Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RTT- My chariot awaits...

It's Tuesday, and time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. Go see Keely, and get your random on.

In Ohio, all things automotive expire on your birthday, regardless of when you originally apply for them (unlike NY, when they expire on the date you first got them). Mean, huh? You either go early, late or on your birthday. As yesterday was my birthday, I got to take o out on his first trip to the BMV. First, I had to get an e-check. Where I found out something most interesting. If you fail the e-check the first time, and then get $300 in repairs to fix the problem and still fail? You can waive out of the requirement. So, to clarify, if your car is so screwed up that your mechanic charges you more than $300 and still can't find the problem? Yeah, you still get to drive around in it. In NY? They take your car if you fail inspection on the 3rd try... Other than that, the whole experience took less than an hour, and was fairly positive. Go BMV.

Please don't try to smoke, talk on your cell phone and drive your car at the same time. Trust me, you're luck is going to run out. And I'd hate to be the person you hit when you set yourself on fire. (and why is it that people want out outlaw talking on the phone and driving, but not smoking and driving? really? smoking involves FIRE.)

Note: Do not ask my husband if we're going to try for a third because we now have two boys. Please. Just don't bring up the subject. Because he's not sleeping much. And I'm pretty sure he'll think you're crazy. I'll say maybe. MAYBE (please note the caps). He will not. So, to my SIL, who has two and is itching for a third? Don't expect PB to be on your side. Avoid bringing it up, unless you want him to convince your husband he never wants another kid ever.

I'm loving being home and being able to watch all the bad 80's sitcom re-runs. Right now? I'm watching Full House. I forgot how cheesy it was. Good times.

We have evil squirrels at our house. I swear to it. The house sits under 3 really large oak trees. With lots of acorns. And they "fall" on the roof. Except from inside it sounds like the squirrels are pelting them at the roof. All night long. I think they're after PB. Tee hee hee.

Why must all kids toys these days make noise? Why? I tried to get LG a Tonka truck the other day. And they all require batteries. Why is that? Can people not teach kids to go, "Brrrrrm, brrrrm" anymore? The toy has to do all the work?

I was going to put more gratuitous pictures of o and LG on here, but I'm on the wrong computer for that. Sorry.

Off to do more nothing. Woo hoo. Have a good week, folks. And join us on Friday, when we'll do a spin on Tradition...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spin Cycle- Meme

This week's spin cycle is Meme's. If you're into them, pick a meme and join in. If you're against them (and feel like you just don't need to know anymore about what your work friend's favorite summer beverage is, or how your brother's wife likes her eggs or whatever) come back next Friday and we promise we'll forget all about this.

I should mention that I thought that it was pronounced ME ME, not Meem, for the longest time. And that made a lot of sense to me. Because it's all about me, right? Whatever.

Here goes:

10 Things->

5 Things that can make my day:

1- LG's smile

2- Getting a box on my front porch (thanks Jan from the Sushi Bar- you made my Friday!)

3- The right song on the radio as I drive home from work (or into work, for that matter)

4- Getting flowers (though the cats eat them, so it's always better to get them at work)

5- A hug and kiss from PB (which come more often now that I'm not 50 lbs bigger than normal and grumpy as a badger...)

5 Things that can ruin my day:

1- Realizing I need something the minute I get home from the store...

2- Leaving early for work and still getting there late.

3- Guilt- over anything. Not calling my brother back in a timely fashion, forgetting to bring in something to school for LG, saying something to PB that I regret and not being ready to apologize. You name it, guilt will just kill any good thing that might happen in my day.

4- Not being able to match my underwear to my outfit. Don't ask. I'm a little OCD sometimes.

5- Criticism at work. I know, it's always constructive. And my new boss is incredible and gives it well. But I try to do my best, and when someone doesn't like it, I feel like I've failed them. They pay me to do this job, so if I'm not doing what they want, it just feels horrible.

Ok, I did a Meme. But only for Jen. Don't expect this again. I won't do it. I won't. You can't make me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts. Sigh.

It's Tuesday (or so PB tells me). I still have some time for random thoughts. We'll give it a go. And then go see Keely for some more random.

Cute LG picture to distract you while I come up with something to write about...
Ok, I would have sworn it was Wednesday. PB had to insist to me that it was still only Tuesday. Argh, now I'm adding days that didn't happen. This is not a good sign. This is why I work. Because if I were a stay at home Mom? It would always be Wednesday to me. I need structure. M-F, with a weekend to look forward to. Sad, I know. I am a creature of habit.
Though, thinking about it, the 3 months I had off when I had LG? Longest time I've not worked a regular job since high school. Argh. That means I 've been working more than half my life. No wonder I get all spaced out when I don't go into work.

Random, gratuitous o picture. Because I can. Check out our beautiful Grammie blanket. Grey and white, stylish, huh? And LG has only tried to steal it once.

PB is reading Shel Silverstein poems to LG right now (their usual bed time ritual). The poems are not doing anything to make today seem any more real. But o seems to like sitting on my lap and listening, too. Good deal.

And now to complain about what I originally thought was a blessing. PB has three weeks off. This is week #3. And I was thrilled about this, at first. Because when LG was born he got 3, yup, 3 days off. But then LG and I were able to get into our rhythm. We figured eachother out. Got a system. And my only goal was to keep him happy, get in a shower by noon, and have some tummy time for him in the afternoon. This worked well. Keep the expectations low. But every morning now I get "What's the plan for today?". Uhm, survival? Eating, sleeping and pooping? A plan? There is no plan. And so, I don't ever have a good answer for this. PB doesn't really need us. He has a ton of projects he really wanted to get done around the house. He can go out and do them. But he feels bad not spending time with o, since that's why he's home. We've been to the mall, out to lunch, to the dump, to Target more times than I want to think about. Killing me. Slowly. I would never complain about having PB around, but I need to find a rhythm soon, or o will never get a schedule, and I'll never get a nights sleep.

Ok, no more random today. Go see other folks random. Folks who have more than two living brain cells. And have a good week, all.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Spin Cycle- I hate it when...

So this week's spin is supposed to be "I hate it when"... Head on over to see Sprite's Keeper to see what has everybody else's panties in a bunch.

I think it's important to say I don't HATE anything. Dislike greatly, peeved by, but not really hate. Hate is an emotion just like love. It requires a lot of energy and you have absolutely no control over it. It just happens. Love is the positive energy, and hate it the negative (sorry to go all California guru on you there...) I choose to let all sorts of positive energy in, and love lots of stuff. I also choose not to hate, it takes way to much energy that I need to go other places.

That being said, here are the top 10 things that burn my biscuits:

10. People who complain about the weather. Just stop. It's too hot, it's too snowy, I don't like the rain. Get the hell over it. Your complaining isn't going to make it sunny and 70 all year round. If you don't like snow, move south. Don't like humidity? Go west. And people in Arizona? Stop trying to plant lawns. You live in the freaking desert. Want a lawn? Come to Cleveland. Your screwing up the weather out there with all your watering and such.

9. Those stupid green binkis that they give out in the hospital when you have a baby. Why, you ask? They gave us like 5 and they were free. You think I'd be happy. Nope. LG had them, too. And the dr told us at 3 months that he needed to get a binki meant for an older kid. So we tried. And he absolutely refused anything except that stupid green binki. I had the only 1 year old that was still using the same binki he had at the hospital. I finally got him to switch to a new one, but it was hellish. And now? Green binki is the only one o will use, too. Because some days I think God hates me.

8. Spider webs. There must be a colony of spiders that hang out around our back steps. Almost every morning I walk through a cob web. And get all ooky and icky and grossed out. I never feel like I can get it all off me. Nothing against spiders, just the webs.

7. Rachel Rae. She annoys the heck out of me. I've met her (when I worked at Barnes and Noble, and she was still a girl from Upstate NY, doing a cooking segment on the evening news with Dan DiNicola...) and I didn't even like her then. Not sure what annoys me about her, but I can't do a 1/2 hour of her.

6. People who don't merge well on the highway. Out of all my driving pet peeves, this is the worst. They cause all the bad traffic in Cleveland, I'm pretty positive.

5. When people you really need to listen to you don't. Be is your doctor, your attorney, your husband. This really bothers me. Last week it was a nurse. I was trying to explain to her why I didn't feel well, and she was hearing what she wanted to hear. I told her I felt seasick. So she gave me motion sickness pills. Which I didn't take. Because who gets motion sick lying in bed??? Finally, a different nurse called the anesthesiologist who said, "Oops, we probably screwed up the spinal block. Take some caffeine pills and it will go away." And it did. And gave me the jitters. Either way it sucked, but it could have sucked less if she had listened.

4. When I know I'm wrong, but I still keep arguing. Because I don't want to admit that I'm wrong. It's like I've gone too far and can't go back. I know the other person is right. It takes me a while to tell them they're right. I hate that I can be like that some times.

3. Every product that I like to use and get used to goes away. Deodorant, shampoo, you name it. When I find it and like it, it's gone. The latest is my hair color. Damn it. That was hard to find in the first place. Do I just find the least popular things that ever hit the market? Frustrating.

2. Not having enough time. Or so it seems. There are 24 hours to a day, where do they all go? I feel like I spend way to much time not getting things done. Or that things take longer than I think they should. Mostly, I need to slow down. Not try to get so much done. Be realistic. All that good stuff. Can you in today's world, though? I'm trying.

1. The widows of police and firemen from 9/11. Now don't get all patriotic on me, hear me out. There were a lot of people in those buildings who died that day. Insurance salesmen, secretaries, lawyers. And they had wives and husbands and kids. And very few organizations did a fund raiser for the people they left behind. No college fund for the insurance salesman's kid. No mortgage payment for the secretary's husband. But the widows of the fire and police men? Guys who voluntarily put themselves in danger as part of their job? Who knew what they were getting into and had insurance plans to back them up? Their widows and kids made out like bandits. All the while soaking up the sympathy. And now they're millionaires. Living high off the hog in places like Long Island. And it pisses me off to no end. They just went to work that day, the same as the insurance guy. Why was it any different? Why didn't people think of this? Grrrr. I'll stop now. PB thinks this gets me way to riled up. And it probably does.

Clarification: Sprite's Keeper pointed out something I didn't make clear. It's not that I don't think the widows and children of the firemen and policemen deserve attention, and donations and all sorts of sympathy. I just wish the everyday people who were there got the same attention, money and sympathy. And they don't. Ever. You don't see snow sculptures of 9/11 of a guy with a briefcase... I'm just saying they could get a little more credit.

Ok, time to go get the littliest badger out of the swing and pay him some attention. He's gone a whole 1/2 our with out snuggles. I'm sure he's in a deficit.

Have a good weekend! MB

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The New Man in my Life...

It's Tuesday, but the thoughts they aren't really random. Ok, maybe they are. But it's because of lack of sleep. And with that as a lead in, please let me introduce the newest addition to the Badger Clan:

We'll call him "o". No, not "O". Just o. PB has approved this name for on-line usage (and yes, that is what we really call him).

o was born 9-8-09 at 9:27 am, 7lbs even, 20.5 inches. He decided he couldn't wait the extra two days. Just like LG, he announced his intentions around 3:am, and I waited until around 6:am to wake up PB and let him know he probably wasn't going to work that day. Good times.
It was an adventure, though. And, having now had a kid both ways I can express my preferred method of delivery: Stork. Both of them kind of sucked. I'm not one of those "beauty of birth" kind of people. The only beautiful thing in that delivery room was the baby.
Now for the random. I was watching St. Elmo's Fire last night (because what else did I have to do at 2:am?). And I was thinking, I remember those days. The days right out of college, when you had no idea where you were going? When someone at a job interview asked you where you wanted to be in 5 or 10 years, and you made krappe up? Because none of us has any idea at 25 where we'll be at 35. No idea what twists and turns life will take. Who'll we'll meet along the path. All I knew what that I wanted it all, and had no idea how to get there.
But now at 35 (or almost 35), I can look down at the little guy on my lap and know where I am. And it's amazing. I have two incredible little boys, an even more incredible husband. A real job, a house, a family car. And in the most un-cool at 25 way, they all make me really happy. I worked hard to get here. Who have thought at 25, huh?
Keeping it random: Sad to hear that Patrick Swayze finally passed. This really has been quite a year for it. But for him, maybe better. He really didn't look like he was enjoying life at the end.
And Kanye West? Should be shot. And have all his awards taken away from him. He should have to pay to be on the talk shows and apologize. What a jerk. When did it become ok to have such poor manners?
And now, to end, the top things you do not want to hear in an operating room (and, yes, we heard them all...):
3. Don't worry, we can fix that later.
2. I'm not really good at that.
and the worst...
1. Oops.
No worries, everything turned out alright.
Ok, everyone. Have a good Tuesday. Not sure I'll be around much this week, but I'll try to stop by for a visit when I can. Go see Keely for some other random, too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Spin Cycle- Birthdays and Anniversaries

And we're spinning, we're spinning. Like the kid in the yard who can turn for like 5 minutes and not barf all over themselves. Or those hippy girls at Dave Matthew's Band concerts (who have replaced the ones at Dead concerts, and then Phish concerts.)

This weeks spin is birthdays and anniversaries. And I think I have a unique spin for you guys. Because I'm going to spin about a birthday that hasn't happened yet! Yup, take a second to try to figure that one out, Einstein.

Yes, yes, it's about littliest badger. The anxiously awaited little badger. The badger who better come soon before his/her Mama becomes homicidal in the grocery store. Because it's been a long, hot summer.

So, a few weeks ago, we found out littliest is "sunny side up". (or upside down, depending on how you look at it). And you just can't be borned this way, apparently. So, the Friday before last, they tried to spin the little one around. Because it seemed like the most logical first thing to try. Let me tell you, if you are ever in the situation where this is suggested (it's actually called a "version"), just punch the person. Really hard. And then move on to suggestion #2. Because it sucked in ways I can't describe. There was no pain killer. And some sort of stimulant involved. And there were way too many people in a room way to small. And I had to try my hardest not to scream right into the ear of the Dr performing this torture. To make it all worth it? It didn't work. Great.

They schedule a c-section (and I say they because I really had nothing to do with this). Not my favorite option, but now they're not giving me choices. I asked for 9/9/09. Pretty cool, right? If it has to suck, something might as well make it seem better, right? Nope. Because we won't be 39 weeks. We will be a day short. The hospital now has a strict policy about this (I guess a lot of people tried to schedule for tax breaks, and school cut offs and such, and it was getting out of hand). But really? One day? Sigh. So we are set for 9/10. Which ends up ok, too. PB's birthday is 8/9, littliest one will be 9/10 and a good friend of ours is 10/11. Which for some reason made me feel a little better. Probably because I have skewed values. Forget that it will be good for the kid to hang in their an extra day to be healthy, I just wanted a good date... (PB and I were married on 9/8/07, isn't that cool?). Yes, I have a thing with dates, get over it.

As for having a c-section, not so happy about that. PB has told me I have to stop call it being gutted like a fish. It's making him nervous... Lots of people have told me all their wonderful c-section stories, and I know it's all going to be ok. But I've not done it myself before, and I'm really a pain wimp. For that matter, the closest I've come to surgery is having my wisdom teeth out. So, while I appreciate all the good thoughts and advice, I will still be the one whimpering in the hospital room.

As for being ready. We're not. We have the car seat put back together, but that's about it (the base isn't in the car, we just washed the liner thingy and put it back together). LG is still in the nursery (his new room isn't painted yet), and the bassinet is still up, but it's in pack and play mode (left over from when I used to put LG in it while I showered). **Random tid bit- it you ever need a new bassinet, get the pack and play one. Best investment EVER.** We have all of LG's old clothes, but they're still packed away and haven't gotten a washing (for that matter, I haven't picked up any newborn appropriate detergent-I go with Tide Free and Clear- but have you seen the price of detergent these days? I nearly passed out). I do have a "home from the hospital" outfit and blanket, though. That's a start, right? At least the people in public won't shun us.

Oh, and we bought the littliest a Halloween costume. About those skewed priorities? (It happens I saw it on really good sale and couldn't pass it up. For some reason, what the littliest would be for Halloween has been on my mind all summer. Don't ask how my brain works...)

PB will attest that I've done a lot of worrying over the fact that this new kid isn't getting half of the excitement that LG did. I think mostly because we've done this before (sort of). And I've done a lot of worrying about how LG will react (no, we didn't try to tell him. I just don't think he's old enough to get it yet- which was part of our plan). Hopefully this all goes fairly smoothly. And I can move on to worrying about how the hell we're going to put two kids through college, and other insane things like that.

And now to end with a funny story. And my MIL will have to just forgive me, because she's the subject. I will start by explaining that my MIL lives by her calendar. She will commit to nothing unless she can confirm it on her calendar. And when planning, best to just call her first to see what's going on. Because I guarantee, she'll know. When we found out that we had to schedule the c-section, I told PB he had to call his Mom and let her know. Immediately. Because Grammie's need to know these things. He agreed, and put in the call. And I got to watch. As he explained, and then his face screwed up. I was naive enough to ask, "What's wrong?" "She just told me she has to check her calendar!" Ok, I laughed. Really hard. Because I understood. She wasn't going to tell us it was a bad day for her. She was seeing what she needed to re-schedule. But his face was priceless. "She knows we can't change it, right?" "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she knows..."

And that, my fine feathered friends, is all I have for now. I apologize in advance if I miss a spin or two. I'm not sure newborn badgers understand how important blogging is. I will try to get up some pictures for you, though.

Have a good week, and enjoy the holiday weekend. Find a nice piece of lawn, and spin till you fall down! Then go see Sprite's Keeper and get the spins all over again!

RTT- Really Now?

It's Tuesday. A time for love, a time for hope, a time for Random Thoughts. Find a nice comfy spot and join us in our journey through space (or the empty space this is my head...). Then go see Keely.

Now, I know I've complained about the bathroom where I work many a Tuesday, but there is a new trauma to endure. One lady (from downstairs, of course) goes walking on her lunch break. And she changes to a completely new walking outfit when she does. Fine by me. My issue is that she waddles around the bathroom in various states of undress. I don't need to see this. She's no runway model. Far worse is that she doesn't wear shoes when she does this. Yuck. Put some shoes on. This isn't your bathroom at home. I don't need to be subject to your sweaty, "I just walked 2 miles" paws. And let me tell you, the woman need a pedicure something fierce. Just saying. Another random thought on this topic. If your use of the stall requires a double flush, trust me- go get the can of sanitizer and give the rest of us a little spray. Whether you think it needs it or not. Go with me on this one...

On to something even more random. At my last job, someone wore lotion that I thought smelled like bug spray. I could never figure out who to find out what it was. But, seriously, to me it smelled like bug spray. And it has appeared in my new office. Now, there are only a few of us who would lotion in the middle of the day (I say Us, as though I do...) The options are limited. But I don't want to go around asking. Because inevitably the person will expect a compliment when I find them, and I don't want to tell them they smell like bug spray, right? If I do find out, haphazardly, I will share, though.

And this might top the random. I'm burping soap. Ok, not really, but that's what it tastes like. Not fancy Oil of Olay or anything, just good old Ivory is what it tastes like (don't ask how I know. mind your own darn business). It's kind of gross, but mostly disturbing. What is causing this??? PB thinks it's funny and is waiting for one of those cartoon scenes where bubbles will come out of my mouth when I hiccup.

Did you know that American Indians get free healthcare (similar to Medicaid?)? I had no idea. Who else is getting free healthcare, that I don't realize? And, who the hell is this universal health care going to be for? The old, the native and the very poor are already in some sort of system. I'm very confused here. I know that there are a ton of out of work people out there, but wouldn't some sort of "in the mean time" system be better? You know, something that goes along with unemployment. Because we are planning on crawling out of the hole and getting these folks jobs at some point, right?

LG has (after 18 months) discovered happiness in Mama's lap. At home, he'll toddle around and eventually bring over a toy and sit on me. This past weekend we were at his cousins birthday party. We sang to the birthday girl, and the kids went back to play while my SIL cut the cake and served. At one point, the niece who was playing with him got up to have cake, and left him by himself (she tries really hard to be "responsible" for him when he's around, but she's only 9 and still in the "me" stage!). He played for a second by himself, and then realized that all the other kids had gotten up, too. He looked sad, but instead of crying, he picked up the toy he had, toddled over and plopped into my lap. Happy again. Two months ago? Wouldn't have happened. It makes me happy, so I won't complain.

Ok, I'm too sleepy to be anymore random this week. Go enjoy someone else's random, and I'll see you next Tuesday, where I promise to be perky and fun.

I leave you with a new picture of LG. Here he's hanging out at a friends house, with his puppy friends.