Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Spring...

And I just have to comment that the choices people make on business attire bewilder me. It's Thursday, in a big 4 accounting firm, and I am seeing pink golf shirts, capri pants, and birkenstock sandals. Now, some of these things would be appropriate on a Friday (the pink shirt, for instance), but when did it become appropriate to wear Birks to work at an office? I wish I could say that it's the younger, more inexperienced people, but it's not! A few weeks ago we had a manager in a leather vest. Which, people pointed out, was professional in some circles, but certainly not in ours!

And, predictably, a memo came from HR reminding us that our clients and competitors frequently walk through the office. So, business professional is required. Business casual on Fridays. Which is fine. But the offenders clearly do not understand the terms. So we either need to send out examples (again, this happens every year) or address these people directly. Which never happens. Kills me.

Also, this is a memo to the general public: I do not want to see your foundation garments. Whether they are boxers, a g-string, granny panties or a bra. I'm not interested. Keep them fully covered. Wear an appropriate shirt and a belt, if you need one. I will assume you are wearing them, you don't need to show me. Recently, a friend of mine pondered if we would see so much underwear if it only came in plain white. If there weren't a nice plaid or hot pink to show off, would people bother? I wonder...

I just don't want to see your underpants. Or your muffin top. Take some pride, people. Oh, and if you're not working out, leave the athletic apparel home.

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