Monday, November 10, 2008

Puppy Love

This is a quick post of LG and his puppies (since C sent us some photos. as an aside, C might be a badger we decided over the weekend. all considering that the stamp of the badger is facial hair. something to ponder).

On to the pictures:

As you can see, LG has absolutely no fear of dogs. He's just happy they share their toys with him. I should point out that these are the best behaved dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Cute and fun, but not in your face at every moment. Oh, and they don't smell funny (always a plus for me).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween and Election Day

Ahhh, so much has happened in only a week. Holy cows, people. And now I will bore you with it all. Day by day, even.

Friday, the 31st. Ohh, Halloween. We had a parade at school, and dressed up with our girlyfriend:

Then we went to Auntie M's house to hand out treats and visit with Grammie and Grampa. Here we are with all of our cousins (notice the giraffe herd):

It was good times. After this we went to visit a new(ish) puppy friend, Jasper. If we hadn't just woken up, I think we would have played more.

Then on Saturday, we went to the circus. Where it started out fine, and ended up being a little overwhelming. Sort of like this:

The ring was constantly filled with people all doing different things (I don't remember it being so chaotic). So after the tigers and the motor cycles, we looked like this:

Honk-shoo. It was good, though. At least after he fell asleep, PB got to sit and watch the rest of the show. LG, PB and Miss L's first time to the circus was a success, all in all. I, however, still have not gotten my cotton candy fix on. When did they start charging $5 to $12 for air blown sugar? Jeepers.

On Sunday we visited some other puppies, where we learned that LG can talk to the dogs. Everytime the one puppy would bark, LG would giggle. No joke. Like the dog was telling him jokes (and who knows, maybe she was...) He loved it. Hopefully, the dogs did too (I don't think there was too much stealing of toys or fur pulling). I didn't get photos, though, drat.

On Tuesday, LG got out the vote:

The shirt says "I vote for change! (my diaper's wet)". The people at the polls loved it. And in this picture you can see the my kid is scrawny (though not this scrawny, he's pulling himself out of his seat with his arms, so he's all stretched out. Don't go calling child services on us or anything).

Other than that, a new tooth is on its way. Hopefully it'll be in any day now. We'll see.

In other news, I have stopped my job search. Two opportunities were taken off the table due to the economy, so I'm going to wait it out. Besides, I couldn't leave during busy season. That's just not right.