Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP Captain Lou.

Is it me or are a lot of people dying this year? Or is it just that I'm of an age where my childhood icons are getting to that age? Or that I'm just noticing more?

Whatever the cause, another icon from my childhood has passed away. And this one might mean more to me than all the others combined. Today, Captain Lou Albano died. Don't remember Captain Lou? He was a pro wrestler, then a manager. He also played the Dad in Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" video.

Why do I care? I actually knew Captain Lou. Not knew him to sit and have a beer with him, no. But he went to my church. And he was really friendly. Just like us, he went every Sunday. He always put his hair into a ponytail for church, and stood in the back. He shook hands with the people around him at the appropriate times, and never acted like a celebrity. He was just another parishioner on Sunday. Some Sundays his whole family was there, and he'd hold his little granddaughter. He bought his car from my Dad at the local dealership. He ate at the local diner. Even though most people would recognize him as famous, in our town, Captain Lou was a regular guy. In today's day and age, you have to admire that.

RIP Captain Lou. Hopefully all the WWF followers of yore will take a moment to recognize the passing of a really great guy. As for me, I'm sad I can't drive home for the funereal. I'm sure there will be a long line of cars following the hearse to the cemetery (where he will be buried next to the locals, like my Mom and Dad).

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