Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Spin Cycle- Birthdays and Anniversaries

And we're spinning, we're spinning. Like the kid in the yard who can turn for like 5 minutes and not barf all over themselves. Or those hippy girls at Dave Matthew's Band concerts (who have replaced the ones at Dead concerts, and then Phish concerts.)

This weeks spin is birthdays and anniversaries. And I think I have a unique spin for you guys. Because I'm going to spin about a birthday that hasn't happened yet! Yup, take a second to try to figure that one out, Einstein.

Yes, yes, it's about littliest badger. The anxiously awaited little badger. The badger who better come soon before his/her Mama becomes homicidal in the grocery store. Because it's been a long, hot summer.

So, a few weeks ago, we found out littliest is "sunny side up". (or upside down, depending on how you look at it). And you just can't be borned this way, apparently. So, the Friday before last, they tried to spin the little one around. Because it seemed like the most logical first thing to try. Let me tell you, if you are ever in the situation where this is suggested (it's actually called a "version"), just punch the person. Really hard. And then move on to suggestion #2. Because it sucked in ways I can't describe. There was no pain killer. And some sort of stimulant involved. And there were way too many people in a room way to small. And I had to try my hardest not to scream right into the ear of the Dr performing this torture. To make it all worth it? It didn't work. Great.

They schedule a c-section (and I say they because I really had nothing to do with this). Not my favorite option, but now they're not giving me choices. I asked for 9/9/09. Pretty cool, right? If it has to suck, something might as well make it seem better, right? Nope. Because we won't be 39 weeks. We will be a day short. The hospital now has a strict policy about this (I guess a lot of people tried to schedule for tax breaks, and school cut offs and such, and it was getting out of hand). But really? One day? Sigh. So we are set for 9/10. Which ends up ok, too. PB's birthday is 8/9, littliest one will be 9/10 and a good friend of ours is 10/11. Which for some reason made me feel a little better. Probably because I have skewed values. Forget that it will be good for the kid to hang in their an extra day to be healthy, I just wanted a good date... (PB and I were married on 9/8/07, isn't that cool?). Yes, I have a thing with dates, get over it.

As for having a c-section, not so happy about that. PB has told me I have to stop call it being gutted like a fish. It's making him nervous... Lots of people have told me all their wonderful c-section stories, and I know it's all going to be ok. But I've not done it myself before, and I'm really a pain wimp. For that matter, the closest I've come to surgery is having my wisdom teeth out. So, while I appreciate all the good thoughts and advice, I will still be the one whimpering in the hospital room.

As for being ready. We're not. We have the car seat put back together, but that's about it (the base isn't in the car, we just washed the liner thingy and put it back together). LG is still in the nursery (his new room isn't painted yet), and the bassinet is still up, but it's in pack and play mode (left over from when I used to put LG in it while I showered). **Random tid bit- it you ever need a new bassinet, get the pack and play one. Best investment EVER.** We have all of LG's old clothes, but they're still packed away and haven't gotten a washing (for that matter, I haven't picked up any newborn appropriate detergent-I go with Tide Free and Clear- but have you seen the price of detergent these days? I nearly passed out). I do have a "home from the hospital" outfit and blanket, though. That's a start, right? At least the people in public won't shun us.

Oh, and we bought the littliest a Halloween costume. About those skewed priorities? (It happens I saw it on really good sale and couldn't pass it up. For some reason, what the littliest would be for Halloween has been on my mind all summer. Don't ask how my brain works...)

PB will attest that I've done a lot of worrying over the fact that this new kid isn't getting half of the excitement that LG did. I think mostly because we've done this before (sort of). And I've done a lot of worrying about how LG will react (no, we didn't try to tell him. I just don't think he's old enough to get it yet- which was part of our plan). Hopefully this all goes fairly smoothly. And I can move on to worrying about how the hell we're going to put two kids through college, and other insane things like that.

And now to end with a funny story. And my MIL will have to just forgive me, because she's the subject. I will start by explaining that my MIL lives by her calendar. She will commit to nothing unless she can confirm it on her calendar. And when planning, best to just call her first to see what's going on. Because I guarantee, she'll know. When we found out that we had to schedule the c-section, I told PB he had to call his Mom and let her know. Immediately. Because Grammie's need to know these things. He agreed, and put in the call. And I got to watch. As he explained, and then his face screwed up. I was naive enough to ask, "What's wrong?" "She just told me she has to check her calendar!" Ok, I laughed. Really hard. Because I understood. She wasn't going to tell us it was a bad day for her. She was seeing what she needed to re-schedule. But his face was priceless. "She knows we can't change it, right?" "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she knows..."

And that, my fine feathered friends, is all I have for now. I apologize in advance if I miss a spin or two. I'm not sure newborn badgers understand how important blogging is. I will try to get up some pictures for you, though.

Have a good week, and enjoy the holiday weekend. Find a nice piece of lawn, and spin till you fall down! Then go see Sprite's Keeper and get the spins all over again!


Jan said...

I've had a baby every way you can - I went into labor naturally (and stayed in labor for 16 hours) with Oldest Son. Was induced (and in labor for about 15 minutes) with Darling Daughter and had a C-section with The Young One.

Given a choice? I'll take the C-section, hands down.

Trust me om this one.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite was a breech as well. They didn't even try to turn her since I had excess fluid and they imagined she would just turn right back to where she liked it anyway. The good thing about 9/10? Littlest will have his or her second birthday on 9/10/11 which is a Saturday! Then you and your date obsession can go wild for the birthday planning!
I just hope everything goes well, you recover quickly, and post a picture so I can be jealous of all that baby cuteness you are hording over here. You're linked!

Creepy said...

Oh I would have wanted a cool date too!

Graham was breech and turned himself around at the last minute, so there's still hope!

robin said...

How exciting! (I don't have a birth story to share just yet... so no sage words of advice.)
Happy soon-to-be-birthday to the littlest badger!
(And thanks for stopping by to say hello!)

Krystal said...

I'm not going to go around and say the wonderful things you hear about C-Sections - I will be honest and to the point...THEY HURT LIKE HELL when they FORCE you to stand up and walk around and doo all kinds of stuff that you would rather not do....but the end result is always worth it!!!

Good luck!!1

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I had a version with my son and wound up with a section, so I feel you!
As a nurse, and a patient, just remember to use your pillows to brace your incision when you move and the first few times you get up. It really helps. And don't be a hero; take your pain meds. They don't hurt the baby if you're nursing, and they help!
I had 3 sections, all unplanned, and they're all different. You'll be fine, and you'll have this wonderful new little love.