Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mom and Dad

I should start by explaining that I now work in an office that doesn't really condone over the top cubicle decor. All work papers have to go away at night, and no food or beverage is to be left out on desks. No toys or other "fun" work stuff. A plant and a few nice framed photos are just fine. And a few people have put up a piece of their kids art. It looks very professional, and yet people still feel like their cube is their own. I'm down with this.

As a result, I have three pictures of LG in my cube. Two framed, one tacked on the inside wall (where only the person at the desk sees it). There are all from his one year "photo shoot". They are not ones that I made copies of for everyone, though. And at lunch yesterday I wondered why. Then it hit me. One of them is a family photo (and the rest of the family and friends really didn't need a photo with PB and I in it...). The other two are face shots of LG in his winter hat. In one he has his crooked little smile on. Not his big open mouthed "show my two teeth" smile. It's the smile that reminds me of my Dad.
In the other, he's not even smiling. He's making a face that is all my Mom. I'm not even sure what the face means. It just reminds me of her. And makes him look adorable (but probably only to me).

So, in their way, my parents live on in their Grandson. They'll never meet each other (my parents have been gone for 17 years now), and the people in my life now probably will never realize it (most of them never had the opportunity to meet my parents, either). I will get to see my Mom and Dad every day now for a long time hopefully, in his little face.
PS- I added the photos later for the people who might be interested. They were all taken by Mark Schwind. If you are interested in Mark's work, or live in Cleveland and need a great photographer (he shot our wedding, too), send me a comment and I'll give you his info!

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Anonymous said...

I love off pics of kids. On my desk I have a pic of my noodle yawning and a candid shot from my wedding of my mom kissing my cheek while I stared longingly at my new husband ... and these are two of my fave pics.

I am glad you get to your mom and dad daily ... lucky girl