Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spin Cycle...

This weeks Spin Cycle is all about summer plans! I'll admit that I suggested it because we don't really have any, and I need to live vicariously through people on the interweb...

If you, too, would like to Spin, go see Jenn at Sprite's Keeper and get in on some of that action.

Now to the Spin:

Our summer plans- uhm, we have none. Other than projects around the house (which abound) we didn't make a plan. Since there is another little badger on the way, we figured we shouldn't go too far. We might go camp for a weekend, but that's about it.

On a bright note, it's giving us the (fill in the blank- time, money, opportunity) to do all the projects we put off in past summers. Like:

Put a new roof on the garage. It's been leaky since we bought the place, but we've never gotten around to just putting on a new roof. It's sort of a dreaded project, but it's time.

Turn over the stupid flower beds. The woman who owned our house before us went a bit overboard with the plantings. I swear, there are at least 20 flower beds around our house. Way too many for a lazy, at best, gardener like myself to keep up with. As a result, my poor MIL tries to infuse her green thumb on my lawn. To limited success. We decided last year we were going to just make some into lawn, so we can focus on the ones we'd like to keep. Please don't think we're destroying Martha Stewart's garden, though. Most of what is out there looks like Krappe (yes, with a capitol K). This woman had no sense of color or flow. They bother the living snot out of me. PB discovered that most of them were used to cover tree stumps that her husband was too lazy to remove. Ahhh, I love this guy.

Turn the office into LG's new room. Soon. We have to do this soon. So he can adjust. And I can adjust. We don't know what we're doing with it yet, but we do know it has to get done. Do most people go with a theme for this stuff? When I was a kid, we just painted the walls and went with it. Do I need to do more?

Swim in our pool. Yes, it's a project. Last year we did more cleaning than swimming. As soon as it gets warmer, we're going in. Feel free to drive over and join us.

And that's about it. Now you know why I'll be reading all the other spins and admiring you plans. Happy week, folks.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I actually think your summer plans are great! I love renovation and change and making things better so your plans are right up my DIY alley. And if I were to come over, my BLACK THUMB would kill the beds you don't want anyway so you'd have no guilt. Or just post pictures and let us revel in your progress as the summer goes. You're linked!

Ashlee said...

I would play in the garden w/ you but we'd both help the plants die a sad little death b/c my thumb is closer to purple than green. Good summer plans!!!

Kingsmom said...

Sometimes no plans are the best plans. Although you sound like you have plenty to keep you busy. Just think how organized you'll feel with the new addition.

Rachel said...

Great topic! And ambitious list!