Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spin Cycle- Mottos

To every thing, turn, turn, turn, There is a season, turn, turn, turn. Go take a spin on the Spin Cycle. I link you because I love you...

Can you tell that this week's Spin Cycle is Mottos? It could be more fun, but then we'd all have to try a little harder.

There have been so many great mottos in my life. It's hard to know where to begin!

My mom used to say, "Che venga qui, vada qui." (what goes around, comes around) How true, how true. It's why I always hold open a door, or give a little to the kids collecting $$. Help a friend when they need a hand. One day it will be my kid, or my door, or me needing the hand.

PB has a great story about when he had a really bad day in college. He called home to have his Dad give him a little pep talk (you know those days). Dad's sage advice? "Some days your the pigeon, some days your the statue." That still makes us both laugh. A lot of empathy in 10 words or less.

Right now I have a few "mottos" that I keep in my pocket. You know, just in case I need encouragement, or to give someone advice.

"Everything in moderation."- This one came in handy today. I have a co-worker that is pushing his vegan life style around work. If he makes it work, good for him. Now pass me a cheeseburger.

"Stop and smell the roses."- I'm working hard at this one. There's so much to do before littlest badger arrives, but I know I really want to enjoy my last few weeks alone with LG. It's hard to put down the paint brush, or the kitchen scrubber, and just enjoy some time playing ball, or puppets with him. I know in the chaos of the first few weeks with the new kid, he'll be a little neglected, and things will never be the same for our family. So, I want to make some memories, and enjoy this time as much as I can.

"They're only young once."- This one is a toughie. It's hard for me to let LG just be a kid sometimes. When I see him heading for a puddle, or squishing ketchup in his hands I immediately want to stop him. Clean him up. When he grabs soap bubbles from the sink and puts them on my nose, I want to stop him and wipe them off. But his giggle is infectious. And I remember, how long will ketchup be entertaining? Or a puddle pure ecstasy? Not long. I've stopped worrying about getting clothes dirty, or what other people think. When he "sings" in church? Good for him. He's probably enjoying the service a ton more than the adults that go because they have to. Right?

Must get back to the grindstone. Keep my eye on the horizon, my nose to the wind and my ear to the ground, so to speak.

Have a great week, and enjoy the Spins! MB


Sprite's Keeper said...

Love the way you Spin this! I'm going the same avenue myself. And I agree. I need to relax around Sprite when she's blowing bubbles in her milk or slurping it. It's milk. No one's getting hurt. A few drops will spill but what's it going to cost me other than a paper towel and a few seconds of cleaning? Now, when she wrangles the dog and tries to ride her into the sunset, then I need to intervene.
You're linked!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

I have a hard time "living in the moment". I too find myself mutitasking to get stuff done rather than sitting down and relishing in the time The King and I have.

lisleman said...

did you ever hear Mary Chapin Carpenter song called The Bug

sometimes you're the windshield sometimes you're the bug

good post

only a movie said...

Puddles, bubbles and ketchup. Good stuff.

Great spin. Thanks for stopping by!

blueviolet said...

I particularly loved what you said about them being young once. It's so true that we see their exploration as a mess instead of a wonderful new sensory experience.

Great reminders here!

Laufa said...

I try to remember to let my kids play too, I let them play in the sun-shower we had the other day - trying to catch rainbows. My daughter wants to do it everyday now (she's 7 and has cold, so it wouldn't work).

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

This is a great Spin. You're so smart to savor this time with LG. Smell those roses!

Pippa said...

Now you have made me think! That's not fair lol! I guess that maybe I should try to remember that "you are only young once" too.