Friday, July 17, 2009

Spin Cycle- The routine

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This weeks topic is routines. I'm going to get a little philosophical before I talk about our actual situation. I think a well organized family will always have a routine, much like a dance company does. Because in a lot of ways, they are the same. Just like the dancers need to know what the others will be doing so that they can make their moves appropriately, family members need to be able to predict what the others will do in order to get their stuff done. So, we all do a little choreography in order to make the final dance coherent and workable. And just like in dance, when one person is off, it throws everyone off. Imagine if a ballerina hurt an ankle and had to sit down on stage. You just went from Swan Lake to Duck Puddle. People have to dance around her, avoiding stepping on her. Same thing when one person in a family strays from the routine. That's not to say that life needs to be strictly regimented, it just needs a plan of some sort. You'll see what I mean in a second.

The routine topic is kind of appropriate for our house this week. Because the week has been a rough one. LG was sick, which throws all of us off of our routine. If he doesn't go to school, one of us stays home. He sleeps a lot, throwing off the nap-eating schedule. He just kind of wanders through the day, not really sure how it's supposed to go. Argh. LG is nothing if not a creature of habit. Those big brown eyes might look full of adventure, but they know that around 11:am, nothing but a grammie blanket and a binkie will do. And, like most kids, I think the people involved in his routine give him a sense of security. So, when he's sick and off his routine, I think that just makes it worse. Not only doesn't he feel well, but his clock and his sense of what happens next are thrown off -making him cranky.

I think PB and I are a little less specific routine oriented. I know there are people who must have their morning coffee, or take a shower at 6:am or what not. We're not really like that. I think we're more "plan" based. While most days our routine is the same, we're not completely thrown off if something changes. We just need to know how the change fits into what has to get accomplished. Neither of us takes the same route to work every day, or drinks a specific beverage at any time of day. It's just whatever works that day, or what we're in the mood for.

Any hoodle, enough from me. For those following, the week did get much better. I had LG with me on Wednesday, and we had a pretty good day. He got a haircut and some McNuggets, I got a rare nap in the day, and some extra snuggles in. He's definitely on the upswing from our most recent plague. And the good news is that there was really only one day of fussy eating, so we might not have lost all the weight we gained since we last checked in! woo hoo.

Have a good week!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Brilliant Spin! I completely agree with pretty much everything you said! I'm more meticulous than John when it comes to planning my day and my routine stays pretty stagnant, while John kind of lives for the little change ups in his schedule, so when he decides to stop somewhere on the way home and makes me late for the gym, I may get a little cranky, but usually, it's no biggie.
You're linked!

Krystal said...

Kuddos!!! I know just how it goes when the little ones lose their sense of routine when sick. IT sux but glad to see that you are on th eup swing of it all!

Middle Aged Woman said...

I am as bad as a toddler when it comes to my routines. If I am cranky, Husband will ask what interrupted my day! Flexibility is NOT my middle name.

Middle Aged Woman said...

I also meant to add that the Sesame Street and Pinky and the Brain references make you my newest hero.

CaJoh said...

Thanks for stopping by. So glad you can include your routine (or break from it) in you post. It really looks like you are the kind of person who is resourceful and can tackle any thing thrown their way— good spin.

Don't know if you are wanting to participate in Friday's Feast, or just looking forward to the post. Feel free to comment to let me know, or even e-mail me if you are interested.

only a movie said...

Oh yeah, my kid has been the ballerina w/ the hurt ankle on many a day.

Great spin. Glad the plague has subsided. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Duck Puddle!!! HA! You almost made my milk come out of my nose! Oh lord... Fantastic spin!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

likehow you compared a family's routine to a dance company.

Mrsbear said...

Our lack of a routine this summer has really had a negative impact on us. You're right, without a definite plan we just seem to wander around aimlessly, complaining and lacking motivation. Routines are a good thing. So is coffee every morning though. ;)