Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Can you smell that smell?

It's Tuesday. Time to put on your random cap and join us in the land of thoughts that can't be organized (it's like a bad hair day for your brain). Read on, then follow the link above to Keely's world.
Those of you who recognize the song in the title bar are my friends. The rest of you, go home. No, no, stay. PB made me feel old for knowing a Lynard Skynard song, though. I'm resentful. We'll get over it, though, and tell you what it means. We have a stripey friend visiting us at the moment. The stinky kind. We think he's under the porch. Mind you, we spent all day Sunday looking for the source of "the smell". From inside it smells kind of like an electrical fire (that burning rubber smell). We were a little worried. When my in-laws showed up to help, though, they immediately knew what it was (stop laughing- yes, we do always call my MIL and FIL when we're in trouble. It's what kids do!) We thought of sending LG out to the porch to toddle around in his not so quiet way and scare the little guy off. Then we realized what would happen if LG caught sight of the new friend. "Kitty!" Yeah, bad idea. Anyone who has suggestion for kindly making the new inhabitant move on, please share.

If you want more news about the waffle shortage, here's the ABC story on it... It's really quite traumatic.

I finally snapped a picture of o smiling. I imagine it must require a lot of facial muscle strength to get those chubby cheeks to move! Yup, he's definitely smuggling marshmallows in his cheeks in this one.

And LG was tapping into his inner redneck this weekend.

Sporting just his onsie and his John Deere hat, he was ready for the Monster Truck rally. I gave up putting his pants and shirt back on after the 3rd try. It's going to be a long winter, I'm afraid.

I keep reading in other people's blogs the "Google" search terms that lead people to their blog. It's kind of scary stuff. But it makes me wonder how people google onto my site. Anyone who can share the secret to finding out your google hits, please share.

PB and I had an interesting debate the other day. It was the evening that Oprah interviewed the woman who had her face mauled by the chimpanzee. PB doesn't think this woman needs a face transplant. If surgery can help her eat and breathe, he thinks a transplant would be cosmetic surgery. I don't agree. I think she needs it to resume a semblance of a normal life. It's like a kidney transplant. You could live on dialysis with bad kidneys for a long time. But with a transplant you resume some semblance of a normal life. Same thing with a new face.

Anyhow, time go get back to the grindstone. Have a good one folks!


Frugal Vicki said...

That Oprah was so sad. And I felt horrible because I kept staring wondering why they had to make her nose so big! I felt horrible for her

As for the skunk, hee hee

Jan said...

The minute I saw the title to the post, I started singing; this southern girl loves me some Lynard Skynard. So if you're old, I must be ancient.

Oh, my - look at that smiling face! He's got all SORTS of adorable going on there! And you made me LOL with LG "tapping his inner redneck" with the John Deere hat. Both of those boys are just darlin'.

I can't help you with the skunk problem. A mama skunk and her litter once took up residence under our house in Texas; we called animal control to come get them and they refused. After her babies grew up, she moved on, but yeah - it stunk to high heaven a couple of times.

There's more to life than just eating and breathing, so I tend to agree with you on this subject - it's about the quality of life. While the concept of a face transplant still seems so odd to me, I don't view it as cosmetic surgery in a case like this.

The Crazy Coxes said...

So sorry about the new "kitty."

I'm loving the picks of the kids, especially LG and his redneck costume.

And I'm still laughing that there is an eggo shortage. Sorry - I know that's not helping matters!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I have no idea how to trace the Google searches and I just don't want to know. I'd rather live in my rose colored corner of the blogosphere.
Getting rid of a skunk? Hm.. Have you tried a dog? :-)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Great random! Those little guys are the cutest!
I agree with you; a face is a basic human requirement. I'm hoping some great doctors are gonna spend the next decade performing some miracles on this woman; she is clearly meant to still be on this earth for a reason...
Like Jan, I started singing when I saw the title of your post, but then, I could probably be your mother!
Skunks: I dated a guy with skunks under the porch. I'm gonna post about him. He had no sense of smell so it didn't bother him. When it finally made me, and his daughter, sick, he went out at night (while they were out) and holed up the foundation. But I think a couple were persistant. For those, he set traps, got on clothes he could throw out, and got out the shot gun. Then buried the remains. Can't exactly put them in the car and drive them away....Maybe a humane society has a kinder idea. I was just glad they were gone.

otin said...

I have no idea how you check to see how people get to your blog!

That lady definitely needs a face transplant!

"Whiskey bottle, brand new car, oak tree your in my way...."

ArtSnark said...

love the Bad hair line! Super cute photos too & good luck with the "kitty"

Mrsbear said...

My husband watched the Oprah episode at work, I'm kind of glad I didn't see it. I feel awful for that poor woman. I'm sorry, but a face is an absolute necessity.

I think there's a Google analytics thingie you can put on your blog to track the searches. It's interesting. Wordpress tells me what people have Googled to get to my site, some of it is disturbing. Lately though it's just people looking for a band-aid picture to borrow. I dunno.

Good luck with the smelly smell that smells smelly and happy Tuesday.

babYpose said...

sweet for the chubby cheeks to smile, make the eyes small, rice eyes,cute.

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

I am still simply beside myself in regards to the EGGO shortage. How come this is the first time I've heard of flooding in ATL? Seems to me like they're reaching a bit.

Your LO's are adorable. Sorry about your new house guest.