Friday, January 9, 2009

Home Movies

This morning I realized that I stink at taking home movies. I should include that my movies are being taken with a digital camera, not a movie camera, so that might not help. But still, my quality is pretty poor. None the less, I will share todays two "LG Walking" movies with you.

Hmmm someone will have to let me know if these actually work. I seem to be having issues with Blogger.

And now a pictoral story. Uncle B gave LG a stuff Pluto for Christmas (his first puppy...). And LG loves it. But Pluto is a pretty big friend, so he's hard for LG to carry around in his hands and maintain his balance. So, LG has found a way to solve the problem:

Yup, he is picking poor Pluto up by the nose, with his teeth. And then he just walks around like "everyone carries their puppy this way, right?" It's hysterical. Which is why I've only gotten this one krappe picture of it (I'm usually too busy laughing to go get the camera).

And now I shall procede to do some work, since I've been far to generous with the posts this past week. I have to keep expectations low, here.


Marcy Bartholow said...

I think we need a movie of LG carrying Pluto!!

Baxzter's Mom said...

You are expecting way too much, Auntie Marcy. That would require me not only holding in the laughter long enough to get the camera, but long enough to keep it still. I will try, though!