Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Tuesday Thought- Guns and Turkeys

Ok, kids, I have gone through the trouble of making that little sign above into a button. So, yous had better use it to go see Kiley, and her random thoughts. Just give it a little clickety poo and the fun will commence. But read on, first.

Let's start with Rascall Flatts. Now, I like them as much as the next person. As a matter of fact, our wedding song is a Rascall Flatts song. However, these boys are from Ohio. So much so, that they call their fan club the Flatts Dog Pound (after the Cleveland Browns Fan Club, the Dog Pound- don't ask). My beef? Why do they use the phrase "Y'all" so much??? They're not southerners. Were you to draw a line, Columbus is still above the Mason Dixon line. Which I think, is the limit of the usage of "Y'all". Now, I'm not saying they should adopt "Yous guys" or anything. But, enough with the fake southern. I should probably file this with my angst against calling Ohio the Mid-West, huh?

Recently, a fellow blogger, Sprite's Keeper brought up an interesting topic. She was worried about what the day care ladies did after she had asked some questions (maybe they roll their eyes, maybe they take it out on Sprite?) And immediately I thought, "Hells, if you think they roll their eyes at that, what do they do with the Moms that call every day?" Yup, I said call EVERY day. A check in call, if you will. I've learned that at least 5 of the Moms in LGs room do this. At first I felt substandard. Do I not care enough about LG to check on him after lunch every day? Find out if he's drinking his sippies and eating lunch? Then I realized, wait a minute. How would I feel if someone called me to check in each and every day. As if to say, "Yup, I pay you to care about my kid, but I still don't really trust that they can get to the end of the day without me." So, I don't call. Unless it's really important. I assume they'll call me if they need me, or send a note home. And when I do call or stop in to see them, I'm pretty sure they're ok with it. We're all on the same team, after all. Or they think I'm negligent and are just too polite to tell me.

On to a more entertaining topic. A YouTube video hit the news the other day. About the Ohio Militia. I'd give you a link here, but I don't want to be associated with this krappe. So, if you want, go to You Tube and search "Ohio militia". Trust me, you'll find it. Don't do it at work, though. You don't want them to associate you with this krappe, either. However, please go view it. And be ready to be amused and creeped out, all at the same time.

First, the guy has his face covered. As though not even he's willing to admit he's part of this organization. He's changed his voice and all. It's a bit odd. But he gives a full speech about getting yourself ready (he can explain for what). Get a gun (and not just any gun- he is very specific about what you should have in your armory). And join a militia. Like his. Though he points out, many people express interest, but never actually show up. Wonder why... And these people represent the state I live in. They might be my neighbors. Great.

What made me think twice was this: I am not pro-gun. No NRA stickers on my bumper. I'm not against guns for hunting, but you need to be reasonable. You don't need a pistol to hunt. Or a semi-automatic weapon. Let's be honest, those are for killing people. You're not going to meet Bambi in a dark alley, and he's not going to be running drugs and robbing houses. I'm not so far left that I do the whole, "Putting guns into the hands of criminals and children" thing. But there should be better limits. Because of guys like this.
Here's what worries me; even the more strict interpretations of the constitution say you can have a gun if you're forming a Militia (most liberals give in to this one). Uh, oh. That's the problem. Then the only people with guns would be this nut job and his friends. Damn it all. I almost want a gun to protect myself from him, for god's sake.

Which leads me to, why are people bringing guns to these Obama town halls? Is that really necessary? Are you so incapable of going inside and making a rational statement against whatever side it is that you don't like that you need to make veiled threats? Is that what we've sunk to as a country? And do you think it would have been this way if Obama was white? I'm just not sure. But it doesn't really do much for open dialogue, now does it?
Away from the political: what's the difference between stalking and following? I mean really? Stalkers watch what you do, and take great interest in your where abouts. Blog and twitter followers pretty much do the same. I'm just saying. When does it stop being flattering and start being creepy?

And now to end with something cute:
Not a great picture, I know, but PBs old cell phone left a little to be desired in the photo area. Anyhow. LG has begun to converse. Not just random words, he now answers questions. And it's hysterical. And excerpt from this weekend:
"LG, are you a turkey?"
"You're not a turkey?"
"Are you a little boy?"
It's much funnier live, I promise.

Ok, I have to get back to work. So, you should go see Kiley, read some random, and then love on others who are willing to give up their random.


The Crazy Coxes said...

Lol on the whole Rascal Flatts y'all thing. I did time in Columbus one year. Ohio is a NORTHERN state! ;)

I like your random. And you are totally right about not calling and checking on your little boy every day!!! That would be crazy!!!

Casey said...

Your little turkey is adorable. I dunno about the guns, it's insane that people carry them on their person. I try not to be too much at my kid's school but I kind of show up early to get him and hang around being nosy to see if I can get the scoop. I hate that he's 2 and can't tell me what actually went on there.

Hehe, it's Keely.

blueviolet said...

I always think of stalkers as being silent and in the shadows.

I'm with you on Ohio. Midwest, not southern. Not even a little bit of southern. Indiana has more southern in it by far than Ohio does.

Ashlee said...

I did NOT know they were from OH and that does seem like an excessive amount to use that phrase. I, on the other hand, can use it 'til the cows come home since I'm an Okie and all! Hehe! I totally agree w/ you about the anal Mommies calling in-that would bother me as a daycare worker. GREAT RTT!

Jan said...

I can say y'all all I want, because while I may live in Ohio now, I spent the first 42 years of my life in Texas, and while you can take the girl out of Texas, yadda yadda yadda, ad nauseum.

What IS it with these damn helicopter parents? When I was a kid, it was not unusual for my mother to shove us out the door right after breakfast and yell, "I don't care where you go, but don't come home until dinner!"

Yes, I know; next thing you know I'll be calling younger people "Whippersnappers" and yelling at them to get off of my lawn.

otin said...

Oh you and I agree so much on the gun issue, I have posted on it, as a matter of fact, if you go to my other blog, I think taht it is only a few posts back!

Mrsbear said...

Stalkers stop being flattering when they have a shrine dedicated to you in their basement. Okay, wait, maybe it's still a little flattering. ;)

Your turkey is adorable and luckily too small to make a nice Thanksgiving dinner.