Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's still Tuesday, right? I haven't missed it? Time for some "Random Tuesday Thoughts". Read here, then go see Keely and the other Random players...

Tonight is my "off" night, so I have time to hang out with the laptop. What's an "off" night? That means from midnight to 4:am I am not responsible for children. No monitor, no 2:am bottle. I will put in my earplugs, only to be awoken if there is an emergency (or two kids screaming at once). Ahhh, the off night.

I went to buy new glasses today. LG seems to think my glasses are the holy grail of things to swipe. As a result, they look like I went to war and back in them. And PB reminded me that I haven't had a new set in a while, so off to the "Eye Glass Store" I went. And the whole experience reminded me why I wear contacts. Argh, with the trying to find decent looking frames (and the annoying sales woman who kept steering me to the half frames that make me look geriatric). Then I got to sit with annoying sales woman to decide what kind of lenses to get. I will give her this, she was rather kind when she saw my prescription. The last lady asked when I'd be putting the down payment on the seeing eye dog... At least this woman was honest enough to admit that if I only wear them once in a while, I didn't need the top of the line, Scotchguard lenses (no krappe, they Scotchguard the lenses for an extra $75!). I apparently got off cheap. Only $300 after my 30% discount and mail in rebate. WTF, people. How do people with multiple children in glasses, and glasses themselves do this? This is just wrong.

The mall had the "Santa" area all set up already. It wasn't open yet, but it was there. I suspect that on Sunday, all Christmas hell will break loose. It did look festive, though. Almost had me humming a Christmas carol. I will hold out until black Friday, though.

I realized today that I only have two more weeks home with little o. Then back to work with me. While I think I suck at the whole "stay at home Mom" thing, I will miss spending my days snuggling the little guy. It's a whole new perspective when your biggest goal is to get in a load of laundry and a shower before noontime. Now, I know real stay at home Moms do a heck of a lot more than that, but in my short siesta from the labor market, this is what I do. And I only have two more weeks. Poor o, though. This is really the only time he'll get me all to himself. LG had me for almost two years. o will have to share from now on. Sigh.

Ok, time to go watch the dancing show. Good times. Have a good week folks.


Jan said...

I was astounded when I got glasses for the first time in my life, two years ago (bifocals; I damn near broke down and cried) how expensive they were.

How people do it when they have many people in their family wearing glasses? I have NO idea. A second mortgage, perhaps?

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I have 2 of the 3 kids with glasses and contacts. Even with their dad's insurance, it's crazy expensive!
Enjoy your days with little o. He may not get you all to himself for long, but you've given him a pretty awesome brother as well!