling us to say the Lord's Prayer first, or to kneel. It was more the spirit of prayer.

He pointed out that some people only pray when then need something. "Please God, help me..." or "Please God, I really need..."

Some people bargain with God. "If you ..., I'll ..."

Some people apologize to God, "Tomorrow I'll do better"

But other than saying grace, rarely do people take the time to thank God. Not only for the big stuff, but all the little stuff we come across in our day.

This really hit home, because he was right. Even though I don't usually ask for things for myself, I do ask for the health and happiness of the people around me. And I don't spend enough time thinking about all the wonderful things I get to be part of each day. Or thanking God for letting me be part of those things.

Even if you don't pray to a higher being, it's not a bad lesson to learn. At the end of the day, instead of thinking of all the things you don't have, or all of the things you want, think of all of the things you already have. Think of all of the little blessings that have been sent your way. Even if all you have to be thankful for is living another day. Many people don't get that.

For my first day of the week of thanks, I'd like to say thanks to Father Tim. For reminding me that everyday is Thanksgiving.

See you all tomorrow on our next installation of gratitude for the Spin Cycle.


blueviolet said...

Yes!!! I've really, really been working on this. I try to be thankful for at least as much as I have concerns.

Some days it's tough, isn't it?

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love your thoughts on prayer. It's good to try to think of things to be grateful for and not just ask for stuff all the time. That's the hard part for me!

I have a little Thanksgiving treat over at my place for you. You'll be thankful it doesn't involve coming up with a long list of anything!

Jamie said...

Exactly. The message at our church yesterday was about gratitude. The pastor suggested starting a "Living Thanks Journal."

I need to do this. I need to remember to stop the negativity and just breath deep and give thanks for all that we have.

I endeavor to give thanks IN all things/situations not thanks FOR all things/situations. So hard!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Great idea! I'll start.

Thank you *God* for allowing Mama Badger to help me realize that I need to be more aware of what I have rather than stressing about what I don't.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I try and do this. I feel like I have so much to be thankful for. Really nice post!

Ashlee said...

I thank God for my babies and husband at night but I know I don't thank HIM for all the teeny tiny things that HE blesses me with throughout the day. Thanks for the reminder to do so!

Iluska Ikeda said...

Great post.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Well said!
I often remind myself when I sit and dream about how I want life to turn out that I am seriously blessed with the life I have, flaws and all.
Thanks for the reminder.
You're linked!

Kate said...

This is great! I believe that by thinking about what we want we do a disservice to all the great blessings that we have.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Yes to this. I do believe that giving thanks first puts everything else in perspective.

VandyJ said...

It's so easy to get caught up in the rush and forget to say thank you and mean it. And saying thank you to the man upstairs is so iomportant, thanks for the reminder.

Jan said...

This was a lovely, lovely post. I don't believe in a higher power, but I try not to let a day go by without being grateful for what I have. Because there is just so much to be grateful for.