Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday

I'm not sure why, but PB and I get great joy over using words that other people make up. Like "Splove" from Dave Kellett. (if you have no idea who he is, or what splove is, take a trip to my side bar and link to "Sheldon". Use the potty first, though, as it may cause you to laugh so hard you wet yourself). Splove is his made up word for the stuff between your toes. And he made it up so that we would have something else to rhyme with Love in songs (other than Dove, above, or possibly glove). And I swear we use it every time we give LG a bath. There is always a splove check (because god knows the kids feet stink, and if you don't root out the source it just multiplies). And we giggle. Like kids.

an interlude: you would think with all the weird krappe that goes through my mind writing this would be easier than it is...

Can you still love someone with radically different views than you? I'm pondering this one at the moment. I have recently reconnected with some girls I went to HS with. Mostly on Facebook and through calls and e-mail. (We now live really far apart). I grew up in a small, conservative town in upstate NY. (Sidenote: does anyone realize that most of physical NY votes Republican? It's the city that swings that vote to the Dems. This is just to help you see where this is coming from...) Anyhow, many of these people are still conservative republicans. And I'm not. Actually, never was. So, on certain subjects their opinion is VERY different from mine. And I've just avoided those topics. Because I still really like these people. Certain "newer" friends have seen some of the Facebook posts my HS girls have put up, and kind of taken offense. And wondered out loud why I don't respond, or say anything. Uhm, because they're entitled to their opinion? Is that weak? I don't know. I have no desire to make these issues into something larger with people that I'm only in touch with sporadically, and who don't really influence my daily life. But some people think I should get rid of their "negative" influence. Hmmm, I don't know.

Again, enough randomness for one Tuesday. If you need more, see my rant below on Dr. Laura.

Dad gum it, I just realized I didn't post this. And it's Wednesday. Maybe they'll cut me some blog slack?

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Keely said...

Ha! You're allowed. But only because you used 'dad gum it' in a sentence.

I have a very close friend who is a tree-hugging, conservative Catholic. And I'm about the total opposite of that. I love her dearly and of course she's totally entitled to her opinion. We just don't talk about politics, religion, or how terrible I am at recycling.