Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In which I admitt my lapse.

Internets, I have been remiss. No posting in almost a month. I suck. Sorry. But I will proceed to try to make up for it. It's been a really long month. People were ill, LG is learning to walk, holidays came and went. And work. More work.

The Update:

-LG is almost walking. All by himself. He has taken a step or two by himself, but no great distance yet. Soon, I hear.

- The porch isn't done. I know, I know. First it was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and now Christmas. We'll see. I've made so many threats I must sound like a mobster. To no avail. They won't work in snow, they don't work in the rain. This one had a dr appt, that one had to leave for an emergency. Whatever.

-We took the Christmas photos. Whew. LG was not really cooperative. I wrapped some empty boxes as "prop presents" and we gussied up the bear. Here is the one we didn't use:

It's cute, but you can't really see his face. We did use two others (one on a Merry Christmas Card and one on a Happy Holidays card, because PB and I couldn't agree about which photo to use).

- In other news, I was blasted in my mid-year review, as expected. After being told that I would have to do it bigger and better than the next guy to make up for the time I was on leave, I proceeded to do less. Though it was acknowledged that I worked on one of the worst jobs, with one of the worst seniors, it won't matter. And frankly, I could care less. Because if they promote me, they will expect more. And I already feel like they get a little too much some days. I know, great attitude. I will suck up my krappy job in the short run, because I won't leave during busy season (bad karma, that is), but I'll be back on the job hunt in March. If busy season goes REALLY well, might contemplate sucking up the next two years, leach another kid out of the firm and vest my portfolio. But that'd be nothing short of a miracle, I tells you.

Now, do you feel updated?

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