Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you!

Today, we have a lot of things to be thankful for. (I know I just ended a sentence in a preposition. Get over it).

First, thank you to all of the people who have served in the military. Thank you if you were a nurse, bandaging people up. Thank you if you were a soldier in a dangerous place (Grandpa J was in Vietnam). Thank you if you flew people to other places, or just had to leave the good old US to help some other folks out. Thank you for going places you never asked to go, and doing things you didn't really want to do. We here at the Badger Den appreciate it. Oh, and thanks to the women in the Ladies Aid Society who stand in front of the local market so that we can buy our poppies for our Grandpa each year. In the heat of the day, a woman of at least 60 ogled my little boy, while arguing with my husband that she should give him change. Keep the change, please. And, feel free to ogle the little boy!

We're also thankful to our Grammie and Grampie who know just when to invite us over. That random call at 8:am to tell us the BBQ is on? Yeah, we appreciate that. We got to visit twice this weekend! Once we even had an Uncle J sighting (I know, ooooh, for the people who know Uncle J). This weekend I realized that there is some weird connection between my son, his Dad and his Dad's Dad. It's a mini-me thing. The three of them get together and you can almost see the plan to take over the world hatching. And they look so darn cute together. I'll throw up some pictures soon. So, thanks, Grampie, for walking endless laps of your yard, and picking up thousands of sticks to keep a LG happy. If no one else does, I appreciate that!

Lastly, I'm thankful that LG is having a better eating day today. We had tried going to only regular table food, but it just ain't working. LG loves it, but it takes too much patience on all fronts to make it work. And PB spent way too much time worried he wasn't eating enough. So, we're back to Stage 3s, with regular food mixed in. And it's working. Our Dr told us to do whatever works (she actually specifically said don't give up baby food if it works. It's much better than some table food that most people switch over too.) So, thanks LG for giving me a much needed break from all the fussing this weekend. You have really been your cute lovable self.

Oh, and Thank God PB got the ailing rhododendrons out of the front yard and into the back. (way back last fall, when the porch was attacked by the tree, the people who demolished the porch did so onto the rhododendrons. I know. Idiots.) I have been stewing about this all winter. Even if they lived (and they did) they were horribly injured. The back of one was missing, and the other was propped up with sticks (I know, this was the contractors solution...). He agreed to let me buy new ones and deduct them from his bill. So our new ones are on their way, and PB has moved the old ones to provide more blockage from the neighbor. And we're (for once) sort of prepared for an event we know is coming. It's a new feeling around here. Whew.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day. If you get a chance, thank a vet. If for nothing else than getting a Monday off.

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