Sunday, April 12, 2009

I like to move it, move it...

On Good Friday, we had the family over for a fish fry (call it Good Fryday, if you will). It was a great time. We fried fish, baked fish, fried Twinkies, had spaghetti, oh my god, the food. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. Oh, and then we had pie and cupcakes for my FIL's birthday. Good times. It may be a family tradition from now on. I highly suggest it.

And while we cooked and talked, the older cousins chased LG around the house. Out of one room and into another. Up the stairs, around the couch. Which prompted my sister in law to ask "Do you chase him around like this every night?". Why, yes, we do. Because he has two speeds, forward and sleep. My son does not sit down, ever. I'm not kidding, at all. He does not watch TV, he will not sit and do a puzzle. He doesn't really "play" with his toys, he carries them around (see January for a video of this). Not that he can't. He knows full well how to put the pieces into the puzzle, or stack blocks. He would just rather go down the slide, or race around the kitchen table. Which is why we're exhausted.

Lots of people have "sympathized" with this. "My son is just like that." I hear all the time. But, no. I've seen your kid sit, have you ever seen mine sit? No? Yeah, that's what I mean. Even when he was tiny (I'm talking 4 or 5 months old) he wouldn't sit in your lap. He would stiffen himself out and make you hold him standing up. People thought it was hysterical. Because they didn't do it 24/7.

We've spoken to the Dr. about this. Is something wrong? Is this a first sign of something? Nope. But it does explain why he's so thin. Because he's in perpetual motion, and no one could possibly get in enough calories to power that kind of motion. Goody for us.

People keep suggesting gates. "Put up a gate and let him go." Uh, yeah. And then he'll take it apart. Because that's what he does. He'll find the one screw, or locking mechanism, and get the darn thing down. Meanwhile, pregnant old me will take 45 minutes to get past the thing with a load of laundry and end up swearing about it. He can disassemble his exersaucer, take off all the toys, and has figured out how to get his fingers into the legs to play with the springs (which is why we put it away...)

In the end, we would rather just chase him around. Keeps us involved. Makes sure we're watching. Yeah, and just a tad sleepy.

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