Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Ahhh, time for Random Thoughts. Does anyone else think of Jack Handy when they see that little picture above? I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, it's my blog and you will all like it! Hee, hee, hee.

I just read that Jon and Kate are making $75,000 an episode this season. Whee! How crazy is that? Who cares if they cheated, or lied, or hate eachother? So many people that it merits a $75,000 check, that's who. I didn't watch, but I hear that people are "very disappointed" in them. Really? Like it was your sister, or something? Why do we think Jon and Kate are above, say, Survivor for reality show tactics? Ratings dropped off. They needed a hook. And now they have one. Good for them. Not great for the kids, though (a whole other story).

As for me, I'm excited that the new season of "So you think you can dance" has started! PB and I watch religiously. We know NOTHING about real dancing, other than what Mary, Nigel and the guest judge tell us. Most of the time they say things and we have to watch their faces to know if it's a good judgement or bad (sort of like when Randy on "Idol" starting using "Out of the box"... Was out of the box a good thing, or a bad thing?) But we love to watch them dance. If you have never watched before, try it. But stick it out until they get down to the top 20. Much like Idol, the first episodes are the tryouts, which are some times trying.

You ever realize that the weeks are backing up on you and you need to get control of your schedule back? Today, I realized that we're supposed to go camping this coming weekend. Not real camping, as we'll be in a cabin, but out in the woods, with a fire to cook over camping. And, in my small mind, I figured we were pretty much ready. We have a "camping box" that we keep all the gear in. No need to scramble for flashlights, or silverware, or bug spray. It all stays in the box (and we have strict no pillaging rules). But it occurred to me today that we haven't camped in almost two years. And the summer before last we lost our sleeping bags (yucky story, don't ask). So, today I hurridly called LLBean to order up some bags. And tonight I will have to go through the box and make sure it still holds the necessities, they haven't evaporated, or gone over in any way. With a LG in mind. Hmmm, not as organized as I though. Though, we won't have to worry about fitting a pack n play into a tent, there's still some more thought required on this one.

But I loved the extra day this weekend (even though I apparently didn't use it to it's fullest). Tuesday's are normally hectic, as PB leaves the house extra early to get to a meeting. But today I was ready! I had everything packed over the weekend, all LG's laundry was done and put away. PB had clean underthingies. It was just shy of amazing, I tells you. You'd have been impressed if you had been there. I say I'll do this every Monday, but I never do. Monday nights end up being survival of the fittest at our house. Not sure why. We're all usually a little cranky and tired. But after a day of R&R, we were ready yesterday.

Well, have a happy week, everyone!

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Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I think the entire Jon and Kate thing is a SETUP!!!!!!!