Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts. Sigh.

It's Tuesday (or so PB tells me). I still have some time for random thoughts. We'll give it a go. And then go see Keely for some more random.

Cute LG picture to distract you while I come up with something to write about...
Ok, I would have sworn it was Wednesday. PB had to insist to me that it was still only Tuesday. Argh, now I'm adding days that didn't happen. This is not a good sign. This is why I work. Because if I were a stay at home Mom? It would always be Wednesday to me. I need structure. M-F, with a weekend to look forward to. Sad, I know. I am a creature of habit.
Though, thinking about it, the 3 months I had off when I had LG? Longest time I've not worked a regular job since high school. Argh. That means I 've been working more than half my life. No wonder I get all spaced out when I don't go into work.

Random, gratuitous o picture. Because I can. Check out our beautiful Grammie blanket. Grey and white, stylish, huh? And LG has only tried to steal it once.

PB is reading Shel Silverstein poems to LG right now (their usual bed time ritual). The poems are not doing anything to make today seem any more real. But o seems to like sitting on my lap and listening, too. Good deal.

And now to complain about what I originally thought was a blessing. PB has three weeks off. This is week #3. And I was thrilled about this, at first. Because when LG was born he got 3, yup, 3 days off. But then LG and I were able to get into our rhythm. We figured eachother out. Got a system. And my only goal was to keep him happy, get in a shower by noon, and have some tummy time for him in the afternoon. This worked well. Keep the expectations low. But every morning now I get "What's the plan for today?". Uhm, survival? Eating, sleeping and pooping? A plan? There is no plan. And so, I don't ever have a good answer for this. PB doesn't really need us. He has a ton of projects he really wanted to get done around the house. He can go out and do them. But he feels bad not spending time with o, since that's why he's home. We've been to the mall, out to lunch, to the dump, to Target more times than I want to think about. Killing me. Slowly. I would never complain about having PB around, but I need to find a rhythm soon, or o will never get a schedule, and I'll never get a nights sleep.

Ok, no more random today. Go see other folks random. Folks who have more than two living brain cells. And have a good week, all.


Heather said...

I remember those days when I would be happy just to get a shower in every day period. I remember taking a shower during a time that I thought my baby at the time was sleeping only to come back to her screaming which made me cry because I felt like the absolute worst mom ever to not be there when she needed me. I started showering when hubby got home at night after that. 5 more months and I'll be in the same boat again (baby #2 on the way.

As much as I love my husband it's certainly no vacation for me when he's home...he leaves things around, he actually wants to be fed lunch and things like that.

Jan said...

I love Shel Silverstein, and I'm impressed Peanut Butter is reading his poems to Little Guy (yes, I have names for your initals - o is short for Oh!).

*pssst* He'll go back to work before you do. This is a good thing.

Little Guy and Oh! are adorable.

blueviolet said...

I have a hard time adjusting to hubs being around too. I'm always pretty happy when he goes back to work.

Mrsbear said...

Every time my husband is home it throws my routine out the window, I always feel like I have to spend time with him and end up scatter brained and slacking more than I care to.

And if it weren't for the kids being in school, I'd never know what day of the week it was.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

He'll be gone soon enough; send him outside to get at least ONE job done. It would be driving me crazy too.
Those photos are way too cute.
And reading your little one poetry, and Shel at that? Gotta love him.

Krystal said...

I love your randomness!!! And yeah, keep the expectations low - I still do - almost 8 years later!