Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chef PB

So, as it turns out, most of our food experimenting in 2009 will be due to PB, not me. I went and set out this challenge, and he has more than risen to the occasion. I merely have been providing the raw materials for his culinary wizardry.

For instance, I thought that due to the weather, my car, and the impending birthday, this would be the first week we missed. I had all previously tried meals planned for the week. However, london broil was B1G1, so I did. PB decided to throw out the idea of making another quiche (we made one last week that didn't make it into the fridge over night and had to be discarded). He instead took the london broil, went out onto the Foodnetwork site and found a rub recipe. A little time in the oven and Voila, tasty new, never before tried at our house meal. And I came home from work to find it already cooked. Amazing.

I will post the recipe as soon as I remember to get it off of the counter.

I also want to thank the many people who have forwarded me recipes. You guys rock. While you're not brave enough to post them here, I still appreciate all the help we can get. Next week look for Grampa W's chicken cacciatore recipe. Mmmm.

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