Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spin Cycle- Meme

This week's spin cycle is Meme's. If you're into them, pick a meme and join in. If you're against them (and feel like you just don't need to know anymore about what your work friend's favorite summer beverage is, or how your brother's wife likes her eggs or whatever) come back next Friday and we promise we'll forget all about this.

I should mention that I thought that it was pronounced ME ME, not Meem, for the longest time. And that made a lot of sense to me. Because it's all about me, right? Whatever.

Here goes:

10 Things->

5 Things that can make my day:

1- LG's smile

2- Getting a box on my front porch (thanks Jan from the Sushi Bar- you made my Friday!)

3- The right song on the radio as I drive home from work (or into work, for that matter)

4- Getting flowers (though the cats eat them, so it's always better to get them at work)

5- A hug and kiss from PB (which come more often now that I'm not 50 lbs bigger than normal and grumpy as a badger...)

5 Things that can ruin my day:

1- Realizing I need something the minute I get home from the store...

2- Leaving early for work and still getting there late.

3- Guilt- over anything. Not calling my brother back in a timely fashion, forgetting to bring in something to school for LG, saying something to PB that I regret and not being ready to apologize. You name it, guilt will just kill any good thing that might happen in my day.

4- Not being able to match my underwear to my outfit. Don't ask. I'm a little OCD sometimes.

5- Criticism at work. I know, it's always constructive. And my new boss is incredible and gives it well. But I try to do my best, and when someone doesn't like it, I feel like I've failed them. They pay me to do this job, so if I'm not doing what they want, it just feels horrible.

Ok, I did a Meme. But only for Jen. Don't expect this again. I won't do it. I won't. You can't make me.


Jane Doe said...

A lot of those things can make or break my day too, especially smiles, hugs, and getting a package on the good side and realizing I need something when I get back from the store and guilt on the not-so-good side. A great meme!

Have a wonderful day,


Ginger@When Ginger snaps... said...

Hi Mama, I'm laughing ay your comment about feeling guilty over everything. You must be southern?
And thanks for visiting my blog, too.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ack, sorry I'm late! I can't believe you did a meme for me! And you must have known the difference between memes and forums since you've been a Spin Cycle player for a while now. (Points for you!)
Guilt plagues me too, and I have been known to curse every car in front of me when, despite all efforts, I am still running late for work. You're linked!

Jan said...

*Squee* I'm so glad they got there! I hope you like them, they are sooo cute.