Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A year in the life...

I apparently will not be nominated for Mom of the Year anytime soon. My kid is mostly better after having the plague last week, but now he looks so skinny! When we were giving him a bath last night I noticed he has twigs for arms. Any suggestions on how to poke more into him are welcome.

However, I've been ruminating on making one of those photo books at the Target. Take all my favorite pictures from the last year, and put them into a book. For posterity and what not. Just in case the digital age doesn't pan out. I haven't gotten there yet (have I mentioned that I'm as tired as heck these days?), but I'm giving it much thought.

I thought I'd share my favorite pictures from the last year. There not necessarily the best photos of LG, but they each show something about him. And they are part of the reason we no longer go to JCPenney for photos. LG really isn't the type that can be caught in a seated portrait. He's cute, but he's not the cutest baby out there (certainly no Gerber baby). What makes him lovable is really his personality. These aren't all the good ones, just a ramble. I tried to include ones that people haven't seen yet.

Month 1:

There's nothing special about it, except the look. From the start, LG let us know he was his own person through his eyes and his facial expressions. He was not one of those babies who just sat on your lap and cooed. He wiggled, he looked at things, he grabbed. He was fun, even as an infant.

Month 2:

This was the first real smile we got in a photo. He has his uncle fester hair-do going on, but it's still cute.

Month 3:

LG's favorite sleeping position. Not too many good photos from month 3, for some reason...

Month 4:

This is from the first day of school. Again, it's really the facial expression that makes the picture.

You'll have to indulge me. Month 4 had a few really good shots. This was the last day of Auntie M's visit to Ohio. We had on a special outfit for pictures and such. I'd say the bink ruins the picture, but bink is such a part of our lives, sometimes I think he looks naked without it.

Month 5:

4th of July and LG is sitting at his first parade. He liked the fire engines... And the little girls next to us kept trying to give him candy that they had caught. It was cute. He did score a really fun beachball, though.

Month 6:

This was his first trip to the zoo. He has such a patient happy look on his face here. Cute boy.

Month 7:

First time in a pool. He was with his cousins and had a good time. Look at that pale tum, though! Poor kid wasn't old enough to go into the big pool (not that it was warm enough, ever...). This summer, though. We already have our hat and suit ready.

Month 8:

Bear wrastling! LG still loves to roll around with his little bear. It's fun to watch. Look at that smile! The tuft of hair on top is cute, too.

Month 9:

I had a sink full of dirty dishes and PB decided that it would be fun to see what LG would do with some suds. It's hard to see, but there are some bubbles on his nose!

Month 10:

This one is from Christmas Eve, when LG decided that he wanted to eat the sheep in the manger set rather than play with it.

Month 11:

This one is just a random shot from school. I had promised myself early on that I would get at least one shot each month. And in this case, one was really all we got. We got some walking movies around now, though. Oh, and we might have been a little camera'd out after Christmas...

However, Auntie M got this great shot of LG and his cousins. This was from another day at the zoo. He was just learning how to walk by himself, so he really enjoyed having the girls hold his hand as he walked with them. Of course, any day of hanging out with the girls is a good day for him.

Month 12:

LG's first birthday. And, as we should have predicted, surrounded by new toys, he is playing with Pluto. I have a better one, with the whole cake situation, but not on this computer. I may edit this post later to add it, but maybe not.

And the inevitable cake picture. LG didn't get his own cake to smash, but he did love the heck out of the piece we gave him. It's the green frosting on the nose that makes it.

Like I said, he's not a kid people think is just adorable right off the bat. Then he'll toddle up to them, or offer them his binki and suddenly he's made a friend. He is just a people person.


Marcy Bartholow said...

He is such a sweetheart! And so expressive! I love the shot from the zoo.

Sprite's Keeper said...

WHO doesn't think LG is adorable? They need their eyes checked. Speaking of eyes, his are bewitching!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

He's adorable and this is such a cute post! Jonathan also had these expressions...so full of life and personality!

Kristen said...

Wow. His eyes do say it all. And he is such a cutie!