Friday, October 9, 2009

A Crafty Spin!

It's Friday. One rug rat is hanging out with our house guest, and the other is shopping with PB. So I can spin. Oh, wait. Hmmmm. Yeah, I'll spin. Go see Jen if you need real spin's, though...

This weeks spin is supposed to be about crafts. Uhm, yeah. So, I'm not so crafty. Or, rather, I am. I just have no follow through. I have closets full of half finished crochet and knitting projects, painting kits, stamping sets and more colored pencils, crayons and markers than I wish to share. I get the bug to do something, then I get busy, set it aside and it ends up in said closet. It's really rather sad. And I can't blame it on my kids. I've always been this way.

On the other hand, PB is a man to follow through. He has painted both of LG's rooms. I don't have a picture of the most recent room, but here's a picture of the nursery (now o's room).

I decorated, but PB painted the tree on the wall. And in the new room, he painted a really cool airplane and clouds on a bright blue wall (I'll try to get one for the next spin). Again, I decorate, but the hard part is all him. I'm really an ideas person.

Now, we have other crafty people in our lives. For instance, Grammie is the master knitter.

o's blanket is the grey and white and LG's is light blue and dark blue. And these take her about a week to make. And when they snag in the wash or on a toy? She comes and fixes them. I've actually had people try to buy them off of me. Crazy. But we love them. I've been the beneficiary of a few beautiful sweaters, too. She's just an amazingly talented lady. It must run in the family.

I've also surrounded myself with people who can sew (I can do hems, but we leave it at that), people who take pictures, and all sorts of other crafty stuff. While I don't get it done, I do like to be around people who do!

And that's about it. I got nothing. I just married into talent, thank god. Have a good weekend, see you on the next spin!


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Very cool tree in that room. And beautiful blankets for beautiful boys. You're smart; surround yourself with talent!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Huh? What? Sorry, I saw cute baby and lost all train of thought. Must have more..
Sprite has a "kelly green" blanket that my mom's best friend's mother knitted for her. She loved it so much, we had to have another made so she could have one at school and one at home. I treasure those blankets.
You're linked!

Mrsbear said...

I love the tree. That's great. Even if you don't get too crafty, you do make some gorgeous babies. ;)

blueviolet said...

We have a tree on a wall in our basement. It was there when we moved in so we didn't have do any of the work. ;)