Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RTT- My chariot awaits...

It's Tuesday, and time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. Go see Keely, and get your random on.

In Ohio, all things automotive expire on your birthday, regardless of when you originally apply for them (unlike NY, when they expire on the date you first got them). Mean, huh? You either go early, late or on your birthday. As yesterday was my birthday, I got to take o out on his first trip to the BMV. First, I had to get an e-check. Where I found out something most interesting. If you fail the e-check the first time, and then get $300 in repairs to fix the problem and still fail? You can waive out of the requirement. So, to clarify, if your car is so screwed up that your mechanic charges you more than $300 and still can't find the problem? Yeah, you still get to drive around in it. In NY? They take your car if you fail inspection on the 3rd try... Other than that, the whole experience took less than an hour, and was fairly positive. Go BMV.

Please don't try to smoke, talk on your cell phone and drive your car at the same time. Trust me, you're luck is going to run out. And I'd hate to be the person you hit when you set yourself on fire. (and why is it that people want out outlaw talking on the phone and driving, but not smoking and driving? really? smoking involves FIRE.)

Note: Do not ask my husband if we're going to try for a third because we now have two boys. Please. Just don't bring up the subject. Because he's not sleeping much. And I'm pretty sure he'll think you're crazy. I'll say maybe. MAYBE (please note the caps). He will not. So, to my SIL, who has two and is itching for a third? Don't expect PB to be on your side. Avoid bringing it up, unless you want him to convince your husband he never wants another kid ever.

I'm loving being home and being able to watch all the bad 80's sitcom re-runs. Right now? I'm watching Full House. I forgot how cheesy it was. Good times.

We have evil squirrels at our house. I swear to it. The house sits under 3 really large oak trees. With lots of acorns. And they "fall" on the roof. Except from inside it sounds like the squirrels are pelting them at the roof. All night long. I think they're after PB. Tee hee hee.

Why must all kids toys these days make noise? Why? I tried to get LG a Tonka truck the other day. And they all require batteries. Why is that? Can people not teach kids to go, "Brrrrrm, brrrrm" anymore? The toy has to do all the work?

I was going to put more gratuitous pictures of o and LG on here, but I'm on the wrong computer for that. Sorry.

Off to do more nothing. Woo hoo. Have a good week, folks. And join us on Friday, when we'll do a spin on Tradition...


The Crazy Coxes said...

Are we twins?

I took my son's BMW to the emissions place yesterday.

I registerd 4 cars at the DMV today!
And I complained about women drivers and cell phones on my Random!!

I like the squirrels on my roof though - kinda! ;)

I like your Random!

I am Harriet said...

I find it annoying as well when people do that stuff while driving.
Have a great RTT!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Happy belated Birthday!
Great random, but missing seeing pix of the little guys.
My daughters, 15 and 18, know every Full House episode by heart. We saw "Uncle Jesse" in a Broadway preview of "Bye Bye Birdie" last week. He looks the same, but he wasn't very good.
Hope everyone catches up on their sleep, but o is only what? 3 weeks old?

blueviolet said...

The squirrels probably are pelting them at your roof. You just think they're falling from the trees.

In MI, we have expirations on birthdays too but we can pick whose birthday to use.

Casey said...

The stupid acorns are falling on our roof now and hitting the gutters so they sound like gunshots. Last year, I threatened that stupid Oak tree with a chain saw since it woke up my kids several times a night and then we had dueling children screaming.

Squirrels are evil.

Mrsbear said...

Gah, I hate shelling out cash for battery powered toys. Why does everything have to come with sound effects now. My kid can make his own dinosaur growls thankyouverymuch.

Why wouldn't you try for a third...and maybe a fourth...ahem. Besides once you can manage two, three is a cakewalk. ;)

Happy day late RTT.

Jan said...

We have a huge oak on our front yard too, and The Young One is convinced the squirrels sit in the tree and throw acorns on the ground so they can laugh at him while he spends the afternoon picking them up and stowing them in a plastic lawn bag.

They don't care that a potential food supply is being carted away; they're deep in their annual "how to assault the bird feeders this year" plans.

Jan said...

OH - and Happy Belated Birthday!

Captain Dumbass said...

WTH is with everything needing batteries? And the noise level? Maybe I'm just getting old.