Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts- The Potty...

It's Tuesday. Go see Keely after you read: http://www.theunmom.com/2009/06/well-fires-not-that-bad-but-tree-is.html

So, I was going to blog all about how LG's Grampie is better than everyone else's (for Father's Day). And I was going to include this picture:

But PB says it's not nice to brag about how Grampie drags LG all around the yard in a wagon. Other people might feel left out. So, I won't write about how we have the bestest Grampie, and he could probably kick your Grampie's butt. I'll let it be, so you can continue to live in the illusion that your Grampie is the funnest.

What I will blog about it is the restroom at my place of business. Because, although it is really trivial, it bugs the living snot out of me for some reason. A little background. We are a tiny office, only 48 employees. Really. For the whole organization. And about 29 of us are women. Not bad, right? The office has two floors, with a ladies room on each floor. Common sense would dictate that people on the bottom floor will use that restroom, and people on the top floor will use the one on the top floor, right? Nope. For some god forsaken reason, everyone wants to use the bathroom on the top floor. Now, I happen to work down the hall from that rest room. And being pregnant, frequently find the need to visit it. And there is ALWAYS someone in it. Always. Now, it's a two seater, so usually it doesn't matter. But sometimes there is a line. Of women from downstairs waiting to use the upstairs bathroom. Really? Just use the one on your floor, for god's sake! Grrr, I shouldn't have to wait for people who work in another part of the building to use the restroom in my area!!!

Now, they site a few reasons for their upper bathroom usage.

1) Our bathroom is bigger. Hmmm. Not really. We have a "lounge" area, but nobody is using that. So what's the difference?

2) Our bathroom is cleaner. Nope. I've used both. This is a load of hooey. The same lady cleans both. She does a great job. But if all 29 of us use the one upstairs, it would stand to reason that the lower one will stay cleaner...

3) They need to stretch their legs on the stairs, the walk is good for them. Ok, I'll take this one. But then, you should let me go first, since you're taking a break anyway. Right?

And I guess this wouldn't bother me so much if they would follow the basic rules of etiquette.

1) No talking while your actually using the facility. In the line, or at the sink, fine. In the stall? No. I get approximately 10 minutes of "alone" time a day, between work and home. I don't want you filling that time with gossip, or news about your kid in college. Yup, I care. And I want to hear. Just not in that time. I have other things to focus on. And you do, too. Like keeping the bathroom clean.

2) Don't prop the door if your in line. Either come back another time, or wait until someone comes out. Or, god forbid, go use the other bathroom!

3) Do not criticize me if I choose to not stand in line and do go use the other bathroom. I don't want your advice. I just want to pee.

4) When you're done, leave. Don't stand there and chat. It's the bathroom, not the water cooler.

5) Don't bring a friend. This isn't a bar. It's an office. We're all adults. You don't need help. Just get up from your desk, use the restroom and go back to work.

6) No hairspray or perfume spraying in the bathroom. Do that krappe at home. Don't subject us to that. We all know that the ventilation system in our building sucks. Don't make matters worse.

I know. Not everyone agrees with my "rules". Apparently, many of the ladies downstairs don't. But I feel the need to defend myself by saying that almost all the upstairs women feel this way. And as a result, we frequently go downstairs. Now, isn't that just the dumbest thing???

I'm done. And I do feel better for subjecting you all to that? Have any restroom rules of your own? Feel free to share.


Sprite's Keeper said...

And stop talking on the cell phone! Because cell conversation plus flush equals EW!

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

We have one bathroom in our office for about 10 women. That one bathroom has one stall. then we have a bathroom in the back of the office that I call the scary "uni-toilet." I hate that bathroom. And I hate that we have to have a signal to use the bathroom -- like turning on the light in the outside area so everyone knows there is someone in there.

And I'm glad we only have one stall so people don't feel the need to talk to me.

So funny about you only getting so much free time and not wanting to talk in the bathroom. I couldn't agree more! ;-)

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Hey, you don't have to defend yourself. We get it; bathroom etiquette is a very personal topic.
Probably the result of latent potty training issues.
Besides, you're pregnant. Enough said.

Keely said...

My workplace consists of about 20 people. We're primarily a production shop, so I don't even want to talk about the bathrooms. I usually wait til I get home.

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

I used to write for this show where the producer would NEVER lock the door, and then when I'd walk in, she'd give me the look of death, like I was a perv or something. That was annoying to say the least. (Funny post!)

Kristina said...

Yep, I'm with Sprite's Keeper. Amen and no cell phone talking. I once listened as a lady took a (as you'd say) krappe while chatting on her phone. Did she not think the person she was talking with would not notice?

Anyway, fun post.

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