Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mmmmm, chocolate shake...

Time for some random thoughts (as though my thoughts are ever organized...)
First, I would like to thank the gods that watch over vehicular karma. For all the times these past few weeks that I haven't swore, or beeped in the construction by my house, they have given me a pass today. I was driving out of said construction this morning, down the stretch of road that is 35mph (even though there are no cross streets, no curves, no lights). I, however, was not doing 35... And there was a cop sitting at the speed trap. He was facing the opposite direction though. Whew. It's like the gods gave me my gimme for the week. Thank you.
Why is it that on a 78 degree day (like today), a McDonald's chocolate shake seems like manna from heaven? I brought lunch, but we still had to make a field trip out into the sunshine to go visit the nice lady at McDonald's (not my morning McDonald's, the work McDonald's). And when we got back to work, everyone said, "oooh, that's a good idea!" Mmm, chocolate love. But, have you noticed that sometimes it's too hot to have a shake? You just don't want the dairy. I'm not sure where that line is, but it does exist. Thank god it's not that hot today!
At work we have the unique (tee hee hee) situation where you get to hear every one's phone conversations. So, when my boss got a call from his wife this morning, about a bad mommy moment, we all got to hear. And it really wasn't bad at all. Their son didn't want to go to an archery camp that he had signed up for weeks ago. He got there, and melted into tears. My boss' wife left him in a puddle of tears, reminding him he wanted to try this, and he had to stick it out. Sounds reasonable to me. I've left LG in a puddle at school more than once. But I understand her feelings because it really sucks to do that (and she's a stay at home Mom, so she doesn't go through this often at all).
Another co-worker chimed in that we should give our kids more autonomy to choose. If he really didn't want to go, he should have been able to opt out. My boss said that their policy at home is that if you commit to something, you have to stick it out until the class, or season is over. The co-worker didn't agree. She defended her statement by saying that sometimes you just don't like it, or just don't want to do something. And then, as an adult, you decide not to. Why don't we let our kids do that?
I thought about that for about 3 seconds. I agree with my boss' policy. You don't let kids change their mind mid-course because they don't have the same judgement mechanisms adults do. I know that I'm just being lazy and should get out of bed to go. Or I realize that it's not what I thought it would be or the people aren't my type. I'm of an age where I can decipher that. My boss' 7 year old son is not. He just didn't want to deal with meeting new people and having to try something new today (and I know, we all have those days). But, in the end, I'm pretty sure he will enjoy this archery thing. And if not, he only missed one day at the pool. He made a commitment to be at the class, his parent paid, and someone was expecting him. I'm curious to see now, how his day ended up going.
That's enough random for a Tuesday. Go see the Un-Mom if you need some more... http://www.theunmom.com/2009/06/i-cant-even-tie-these-together-with.html


Jen said...

I tend to agree with you. I think it teaches them a sense of commitment. I always make my kids stick it out.

Ashlee said...

My parents were hardcore about making us stick to what we start. I might have griped about it when I was a kid but I believe that it made me a better person b/c now I know when I start something I'm going to have the will and the want to see it all the way through. And...my kids will be made to endure the same teachings as I did. I think it shows them too many life lessons to do things otherwise. Good Random Thoughts!

Now I want a choco shake!

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

I absolutely agree with you. How many things would we never even know we liked if someone hadn't made us tough it out. And what about learning about committment; Life's full of stuff we don't like but must do.

Mama Badger said...
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Mrsbear said...

I'm with you. Trying something out, means committing to it for the length of time established, you can't let them back out of everything. They're not adults. It's just not a good message to send them.

And yes, 95 degrees in the shade is too hot for a milkshake. Give me a tall glass of ice water or a garden hose, just not dairy. Gurg.

Happy RTT. Thanks for stopping by today.

kimert said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! :)

We are stick it out kinda people, too.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I feel that way about a Dairy Queen cone. Soft serve vanilla, yum! We had one on Saturday after Sprite's swim lesson and it was perfect!

kendrasue said...

At my house we definitely had the stick it out policy. You couldn't quit mid-season (or on the first day, like I wanted to with soccer!)