Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RTT- Really Now?

It's Tuesday. A time for love, a time for hope, a time for Random Thoughts. Find a nice comfy spot and join us in our journey through space (or the empty space this is my head...). Then go see Keely.

Now, I know I've complained about the bathroom where I work many a Tuesday, but there is a new trauma to endure. One lady (from downstairs, of course) goes walking on her lunch break. And she changes to a completely new walking outfit when she does. Fine by me. My issue is that she waddles around the bathroom in various states of undress. I don't need to see this. She's no runway model. Far worse is that she doesn't wear shoes when she does this. Yuck. Put some shoes on. This isn't your bathroom at home. I don't need to be subject to your sweaty, "I just walked 2 miles" paws. And let me tell you, the woman need a pedicure something fierce. Just saying. Another random thought on this topic. If your use of the stall requires a double flush, trust me- go get the can of sanitizer and give the rest of us a little spray. Whether you think it needs it or not. Go with me on this one...

On to something even more random. At my last job, someone wore lotion that I thought smelled like bug spray. I could never figure out who to find out what it was. But, seriously, to me it smelled like bug spray. And it has appeared in my new office. Now, there are only a few of us who would lotion in the middle of the day (I say Us, as though I do...) The options are limited. But I don't want to go around asking. Because inevitably the person will expect a compliment when I find them, and I don't want to tell them they smell like bug spray, right? If I do find out, haphazardly, I will share, though.

And this might top the random. I'm burping soap. Ok, not really, but that's what it tastes like. Not fancy Oil of Olay or anything, just good old Ivory is what it tastes like (don't ask how I know. mind your own darn business). It's kind of gross, but mostly disturbing. What is causing this??? PB thinks it's funny and is waiting for one of those cartoon scenes where bubbles will come out of my mouth when I hiccup.

Did you know that American Indians get free healthcare (similar to Medicaid?)? I had no idea. Who else is getting free healthcare, that I don't realize? And, who the hell is this universal health care going to be for? The old, the native and the very poor are already in some sort of system. I'm very confused here. I know that there are a ton of out of work people out there, but wouldn't some sort of "in the mean time" system be better? You know, something that goes along with unemployment. Because we are planning on crawling out of the hole and getting these folks jobs at some point, right?

LG has (after 18 months) discovered happiness in Mama's lap. At home, he'll toddle around and eventually bring over a toy and sit on me. This past weekend we were at his cousins birthday party. We sang to the birthday girl, and the kids went back to play while my SIL cut the cake and served. At one point, the niece who was playing with him got up to have cake, and left him by himself (she tries really hard to be "responsible" for him when he's around, but she's only 9 and still in the "me" stage!). He played for a second by himself, and then realized that all the other kids had gotten up, too. He looked sad, but instead of crying, he picked up the toy he had, toddled over and plopped into my lap. Happy again. Two months ago? Wouldn't have happened. It makes me happy, so I won't complain.

Ok, I'm too sleepy to be anymore random this week. Go enjoy someone else's random, and I'll see you next Tuesday, where I promise to be perky and fun.

I leave you with a new picture of LG. Here he's hanging out at a friends house, with his puppy friends.


Jan said...

Work bathrooms *shudder*

That reminds me...I need a pedicure something fierce, too. But I've stopped getting fake nails; I just can't deal with them any more.

LG is such a cutie!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

I think I am "that coworker". I workout at lunch and am now ashamed to admit that maybe I could be a little more discrete with my dressing. Oops.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Ewww - work bathrooms!

I think you can find out about the funky lotion without having to deliver up a compliment! Really! Or maybe not. But I just want to know!

Swoozie said...

Ewwww. The co-working walking sweaty feeted, waddling crapping woman MUST GO! Now!

Why are there GROSS people in this world? And why must they creep into our every-day life?

Again. Ewwww.

Great RTT!

Miss. Candy said...

Find the co-worker and during the holiday season play Secret Santa and give them a whole new lotion set!!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

My coworker walks around in bare feet in the office to pick up papers at the printer, fax, lunch in the kitchen. She wears very high heels and thinks it's her right to ditch them as soon as she arrives at her desk for the entire day. Ew.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

You know, we're all glad this woman is exercising, but seriously, do you need to see the disrobing process. And I hear you on the feet. My bathroom is the only one I go barefoot in, and that probably isn't even a good idea.
So cute about LG; guess he's suspecting he may need to share that lap soon...

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Work bathrooms are always the worst - I don't miss them! ;)

Maybe you can go in stealth mode to find the lotion culprit...do they put it on the same time each day? Start walking around and spying to catch them in the act... Or, you could ask if anyone has lotion you can borrow - then you can smell in the privacy of your own desk and figure out who/what/where... ;)

LG is SO CUTE! And definitely relish in these lap moments...I miss those days! :)

Happy RTT! :)

blueviolet said...

Look at LG in all his cuteness. :)

I have nightmares where I'm walking barefoot into a bathroom. How can someone willingly touch those floors with their bare skin? Hey, why isn't she changing in the stall?

otin said...

That was very random! Any sweaty woman in a state of undress is ok! LOL!

I think that the Health care for the Indians has to do with the fact that we confiscated their country a few hundred years ago! :)

Casey said...

Aww, what a cutie! My 16 month old has recently started snuggling too, it's sweet.

Maybe the lunchtime walker is putting bug spray on before she goes? I hate unidentified scents, they drive me nuts and give me a migraine.

Captain Dumbass said...

Universal health care is a good thing. Despite what all the naysayers are, um... saying, it's not the harbinger of the end times.