Friday, October 3, 2008

We have overcome...

Wow, this last two weeks we've just been in survival mode. There have been workmen tromping all over the yard. Some to dismantle the destroyed porch, some to trim up the rest of the trees and fix the damaged one, some to look at what the workmen destroyed (more on this later). Add to that that LG was home for a week with a stomach flu. And that meant PB and I took turns taking days off from work to be with him. Fun stuff, I tell you.

But now we are all healthy. And looking forward to a weekend!

The details:

So, we've known since we bought the house that we needed to have the trees trimmed up. There were a lot of dead limbs hanging in there. I would like to insert here that having done this before the storm would not have helped. The limb that took out the porch was a very healthy limb. But now we have happy trees. AND, I finally was able to convince PB that we needed to get rid of that yucky spruce that hung over the porch. No more scrubbing sap off my picnic table, and sweeping up pine needles that people drag in on their shoes. Woo hoo. But, sadly, the trees do look a bit slimmer now.

As for the workmen, pah on them. When they dismantled the porch roof, they threw their debris onto the flower beds in front of the porch. Completely covering a really pretty red rhododendron, an azalea (also red), a couple of bleeding hearts, and significantly covering another rhododendron. Oh, and all of my hostas. The hostas that the deer don't eat. So, I called the "boss" and told him I was unhappy. And Wednesday he sent a lawn guy to assess what happened and talk to me about what they would do. Uhm, you'll replace it all, dork. Right down to the last daffodil and tulip (also buried under there somewhere). What really irked me is that this is the one no maintenance part of my yard. It just came up all by itself. Happily. Damn them.

I just keep telling myself that next summer we will all enjoy this new porch and this will all seem like a bad dream. Not quite a nightmare (people and pets were spared, after all), but a bad dream.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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