Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spin Cycle- Kitty Haters look away now...

This is for Sprite's Keeper's Spin Cycle. I get to spin about my pets. Finally, the furry ones get some attention!

I have two cats. Yup. And I love them. Don't get me wrong. I love dogs, too. I'd have one, except it'd piss off the cats. They are 11 years old and just don't need to deal with that. So, dogs are a "one day when LG is a bit older".

That being said, I do love my kitties. The black one, Pestilence, thinks he's a dog. He's very friendly, and pretty entertaining. He is also always underfoot... So much so that when he was a kitten (with no name) he tripped a roommate of mine going up the stairs and she screamed, "Cat, you are a pestilence!" Hence the name. But he's a lover. He wants all the attention you can give him.

The other kitty is orange, and her name is Wylie. She is your typical scaredy cat. There are many people who never realize we even have two cats. They've just never seen or heard her. If they do, she's an orange blur speeding by to get to the basement and out of site. She, too, is a furry pile of love, but really only for me (sorry PB).

The real question in my mind is, why do people hate cats? You don't really hear people say, "I hate dogs..." Maybe, I don't really like dogs, or dogs are too much work. But no vehement, I hate dogs people.

Cats, on the other hand, get a lot of venom. They get called sneaky, or uppity, snobbish, even. Really? A cat? First off, if you feel the cat is uppity, uhm, you might have some self esteem issues. Second, just because they don't announce their entrance into a room, and you can always sense their presence through their loud snuffling, or wagging tale, does not make them sneaky. Covert, maybe.

I had a woman once tell me she didn't like them because they hurt people, and children. Ok, maybe. A scratch here or there. But then compare them to dogs. I've never heard anyone say, "I had to take my kid to the emergency room because he was bit by the neighbors cat." How many kids get bit by dogs, though? The lady in England didn't get the first face transplant because of her cat, is really all I'm saying.

The little furry guys get a bad rap. I don't have to rush home to walk my cats. I can leave them for a weekend with a big bowl of food, water and some clean litter and not worry at all. They keep my feet warm in winter.

I think people just get upset because they are far more like humans than dogs are. Most dogs either want attention, or want to give you attention, all the time. Not cats. In our house, we have an understanding. I'll come find you if I need you. For love, or kibble or whatnot. If you're not out in the open, I won't search you out. You obviously need alone time. This goes for humans and cats. (try convincing my young nieces of this one. Our house rule is that you can't approach the cats. You have to let them come to you. It helps avoid unnecessary tail pulling and the resulting scratching. And most of the time, it works)

In the end, I'll take a cat any day. And I think we should all just get along.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I love the way you Spin it! I am not a cat person, mostly due to allergies, and the only cats I hate are the ones my sister had because they were just plain mean. Her black cat Samson would jump on my chest when I was sleeping and just lay there until I woke up to feel eyes on me. Freaked me out all the time! I am a dog person, because I feel dogs are more depending on me. Cats are very independent depending on their personality. There are some cats that if you put out food and the litter box, you may not see them for days! But I do agree. You shouldn't hate any animal just because you don't know it. Unless it's snakes. Then hate away. (shudder) You're linked!