Friday, May 8, 2009

Mountains out of Mole Hills

This is for the weekly spin cycle, and I have been negligent. As it is due today, and I'm writing it right now...

So, Mountains out of Mole Hills. I can talk about that. In a way... that involves maternity clothes (get it, mountain out of a molehill?).

What the heck is going on with maternity clothes here, people? Why must they all have that wrap look, or a v-neck? Nobody needs to be looking at my chest right now, really (heck, that's how we ended up here, isn't it???) And a lot of shirts that don't have a v-neck are pretty sheer (darn near see through). It seems to me that all maternity shirts at the moment require you to wear a camisole underneath. Which is fine in April/May, but I'm sure will tick me off in July (I get pretty toasty in baby making mode, and I can't imagine that July will be a cool month). And since I have to look business formal, having a shirt underneath won't be an option. This isn't really a "wear your husband's shirt" type workplace (is there one of those?).

My second question is about those "secret tummy" pants. Uhm, what's the secret, here? That I need pants that stay up? Those things drive me nuts. I don't want the elastic from my pants up under my armpits (which is where it goes if you want it above the belly). I'd much prefer the ones that ride below the belly, but they are now few and far between. Any suggestions? I know some people must love the coverage, but again, what happens in the heat of the summer? Don't they get hot?

I'd swear that in the last two years, maternity fashion has changed. I don't remember being worried about being appropriate in public when I was pregnant with LG. Then again, it was winter. (I should mention here that with LG I got sooo big that my husband suggested-very nicely- in the 8th month that I might want to get a few shirts in the next size up...)

Could it be the rise in those loose shirts in the regular populace? You know, the ones that make chubby people look like they might be pregnant so that other people don't judge? (and yes, I know that there are now full figured people out there swearing my name.) They are not the same, by the way. Those cover equally all around, where a maternity shirt is longer in front (thank god).

I usually don't give much of a hoot about clothes (as anyone who has seen me can attest), but for work, I do make an effort. And it's becoming challenging. Because I don't want to play the pregnancy card to excuse my wardrobe. I just want my wardrobe to be work appropriate.

Really, I'll take suggestions, here. How are other people handling this? Or do I just need to ride out the fashion, and when I return from my maternity leave, thank god that regular clothes are still out there?

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Actually, I've committed a few faux paus myself thinking a coworker was pregnant when she was actually wearing one of those loose blouses with the ties in the back. I had only worn those when pregnant and now I see them on teenagers and younger, so I'm learning to keep my tongue in check. Great Spin on the literal! You're linked!