Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thanks!

I'm all over it today. It's Random Tuesday Thanks, with a Spin. Brought to you by The Un-Mom, and Sprite's Keeper. Damn, now everybody's watching, I'd better make this good, huh?

First, thanks to everybody who commented yesterday. I was waiting to get blasted for the religious lean of the post, but everyone seemed to get the spirit of it. Whew.

Also, thanks to Island Roar and The Crazy Coxes for bestowing upon me wonderful awards. I promise to pass those on next week, when things slow down a bit over here.

Now, to make this random and thankish. A small list of things I'm thankful for- in no particular order:

- I found waffles that will appease LG. In the healthy section of the store (yeah, didn't think to look their earlier- no surprise, huh?)

- The skunk seems to have waddled to fairer territory. Thank god. After I paid a guy $90 to set a trap that caught nothing. Whatever.

-My health. All you hear these days is about the illnesses you could get. Eeek.

-Having a job and being able to pay my bills. Especially this year. I'm thankful to be one of the people putting cans into the donation box, instead of needing things from it.

- Being a US citizen. Because no matter who is in office, we are a free nation. I thought about this the other day as I read a post on a site of a friend who (I assume from a link on her blog) is born again Christian. And I had followed a link from a friend who is Jewish to get to her. In many other countries around the world, this would never happen. Here, we can all blog together and understand that even though we don't come from the same place, we're all heading in a common direction.

-Being able to read and write.

-Having an opportunity every now and then to stop and smell the roses. There was a time when I was so stressed just keeping my act together that I couldn't do this. But not anymore.

-Getting to watch the sunrise while I rock o in the morning. Yeah, it sucks being up at that hour, but the view is spectacular (and the snuggles ain't half bad, either).

-On-line shopping. Because I'm in a much better holiday mood having skipped the mall this year.

-Having "met" some great friends this year through this blog. You guys are a great treat. Thanks for visiting and listening to me babble.

Ok, that's my random list. You will notice some things missing. Because I have a week to fill here, people. With imagination, we'll get there.

Now, go get some water and get on with your day.


Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

All great things. I love the early mornings. There is nothing better than the new crisp beginning of the day. Except the fact that I'm then in bed around 8pm. ;)

VandyJ said...
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VandyJ said...

I myself am seeing more early mornings than I would necessarily want to but the time with Bruiser is worth it mostly. My kids make me stop and at least look at the roses, if not smell them, all the time. I love them for the insistence that I slow down to appreciate things with them.

Jan said...

I like to listen to your babble! :)

Oh, and thanks for reminding me; I have a huge box that needs to go to the local food bank in Akron before tomorrow.

Mrsbear said...

Great list. Health and employment are up there, for sure. I've been getting up myself earlier than I'm used to, to take my daughter to the bus stop. I can't say I'm happy about it though. ;)

Happy RTT.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Wonderful list!

And I have to say - I purposely looked in the frozen food section for Eggos.

There was a professional sign (as opposed to a crappy handwritten sign made by a box boy) from Kelloggs apologizing for the national shortage. I still don't get it!

Like did crickets come and eat the eggo crops? Did they suffer from hail damage? a drought? not enough illegal immigrants to harvest?