Thursday, July 23, 2009

F2- a new thingy

This week I'm going to dabble in something new. Ca-Joh's Friday Feast. If I get this right, he throws out a topic about food and we blog on it to our heart's content. What drew me to this was last weeks topic: hot dogs. Mmmm, that lovely summertime treat. I could go on and on. Then I looked at this weeks topic: Ice cream. I could go on and on. Which made me realize that maybe I want in on this fun. And Ca-Joh seemed ok with me hooching in on the fun. So here goes:
I need to throw out this tasty tid bit to start:
It is about 9 minutes, but it's a hilarious Eddie Murphy stand up, in which he talks about kids and the ice cream truck. Prepare to laugh so hard that you burn enough calories to go get that Fudgesicle you've been craving since May.
On to other cold, creamy topics. (oh, god, where to start? I really could go on all day!)
Here in Cleveland, there are a host of ice cream options. It's actually quite impressive the choices you have for ice cream.
There are your standard ice cream options that you can find anywhere. These are your Friendly's, Dairy Queen, ice cream truck, grocery store options. All very nice if you need a reliable fix.
Then they have quite a few of those Mom and Pop stands. You know, the King Cone, or Mr. Snowman type places. These are the places where a teenager stands at a window, and you go up and place your order for soft serve, or a sundae or shake. They usually have a few Good Humor products, and slushies, too. I have to say, I love these places because they remind me of being a kid. We had one in my home town. I can remember driving there after dinner in the summer and ordering a vanilla soft serve with Cherry Dip. Mmmm. Ok, I'll admit that I still get that if we go to a stand type establishment (and I still make a freaking mess of myself, thank you). They're quick, relatively cheap and make me happy.
Cleveland is apparently also know for its Custard. If you haven't had frozen custard (and I hadn't until I moved here), it's a lot like soft serve, only thicker. It's good every once in a while. It's sort of middle of the road for price.
Then there are a host of specialty shops, native only to Cleveland, I believe. We have a place called "Honey Hut". And their ice cream (all hard ice cream) is made with honey. Some folks here are very loyal to this. Personally, I can take it or leave it. There are also two local chain scoop shops that have wonderful home made ice cream: Handel's and Mitchell's. You usually find that people are loyal to one or the other (I like Mitchell's, myself). These are the kind of places that make home made ice cream, offering scoops, sundae's and shakes. They come up with some great flavors, since it's all homemade. Sit down or take out. Always packed with people. It's kind of expensive, though, so all of these are pretty much a "treat" at our house.
I will admit, I am no ice cream snob. I will be just as happy with a Fudgesicle as I will with a homemade scoop. Like I said, those cherry dips are one of my favorite treats. I don't prefer chocolate over vanilla, and don't have a "favorite" flavor. It's just that I kind of like them all. Flavors are like kids, I shouldn't have to choose a favorite.
And on that note, I'll sign off. I'm interested to see how this F2 thing works. Here's hoping, right?


CaJoh said...

I always liked that skit— ICE CREAM MAN!!! My parents are from Cleveland, I'll have to ask if any of those places and/or flavors are familiar to them.

What you did was just fine. Thanks for joining in the feast. You are linked up.

Jan from the Sushi Bar said...

Oh, I forgot all about the Friday Feast thing and went a scheduled my post for tomorrow. Rats.

We do live close to each other (we're in North Canton). I've never been to a Mitchell's, but there is a Handel's right down the street from us, and The Young One adores the place. I am more partial to the little mom and pop place in New Baltimore - now that's some good ice cream!

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Ice cream made with honey?? Sounds good. It ALL sounds good!

Brooke G. said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and the kind words!
PS - CUSTARD all the way for me!!!