Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Snuffle, and sigh, and wonder why...

Alas, internets, I did not get the job I interviewed for last week. Rats. The owner/CEO decided that he needed someone with more experience in areas that I have none. Oh, well.

Upon hearing this, and realizing that I would not be giving my two weeks notice this week, I also realized that when I initially heard about this job, I wasn't interested. But as it became a possibility, my interest grew. Which leads me to suspect that I wanted out of my current job much more than I really wanted this potential job. Argh.

Now I'm thinking I need to shape up in my current position, as I might have to ride it out longer than originally planned. And wait until the right job comes along. Whenever that might be.

But I still hate my current job. No worries, that hasn't changed. Even though I'm at my favorite client this week. It's only a week.

And on that note, I will end this post. As I have other things to write about, and don't want them sullied by this yucky business.

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Anonymous said...

Bummer. Sorry to hear that. At least it wasn't something you were dying to move on to.