Friday, September 18, 2009

The Spin Cycle- I hate it when...

So this week's spin is supposed to be "I hate it when"... Head on over to see Sprite's Keeper to see what has everybody else's panties in a bunch.

I think it's important to say I don't HATE anything. Dislike greatly, peeved by, but not really hate. Hate is an emotion just like love. It requires a lot of energy and you have absolutely no control over it. It just happens. Love is the positive energy, and hate it the negative (sorry to go all California guru on you there...) I choose to let all sorts of positive energy in, and love lots of stuff. I also choose not to hate, it takes way to much energy that I need to go other places.

That being said, here are the top 10 things that burn my biscuits:

10. People who complain about the weather. Just stop. It's too hot, it's too snowy, I don't like the rain. Get the hell over it. Your complaining isn't going to make it sunny and 70 all year round. If you don't like snow, move south. Don't like humidity? Go west. And people in Arizona? Stop trying to plant lawns. You live in the freaking desert. Want a lawn? Come to Cleveland. Your screwing up the weather out there with all your watering and such.

9. Those stupid green binkis that they give out in the hospital when you have a baby. Why, you ask? They gave us like 5 and they were free. You think I'd be happy. Nope. LG had them, too. And the dr told us at 3 months that he needed to get a binki meant for an older kid. So we tried. And he absolutely refused anything except that stupid green binki. I had the only 1 year old that was still using the same binki he had at the hospital. I finally got him to switch to a new one, but it was hellish. And now? Green binki is the only one o will use, too. Because some days I think God hates me.

8. Spider webs. There must be a colony of spiders that hang out around our back steps. Almost every morning I walk through a cob web. And get all ooky and icky and grossed out. I never feel like I can get it all off me. Nothing against spiders, just the webs.

7. Rachel Rae. She annoys the heck out of me. I've met her (when I worked at Barnes and Noble, and she was still a girl from Upstate NY, doing a cooking segment on the evening news with Dan DiNicola...) and I didn't even like her then. Not sure what annoys me about her, but I can't do a 1/2 hour of her.

6. People who don't merge well on the highway. Out of all my driving pet peeves, this is the worst. They cause all the bad traffic in Cleveland, I'm pretty positive.

5. When people you really need to listen to you don't. Be is your doctor, your attorney, your husband. This really bothers me. Last week it was a nurse. I was trying to explain to her why I didn't feel well, and she was hearing what she wanted to hear. I told her I felt seasick. So she gave me motion sickness pills. Which I didn't take. Because who gets motion sick lying in bed??? Finally, a different nurse called the anesthesiologist who said, "Oops, we probably screwed up the spinal block. Take some caffeine pills and it will go away." And it did. And gave me the jitters. Either way it sucked, but it could have sucked less if she had listened.

4. When I know I'm wrong, but I still keep arguing. Because I don't want to admit that I'm wrong. It's like I've gone too far and can't go back. I know the other person is right. It takes me a while to tell them they're right. I hate that I can be like that some times.

3. Every product that I like to use and get used to goes away. Deodorant, shampoo, you name it. When I find it and like it, it's gone. The latest is my hair color. Damn it. That was hard to find in the first place. Do I just find the least popular things that ever hit the market? Frustrating.

2. Not having enough time. Or so it seems. There are 24 hours to a day, where do they all go? I feel like I spend way to much time not getting things done. Or that things take longer than I think they should. Mostly, I need to slow down. Not try to get so much done. Be realistic. All that good stuff. Can you in today's world, though? I'm trying.

1. The widows of police and firemen from 9/11. Now don't get all patriotic on me, hear me out. There were a lot of people in those buildings who died that day. Insurance salesmen, secretaries, lawyers. And they had wives and husbands and kids. And very few organizations did a fund raiser for the people they left behind. No college fund for the insurance salesman's kid. No mortgage payment for the secretary's husband. But the widows of the fire and police men? Guys who voluntarily put themselves in danger as part of their job? Who knew what they were getting into and had insurance plans to back them up? Their widows and kids made out like bandits. All the while soaking up the sympathy. And now they're millionaires. Living high off the hog in places like Long Island. And it pisses me off to no end. They just went to work that day, the same as the insurance guy. Why was it any different? Why didn't people think of this? Grrrr. I'll stop now. PB thinks this gets me way to riled up. And it probably does.

Clarification: Sprite's Keeper pointed out something I didn't make clear. It's not that I don't think the widows and children of the firemen and policemen deserve attention, and donations and all sorts of sympathy. I just wish the everyday people who were there got the same attention, money and sympathy. And they don't. Ever. You don't see snow sculptures of 9/11 of a guy with a briefcase... I'm just saying they could get a little more credit.

Ok, time to go get the littliest badger out of the swing and pay him some attention. He's gone a whole 1/2 our with out snuggles. I'm sure he's in a deficit.

Have a good weekend! MB


Sprite's Keeper said...

I imagine #1 may net you a few eyebrow twitches, but I'm going to go out on a limb and bet you wish it were more equal to EVERYONE who was widowed in the 9/11 attacks. Then again, everyone who perished while trying to escape or help others escape should be listed as heroes. Why did the policemen and firemen get all the glory?
Number 4, holy hell, me too! I wish there was some sort of lifeline I could have thrown to me when I swim too far out in my sea of tangents, but alas, sometimes people just like to see me try to swim against my own verbal current. Great Spin, you're linked!

Jan said...

I know exactly WHY I hate Rachel Ray. She is waaaaaaay to perky to begin with. I've never ever seen her NOT smiling. Also, she cannot seem to speak in a normal tone of voice. If you wrote what she says, it would be all in italics, caps, and followed by twelve exclamation points.

Never mind she's an average cook that's managed to perk, smile and shriek her way into foodie fame.

Mrsbear said...

Ack. Rachel Ray. Yes, it's the perkiness and the infantile catch phrases - delish, yummo, EVOO. Really, she just grates on me. Her recipes are not bad, but I won't watch her, every. I'd rather watch the hair on my legs grow.

Anonymous said...

YES! YES! YES! to the idiot mergers on the freeway. Caused me an accident in February and I'll hate it til the day I die.

Ginger said...

I swear I was going to do a list, and your number one (people who complain about the weather) was going to be on it! I have a major complainer in my family, she's too hot, she's too cold, she's sticky, she needs a shower, the bugs are biting her, the wind is messing up her hair, her "bloomers" are wet (seriously) and on and on. But then I remembered how much I hate picking up my neighbor's dog's poop and it sort of took on a life of it's own.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

If people in New England couldn't talk about the weather they would probably shoot each other.