Thursday, January 15, 2009

It ain't Cannes, here, people...

But I did get some of the much requested Pluto footage. We'll cut right to the chase:

You have to tilt your head sideways, but you get the picture. This particular walk was extra challenging because we didn't only need to take Pluto with us, but it was very important to carry our monkey slipper, too (God forbid we just wear both slippers at the same time). For extra security, he has Pluto by the collar, too. And this, internets, is why we don't have a real puppy. We just borrow from Uncle B, C &D, and B & L. So many cool puppies to share, and no poop to scoop.

We also got some really good shots of LG's new Grammie sweater.

Everybody at school loved it yesterday, and LG seemed really comfy in it. I think Grammie made it in something like an hour (because she is amazing that way). She tells me that it's really easy to make, but it looks like it would take hours.

Here's a shot of LG and I, both in our home made sweaters (Auntie S made mine, though). Approximately 5 minutes after this photo I managed to spill goo all over mine, though, so it will go to the dry cleaners. Argh.

You can't really see it in this photo, but it's a beautiful marino wool sweater made with fisherman style cables. And, oh is it warm. LG and I are big sweater fans.

I promise that I will get this weeks recipe up tomorrow. It was a nice pork schnitzel that we made on Sunday when Grammie and Grandpa came over for dinner. I think they gave it the thumbs up, so it's good to share.

And now, I will go do some work. And try not to freeze to death (I swear, Scrooge gave Bob Cratchett more heat than we get at this place...)

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Marcy Bartholow said...

LG is very clever in his carrying methods - it's important to carry as many things as possible you know. Nice sweaters by the way!