Friday, April 17, 2009

Hawaiian Happy Birthday!

There are two great reasons to celebrate today. 1) It was the first official Hawaiian shirt Friday of the season. PB and LG both broke out the palm trees and wore them to work/school. Summer is near. 2) It's Auntie Steph's birthday! Big hugs and kisses headed to NY for that. Together, these things almost make you want to do a little dance. Ok, I did a little dance, I admit. Here's a picture (of the shirts, not the dance):

Look, I got both of them to smile at the same time! We tried to get LG to hold the card, but it was written with those scented markers and he kept trying to eat in instead. Not quite as cute.

Best wishes for a great year, Auntie Steph, and happy Friday to everyone else!

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