Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

It's Tuesday again, kids. You know what that means. Read my mind goo, and then head over to Keely's place at the UnMom for what's going on in other folks noggins... http://www.theunmom.com/2009/07/are-you-random-yet-you-should-be-random.html

We bought a fridge this weekend. Which we've needed for the whole 3 years we've lived in this house. And we put off because we thought it would be hard. Nope. We had 4 criteria: Stainless, ice in door, no freezer on bottom, energy star. Which, believe it or not, describes about 3/4 of the fridges on the market. Once we got down to size, we were pretty limited, though (small space). So, we ended up ordering one on line and are done with it. Because really, other than color and style, what the heck are people really shopping for? I could care less if the shelves move, or it you can fit a gallon in the door. I have no fridge affection. Does it keep things cold? Good, that's the one. This time next week, I won't be bending down to china to find the darn waffles, though. Yippee.

I'm over being jealous of PB and LG going to the zoo with out me on Friday (I had to work). Not because of their time alone, but because they saw the wolves up close. I never get to see the darn wolves. It's like they know I'm coming and hide. And they wonder why I never put $$ in their special donation box (yeah, our zoo has special donation boxes around the zoo where you put in money for a project for that animal. i try to give to the lesser loved ones, like the 3 toed sloth).

My kid talks to animals. Kid you not. No human words, but put him in front of a critter, and he goes to town. Last weekend he panted back at a dog. He regularly meows at our cats. And at the zoo, he roared back at a cheetah. I'm either raising a genius, or doing something really, really wrong. We'll see.

I had a funny kitchen moment last night. I have a recipe for "ribbon jello" that includes a layer of white in between the colors. I screw up the white layer every single time (don't ask). I thought I'd try again yesterday, and shoot for a red, white and blue jello (yeah, better late than never, right?). This time, I called for backup, though. I asked PB to make the white layer. He's good with a recipe, and Knox Gelatin usually cooperates with him. After putting the ingredients together, he made some off hand comment about how easy it was. Ok, good for him. I knew it wasn't supposed to be hard, I just have issues. Until I went to put that layer in. And it tasted awful. Yup, he screwed it up, too. He left out ingredients and omitted steps. Not so easy, huh? He now is on my side, and we will conquer this damn jello. Before we're so old that all we can gum is jello, I hope.

I love jello, btw. I had the pleasure of being at a hotel in Lima, Ohio, a few years back that was hosting "The best of the Midwest arm wrestling championship". Yeah, classy clientele. However, the buffet had a whole jello table. You name it, they tried it with jello. I was in heaven.

I'm dreading LG's first dental visit on Thursday. Enough said.

Have yourself a great week.


Ashlee said...

I would be glad if the wolves hid when I came around...they scare me!! Maybe your son will be the next dog whisperer and get his own tv show like that dude on the discovery channel and then he can buy Mama all the jello she wants!!!! I'm a jello fan, too!! I don't even have to look up that recipe to know that I'd screw it up. Hope it turns out well for you next time!

kel said...

The jello sounds cool! I have actually never made Jello.... weird, right?

Sprite's Keeper said...

Nope, you're raising a genius. Definitely. (Although I have wondered myself when Sprite starts panting in my face and saying, "Mommy, I a doggie! See?" Er, yeah..