Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A necessary Evil...

Have I blogged about shots ever? I can't remember. However, LG is home with a fever today (he had to go home from school at noon yesterday, since his temp was over 100), so shots are on my mind. We got our one year shots last Thursday. It's only 3 shots (I know, there are those of you out there cringing, but 3 is a pretty low number when you're a little kid). There was Hep A, MMR, and one other pneumococcial/flu thing. Argh. The MMR clearly stated in the info that you could have symptoms including a rash and fever, up to a week later. However, silly me, I thought we were in the clear after the weekend. Wrong. Great. Poor LG. He really doesn't understand being sick. He still tries to play, and walk around and stuff, but he'll waddle over to you and throw his head in your lap after a while. It is very sweet, but not him at all.

Now, I am all for shots. I have done much reading on the subject. I do not believe that shots cause Autism (though I could see how people who have a child with autism might want to believe that). I don't think they are unnecessary because "those diseases are not a threat anymore". In fact, I am a vehement vaccinator. I think leaving your children unvaccinated is just shy of abuse. I would far rather subject LG to a shot that he will get over in a week or so (actually, he's over the shot in mere minutes- it's the after effects that take a week or so) than subject him to one of those aweful diseases that could maim or kill him. Even it if were true that vaccines caused autism, I would rather take that chance, than the chance that measles would do worse.

What frusterates me is this: there is a growing population of parents who are not vaccinating their children for personal reasons. Goody for them. Do as you choose, I suppose. But I don't think those kids should be allowed in any kind of public sponsored school or event (say the library). They should have to be home schooled, as a matter of fact. Here's why: my kid won't be fully vaccinated until he is 5. Until then, he is susceptable to these diseases that I am trying to prevent. So, if your kid, who is not vaccinated, is carrying one of these (that maybe you brought home from Europe or somewhere where they are still flying around) they might give it to my kid. And my kid will give it to others. And all the years of vaccinating that we ahve done to irridacte these diseases will be for naught. Because some people put the importance of having the choice (and making the choice for their kids) before the importance of public safety (and the choice that the rest of us made). Grrr.

There are reports of small pockets of these diseases coming up all over the country. A country where vaccines are free to those who can't afford them. An country that has tried its hardest to wipe these diseases out and did a darn good job. And it is now being unravelled by a growing number of people who are making a personal choice that effects the public. And it enrages me. We're so darn worried that terrorists are going to send us diseases in our mail, or in bombs, and yet no one is attacking these maroons. Some people actually applaud them for making "informed" decisions. Grrr.

Ok, enough of my incoherent rant. I'm just feeling bad for LG and wish he were feeling more like himself. And wishing that I could be home with him, instead of Grammie. Oh, well. I'm done.

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