Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Date Spin

For this weeks Spin Cycle, the request went out for date stories. If you want to know about spinning, go check out Jen at Sprite's Keeper...

I'll admit, I had to dig in the old treasure trove of memories to come up with a date story worthy of telling. I had a pretty laid back dating life. But, I found one. Hidden way back in the archives.

Have I ever told you that I once dated a Canadian Mounty? Oh, yes. Red uniform, horsie and all. My goodness. And for a while, it was fun. A good friend of mine introduced us at a dinner party she hosted (ok, we were in college. "dinner party" is an exaggeration. I'm pretty sure dinner was pizza, beer and ice cream. but you get the picture). We went to a few movies, and I think maybe a real dinner, at a restaurant and such. I was in college, so cheap was the norm and real dinner was fancy. After a few weeks, he suggested I meet some of his friends. I'm thinking, more mounties, right? Could be fun. Sort of rowdy, right? Bwa, ha, ha. Cue date from hell.

He picks me up dressed fairly nicely for what I thought would be a night at a bar. And proceeds to drive me to his church. Yes, kids, you read that right, a date to meet his "friends" at church. I should have left before I got through the doors. Instead I got to spend a night having his "friends" try to sway me to some born again religion. I got a lecture on how the Pope is the anti-christ, and all the catholics care about is abortion and money. His church could really save me. Yup. They could, they cared about me, and my soul. And all during this, the Mountie nodded earnestly and tried to hold my hand. He, too, had been born a misguided Catholic, and had turned his life around. I could, too. Uhm, no thanks? Who thinks they're actually going to convert a kid who's going to a mostly Jewish, liberal arts college to born again Christianity? I'm pretty sure there were some "no drinking" rules that immediately took them off the list of possible options...

So much for a man in uniform. Needless to say, I turned down the offer for ice cream afterwards, and didn't go out with him again. No more Mounties for me, thanks. But the horse was darn cute.

In the grand scheme of things, I guess this doesn't really rate as a "date from hell". I've heard some doozies. I didn't have to walk home for miles, or deal with anyone named Bubba. It didn't involve bail. And I survived pretty much unscathed. But it was definitely odd.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Holy crap!... Seriously.
My sister once went out with a guy in her teens and he brought her to his church where they tried to convert her as well. She came back from that date thinking she had seen EVERYTHING now and ditched the guy quickly. This story immediately brought back that memory! You're linked!

Rachel said...

There may be worse stories out there, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Joanie M said...

Great spin!

My daughter's first real boyfriend was a Christian, who tried to convert her. He didn't last very long.

Jan said...

OMG, that reminds me of an experience I had in high school. My friends and I always went out as a group, and we often hung out at this little diner (ala Denny's). One evening, there was this group of REALLY hawt guys a couple of tables over, so my friend Nancy and I started writing them what we thought were suggestive notes on napkins (we were only 16 years old, so they weren't all that suggestive) and having the waitress take them over to their table.

After awhile, they came over to sit down with us to talk - turns out they were studying to ministers at the evangelical seminary down the street (something like "Lighthouse for Christ"). They very kindly told us we needed to rethink our actions towards the opposite sex then invited us to church that Sunday.

We were mortified at the time, but I laugh about it now. Quite a bit, actually.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I have to say though, this would be, forever, at the front of my memory bank! Date = religious conversions? Was he NUTS??

Great spin!
Thanks for sharing!

Casey said...

Youch, there's nothing worse than having someone force their religion on you, especially if you're trapped. You should have hopped on his horse and taken off!