Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A follow up...

I spoke to LG's teacher yesterday. She thinks he's making all sorts of progress. And she's not a bit worried about the biting or escaping. Apparently, he's the last of his group to even try biting (they've all done it ?!?!). And when she made him put his hands on the "angry hands"* he looked very sad and remorseful. He's never had to do that before.

She thinks the crib climbing won't be an issue. They can't put up any kind of barriers (tents or anything) due to state law. But they keep an eye on him. She said he's usually exhausted back there, so she will keep a better lookout for when he wakes up. If they don't make a big deal, she thinks he'll just stop on his own. We'll see, I guess. Or he'll fall on his head and learn that way.

He's drinking two sippy cups with Carnation Instant breakfast now. Hopefully that'll help him put on the lbs. I guess he just didn't like chocolate because strawberry and vanilla go down fine. I think it's all gross, to be honest. Really, who has ever had to push flavored milk on a kid?

All in all, he's still a great kid, in her mind. Which is a relief. All his antics are just part of his personality, active and sweet. He's still the "quiet little inspector" as they call him. Whew.

* The angry hands are two little hand prints painted on the wall. When you first hit, or do something naughty, you get a warning. The second time, you have to go stand with your hands on the angry hands. No exceptions. When you're ready to say you are sorry, and your hands can behave, they can come down. I don't know how they make it work, but they do. Even a 1 year old gets it.

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