Monday, April 13, 2009

Spin Cycle- Celebrities.

So this weeks spin is: Celebrities, and all things famous

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Ok. Celebrities.

Celebrities are fine. I like to watch movies, and see their talents. I appreciate being able to look at the good looking people. The pretty dresses at the Oscars and such. However, I have no need to know much more about them than that. I don't want to see pictures of their weddings, or their new kids. I don't care what religion they practice. I don't know these people at all, why should I know any of that stuff? It's just odd.

I think paparazzi should be outlawed. They cause far too much trouble. And what fuels the paparazzi? People who need to know way to much about movie stars and sports stars. They want to be "just like" Madonna, or J Lo, so the paparazzi will go out of their way to find out any morsel they can about these poor people. Get a life. If the person in question isn't willing to stand for the photo, or tell you in an interview, that let it be. You don't need to know. You'd be peeved if someone was standing outside your dr office trying to get a peek at your latest x-ray. Or selling not so flattering pictures of you in a bikini.

Now, people will say, "My kids look up to these people. I should know if they do drugs, or abuse their children". Uhm, no. You might want to think about what you're teaching your kids to value. It's nice to admire A Rod because he can play baseball. But that's it. You don't know A Rod, at all. And you shouldn't. He's not a part of your everyday life. Look up to your own baseball coach. The man who spends endless hours out in the hot sun to try to teach you to play. He's a role model, get to know him.

A Rod is doing his job, that's all. Let it go. Don't chase him around trying to find out more. He doesn't live a life style even vaguely similar to yours. Don't try hold him to the same standards or moral values. He doesn't care about you, or your kid. And he shouldn't have to. That's your job. You don't know a thing about the challenges in his life (though I'm sure people think he has it easy because he has money). Watch him play the game, and leave him alone.

If Madonna wants to adopt an African kid, or Britteny is a bad mom, that's their business. If A Rod has a thousand girlfriends, or Brad Pitt is a good dad, good for them. They're not my neighbors, their behavior has absolutely no effect on me. And they shouldn't have an effect on you, either. They aren't trying to be role models. It's not their job.

However, I make on exception. Politicians. Now, I'm not saying that I need to be all up to date on their personal lives, but I need to know what they believe. Because God knows, they don't always vote based on what the majority of the people they represent believe. So, I want to know what you believe. Are you a right to lifer? Or do you support stem cells? I don't care if you're gay, or if you have a dog, though. Do you support gay rights? How do you feel about animals? I might care if you have kids, since they change your perspective a bit. But again, I'm not going to idolize you, or let my kid idolize you. I don't know you, and no amount of information from the paparazzi is really going to let me get to know you.

Instead, I'll look up to the true hero's in my life. Grandpa, the rocket scientist, who hugs my kid when he cries, and the Grammie, the homemaker, who rushes a blankie in the mail when we lose ours. The aunties who are teachers, and the rowing coach who spent hours in the cold when my husband was a kid learning to row and learning teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance. I'll let my kid learn his values from them. They do the right thing, and I can count on it. And if they make a bad decision, I'll understand why, because I know them, and I trust them.

Ok, rant over. I shall now step down from the soapbox.


Midlife Mama said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog. GREAT spin! Love it :) And I am so with you 100%. Outlaw the Paparazzi. Who gives a flying fig what someone had for dinner. And yes, our children's role models should be found in our own homes in coaches, grandparents, etc. My only caveat is some children have NO local hero and the ARods of the world are the only heroes they have. And the coach of the local team or local boy scout leader is good, but sometimes they molest the children in their care, which is worse to me than anything those celebs do. That hurts kids most of all.

Okay. My turn to back away from the soapbox. :) Hope you'll stop by my blog again, and I'll definitely come back to yours. :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hear hear!
I hope Sprite looks up to the real role models rather than the Pop outlet.
I think if these magazines were not to offer as much for those "money shots", maybe the demand would lessen for the walking the dog shots and the restaurant shots. Great Spin! You're linked!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. I really enjoyed your perspective and was pleasantly refreshed to hear someone else with similar thoughts!

Jan said...

Boy, you and my husband would get along really, really well. LOL

Sammanthia said...

AMEN. It's exhausting. I feel sorry for people whose lives are always on display for the world to see. So glad I'm not famous.;)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It's sickening sometimes. Thanks for the spin!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Great spin. I agree about the paparazzi and leaving the details of celebs life alone. However, I think many clebs are caught up in their own celebrity way too much and milk the PR.