Friday, May 15, 2009

Prom Spin

Ahhh, dude. I wish these were in color. Alas, my scanner will not cooperate with me today, for some reason. Dad gum it. Anyhow, this is for this weeks Spin Cycle (and other sundry places that are interested in Prom stuffs).
We actually had a version of prom for sophomore, junior and senior year. That meant, if you didn't get asked to anyone else's, you still had the opportunity to dress up in your finest candy colored taffeta 3 times in high school. I, fortunately or not, ended up going to 6 or 7 in the end. I will only share with you the ones I attended that were mine, though. We'll spare the innocent. This one really needs the color shot. I'm the lovely lady on the right (and my date was a boyfriend at the time. My father had kindly nicknamed him Flap, due to his righteous 80's haircut...). The dress was "apricot" but really more of a hot pink. The satan shoes were died to match. Much Aquanet was used that night. Molly Ringwald, eat your 16 year old heart out! (the other girls dress was royal blue, with matching shoes. we both wore white stockings. hey, it was in.)

These are a bit out of order. This is my Senior Ball. Note the lovely Laura Ashley flower print. Very hip in the early 90's (oh, yes, my HS years were from 1988-1992, we got a little of everything...) . My Dad nearly passed out when he saw the price tag on this one, but bought it anyway. Spoiled, anyone? Note, the hair got smaller, but the white stockings were still the thing. New boyfriend, better haircut. I think my father liked this one more, but like is a strong word. Ahhh, now this is my official junior prom. The one the boy had to get a tux for (same boy as senior ball, note). The dress was black on top and white on bottom (so not much changed from the picture here). The hair was somewhere in between the other two. I think "Wonderful Tonight" was my prom song. It might have been that dumb Everly Brother song, too, though. Uhm... Yeah, I can't remember it. I'm pretty sure this was the event where my date changed into black and white plaid shorts and black high top converse half way through the night. It had something to do with a class disagreement about making the event semi-formal or formal, and this was his protest. Eh, I didn't care.
I should mention that my mom had a rule about hair height. Apparently, big hair was a gateway drug to whoredom. She was very strict about it, too. As a result, I am now very jealous of big hair.
Anyhow, hope you all enjoyed. It was good times for all! Great trip down memory lane.


blissfully caffeinated said...

Flap!!! Ha! That's hilarious. I so wish these were in color, but I'm happy you shared. You're linked!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Talk about retro! I think the black and white gives it a nice touch! (I would have called the guy in the first photo Flap too..)
Great Spin! You're linked!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

The first one looks great in B&W. If you wanted color, you could have done what I did--take digital pics of old photos. I'm a bit of a technotard.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Holy Crap that hair! I'm really sort of jealous that you got to experience Laura Ashley as well. By the time she was a big deal I had to pay for my own clothes so my floral experience was limited!

I'm linking you up right now! Have a great weekend!

Angel said...

I think they look great in B&W although I would have loved to see you "Pretty In Pink"

Casey said...

I've never heard of big hair leading to whoredom but it makes perfect sense. I'll bet Flap got around with that huge do.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I keep saying that my prom pictures ('89 & '90) are boring since I'm from DC and everyone wore little black cocktail dresses to dances. BUT I completely forgot about Laura Ashley. That was the splash of color. There were always a few florals in effect on the dance floor. How print originally intended for drapes and table cloths made it to formal wear? I'll never understand.