Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The New Man in my Life...

It's Tuesday, but the thoughts they aren't really random. Ok, maybe they are. But it's because of lack of sleep. And with that as a lead in, please let me introduce the newest addition to the Badger Clan:

We'll call him "o". No, not "O". Just o. PB has approved this name for on-line usage (and yes, that is what we really call him).

o was born 9-8-09 at 9:27 am, 7lbs even, 20.5 inches. He decided he couldn't wait the extra two days. Just like LG, he announced his intentions around 3:am, and I waited until around 6:am to wake up PB and let him know he probably wasn't going to work that day. Good times.
It was an adventure, though. And, having now had a kid both ways I can express my preferred method of delivery: Stork. Both of them kind of sucked. I'm not one of those "beauty of birth" kind of people. The only beautiful thing in that delivery room was the baby.
Now for the random. I was watching St. Elmo's Fire last night (because what else did I have to do at 2:am?). And I was thinking, I remember those days. The days right out of college, when you had no idea where you were going? When someone at a job interview asked you where you wanted to be in 5 or 10 years, and you made krappe up? Because none of us has any idea at 25 where we'll be at 35. No idea what twists and turns life will take. Who'll we'll meet along the path. All I knew what that I wanted it all, and had no idea how to get there.
But now at 35 (or almost 35), I can look down at the little guy on my lap and know where I am. And it's amazing. I have two incredible little boys, an even more incredible husband. A real job, a house, a family car. And in the most un-cool at 25 way, they all make me really happy. I worked hard to get here. Who have thought at 25, huh?
Keeping it random: Sad to hear that Patrick Swayze finally passed. This really has been quite a year for it. But for him, maybe better. He really didn't look like he was enjoying life at the end.
And Kanye West? Should be shot. And have all his awards taken away from him. He should have to pay to be on the talk shows and apologize. What a jerk. When did it become ok to have such poor manners?
And now, to end, the top things you do not want to hear in an operating room (and, yes, we heard them all...):
3. Don't worry, we can fix that later.
2. I'm not really good at that.
and the worst...
1. Oops.
No worries, everything turned out alright.
Ok, everyone. Have a good Tuesday. Not sure I'll be around much this week, but I'll try to stop by for a visit when I can. Go see Keely for some other random, too.


Jan said...

20.5 inches? Oh, my - he's a tall Badger! And soooo sweet!

Welcome to the world, o. I hope you like it here.

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Congratulations. o is a cutie.

I like Krappe. I'm going with it.

Mrsbear said...

Congratulations! He's gorgeous! And I agree, conventional methods for having babies all suck. It would be cool if you could just think them out, but I suppose the technology is just not there yet. ;)

And yes, Kanye West is a huge ass.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Beautiful boy!
I am so happy for you all.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ah! There he is! O, what a beautiful little boy! Mazel tov on your addition MB, and glad to hear everything is good. :-)

blueviolet said...

Congratulations! He's just beautiful!