Monday, October 6, 2008


Whew. I just read a rant a friend of mine posted on her log. And now I will admitt that I haven't had time to dissect my opinion of Mrs. Palin, other than to know that I'd rather not vote for her. Her opinions are far off what I believe should be the center of our country. But now I need to clarify.

I do not need a president or vice president who believes exactly as I do. I need someone who is going to represent the whole country, with all its differences. Who isn't going to say, I'm against this, or for this, but will say, this is what America needs (and mean all of America, not just the people who can pay the most- like the religious right, or the big business lobbies). Who isn't going to tell us how to live our lives based on their personal religious beliefs, or anyone's religious beliefs.

It irks me that she wants to ban books. And it irks me that she is against all stem cell research (but she's ok with in vitro fertilization and other forms of assisted pregnancy- where does she want all the extra frozen embryos to go? The trash can? And that's not a smack in the face of all that is right??). Her redneck, "I shot a moose" attitude just annoys the snot out of me. Don't we all make fun of rednecks? Heck, Jeff Foxworthy wouldn't be rich if we didn't think there was something to point and laugh at there. And yet, some people want that to be our representative to the world???

I can't even get up the energy to rant about all of this any more. I spent most of the last 4 years saying "I might not like him, but the majority of the country voted for him, so this is what we get. I won't move to Canada, I will wait it out until the next election, where surely we will have learned something". And hopefully, we did.

In the end, I want someone who's going to stay out of my business, so that I can keep me and mine safe in whatever way I see fit. I don't need the perfect candidate, just someone who isn't going to make it worse.

Bill the Cat for President '08.

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