Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A random rant for Tuesday...

I will start by saying I love my son's school. Really, I do. The teachers are great, the program is great, even the facility is wonderful. Every once in a while though, they push my buttons. Like today...
We were forewarned in the monthly newsletter that the week of May 18th was "Teacher Appreciation Week". Ok, I'm good with that. A week might be a stretch, for me, but it wasn't my decision. I was good with one day. Anyhow, a week it is. And I thought, "Well, that's nice. They'll do cute things all week long for the teachers. Maybe a breakfast one day, or treats in the lunch room the next."
Today we got the official notice about Appreciation Week. With instructions and suggestions. Not for what they school would be doing, but what I needed to do. Nope, not kidding.
Monday is Flower day. Consider bringing a plant or flowers, or have some flowers sent. (Have they seen the prices to send flowers lately???)
Tuesday is Relaxing day. Think about candles, soaps or lotions. "Anything to help a teacher relax after a day of work". What about something to help me relax? I'm the one who has the kid after work!!!
Wednesday is Sweets day. Any kind of sweet treat will do. (Why, I'm sure they would. For me, too.)
Thursday is Note/Picture day. Write a nice note (or have your kid do it) and give the teacher a picture of your kid. This one seems most reasonable to me.
Friday: "You choose". I can't decide if they were being really generous or exceptionally lazy...
This is just killing me. You want me to buy 5 days of gifts for a teacher (mind you, there are 4 teachers in my son's room). And you've given me suggestions. What the heck is this, Hanukkah? Mother's day and Father's day aren't 5 days long. I don't get a week of appreciation for all I add to this equation.
Yes, I realize that this is their job, and it's not their kid. And yes, they treat my LG really well. But my boss doesn't give me a week of prezzies because I'm so special. I get an annual raise, just like these guys do. Oh, and I think they get more days off than I do. I have to take vacation to cover the days that school is closed, but my office is not.
Wait, I pay tuition here. Don't you think you could take a few bucks from that and give them a nice luncheon? I will supplement with a small gift?
Now, I should mention that the teachers had nothing to do with planning this. And I think some of them are embarrassed by it. But what can they do? Say, "Please, don't get us anything?" And risk pissing off the boss for undermining a week of fun?
I'm normally a pretty calm person. And it takes really big things to set me off, usually. But on occasion, something small (like this) will just get me started. Grrr.
My solution is to give each teacher their own "day". Miss MJ likes flowers, so Monday is hers. Miss H likes lotions and soaps, Tuesday is hers. Miss J will get Wednesday treats. I think I can swing a nice note and picture for everyone on Thursday. And Friday, Miss N will get a Starbucks treat, since that's her favorite. This way I don't break the bank, I keep with the spirit of the week, and everyone is happy. In that "I didn't really want to play along" kind of way.
I shall now go grump in a corner.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I unfortunately missed the signs on the door at Sprite's daycare and saw that today ended Teacher Appreciation Week. I didn't do anything because I can't afford to. Sure, I feel bad about it, but there are two teachers in her room and multiple helpers who assist throughout the week. How am I to pin down who gets what? This would cost me in excess of $100 just to give gift cards and I can't do the dollar store since the nicest one is right across from the daycare and the teachers get their supplies there all the time. I would be busted within seconds. Besides, Sprite's teachers think I am THAT MOM anyway. I don't think they want anything from me.

Keely said...

That seems...excessive. What happened to the one gift at the end of the year after a year's hard work? I know teachers don't get paid a lot, and it's a hard job. But a week's worth of gifts? How bout a week's worth of substitute teachers? I bet everybody would be a lot happier with THAT scenario.

Mama Badger said...

Ahhh, so I'm not crazy. To add to the insanity, we received a note in our mailbox suggesting that we donate $5 for a luncheon that on Wednesday (a family is collecting for this). I threw it out. Lest I put a note in it telling them where to look for their $5.