Friday, March 6, 2009

in which I rant...

I was going to rant about clothes, and how now that it's warm people are back to dressing inappropriately. But any of you who are on facebook have already seen that even in the cold, my co-workers can manage inappropriate. Today's rant was going to be about how nobody even tries to dress to flatter their figure (whatever shape it might be) anymore. Everybody just wants to wear what is comfortable. Whether or not it's appropriate or flattering, or even decent in public. But I don't have the energy anymore. I just give up on it. I miss the days when you'd see ladies in beautiful pattenered dresses and fancy stockings. When you could admire someone's tie and shirt combo. People wonder why the business world has gone to poop these days. I want to lay some blame on the whole "Casual at work" theme. First it was clothing, then it was communication. Was it a wonder when work ethic, and just plain ethics went out the door, too? Now, I'm not saying we should go back to the stone ages of business suits and ivory towers. But would it kill people to put on hose and a tie and act like someone is paying you to do a job, and do it well? Or just do the right thing? Eh, why complain.

On a different note: last night was a trip. Everyone at our house has some stage of a cold. LG's seems to be in the cough stage, I'm in the sore throat stage, and PB is just getting the beginning snotty stage. So, we were all in a delightful mood last night. PB had settled LG down, given him his nighttime bottle (we're down to one in the morning, and one at night, just to boost the calories). When all of a sudden he coughs a bit, and the bottle makes a return trip. Mostly over the lazy boy and PBs shirt. And let me tell you, nothing smells worse than formula with some veg mixed in. Ewwww. So we cleaned up, and got LG to bed finally. It was my night with the monitor, so I knew we'd be up around 3:00 because LG would be hungry. And like clockwork he was. I gave him a bottle, and he went down in his pack and play in the living room (I don't even try to get him back up to bed, it never works for me). I had cleaned out all of his "friends" just in case he got sick again. Out went Pluto, Charlie the Groundhog, Little bear, and the two new brother bears. In went LG. The minute he laid down, though, he was right back up. His little arms had reached out for a friend and found nothing. He realized he was all alone. And he was ticked off. I mean, really peeved. It was almost comical. I relented and gave him little bear, since he's machine washable. It worked. Apparently, we can not seperate the boy from his stuffies.

The second funny was the cat. She found the pull string on LG's toy phone. She toyed with it for a while, then tried to pick it up to take with her. And the phone came along. She must have shot 5 feet in the air, it scared her so bad. It was hysterical. Poor cat, but I did laugh really hard.

And now I should really find something to do. Of the work variety. Reach out and see if someone needs help or something. Must find the energy.

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